Poco F2 we have been hearing about it for quite some time, there have been a lot of leaked info but still, nothing. Well the latest into not sure how much of it is true, but seems like Xiaomi had filed a trademark for the same.

Well we will have to wait for the official word and not sure if the Trademark filing is true or not and if Poco F2 will actually be launched. Another interesting thing is that in month of December 2019, Alvin Tse did tweet about the POCO smartphone, tweeting that – you will hear more from POCO in 2020.

However the tweet is now not available, deleted. That is the reason I am saying better wait for the official word. Poco F1 was indeed a really good smartphone with an excellent price tag at that point of time, even now the F1 looks like a decent buy.


Users were waiting for the next handset from the Poco brand, but it never happened, also with Xiaomi launching the Redmi K series smartphones, all hope was lost, as the K Series smartphones would have been the Poco F2, well.

Now another hope, with the Trademark filing may be in 2020 we could see the Poco F2, what do you think?

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in