Here is the review of Procus Pro VR headset, it is a better version when compared with the Procus VR.  This VR headset comes with all the features as seen on Procus VR and also includes headphones, that’s built in.

Procus Pro VR Unboxing

Contents : Pro VR headset, user manual and lens cleaning cloth.

Pro VR design

Procus Pro VR looks big and futuristic cause of integrated headphones. Body is made of plastic (good quality) and finishing is also very good. The head-rest can be adjusted and it comes with a circular pad with foam at the bottom – that really helps secure the headset and also make it comfortable to use.

There is a soft foam leather cushion that will fit perfectly on your face and again is very comfortable. Even the headphone ear cups come with soft cushioning.

Procus Pro VR in use

To open the front cover you need to press the button on the top, once the cover is opened there is a mobile holder, it can be adjusted to fit 4.7 inches to 6 inches smartphones. Next to the holder there is a 3.5mm audio pin that you need to insert into the smartphone audio jack for audio output via VR headset headphones.

Procus Pro VR smartphone compartment

On the bottom side there is the Touch Button useful in certain cases for input and can also be used to receive calls – yes you can use this headset to make / receive calls, useful when you are enjoying VR and you get call. On the other side (bottom) there is volume knob to increase or decrease the headphone volume.

Procus Pro VR good quality lenses

Like the Procus VR headset this one is also using good quality lenses and does come with Inter Pupilary distance adjustment knob on the top (that basically adjusts the distance between the lenses) and distance controller (adjust distance between the screen and eye) on the left and right side (check video or images).


For best results use a handset with a 5.5 inch screen with at least Full HD resolution. I loved the performance, it was even more comfortable and got a good 100 to 120 degrees FOV (field of View). The sound quality of the headphones is really good (40mm diaphragm) and it does enhance the VR experience, the headphone distance can be adjusted as needed.

The audio wire inside the mobile compartment is pretty long – you don’t have to worry about the audio jack placement on your smartphone.

Headset was a bit heavy, it might block your nose if you do not adjust the head rest properly.


Another premium quality VR headset with built in Headphones. If you enjoy VR then this is another good quality product that you can buy.

Rating : 4 out of 5.

The Procus Pro VR headset is available for Rs. 3,599.

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Procus Pro VR headset review

By Rajeev Rana

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