Procus VR Headset is inspired by Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift. The Headset carries an affordable price tag and has got the premium look. Key highlight is the fine adjustment options that will help user get the best VR experience.

Procus VR Unboxing

Inside the box you will get the headset, user manual and special lens cleaning cloth.


This VR Headset is made of good quality plastic. Overall the VR has got a premium look, is sturdy with a very good build quality and finishing. It’s using high quality Lens (Aspheric Optical lens) that gives you much better viewing experience.

The leather (artificial leather) face pad and adjustable headband with leather head support makes it more comfortable to use for a longer period. This is a one size – fit all headset that can be finely adjusted as per the users need.

Procus VR headset review and unboxing

The front lid makes use of magnets to secure itself. Just pull it to open the lid. Once the lid is opened you will find the Smartphone compartment with adjustable top and bottom to easily mount the handset.

On the front there is the plastic plate with Procus logo, the plate can be removed in case the handset heats up so as to provide ventilation. Users can attach earphone to their smartphone if they want to, there is a gap on the left and the right side of the lid.

Procus VR Headset review front view


Procus VR headset supports 3.5” to 6” devices and works with Android and iOS platforms. This VR can also be used by users with spectacles. It is important that the handset should come loaded with Gyro sensors.

Procus VR headset smartphone mount

Procus Fine Adjustments

There are two knobs that can be used for fine adjustments. There is knob on the top and on left/right side (check image / video review). The left and the right knob perform the same function. It can be used to move the screen forward or backward.

Procus VR headset Knob on top for Interpupillary Distance adjustments

The knob on the top will help you adjust the lenses. When you rotate the knob, the lenses will move towards each other or away from each other – Interpupillary Distance controller (IDC). The Interpupillary distance is different for different people, and with this kind of adjustment option the same can be fixed for a better viewing experience.

Procus VR headset Knob on top for screen eye distance


Using my Moto G4 Plus, I download few VR apps from Google Play, you can search and download – there are many options, including VR games. I tried the Seaworld VR 2 app that worked really great and also tried the Deep Space VR Game that was cool.

SeaWorld gives you under water experience and the Deep Space VR is addictive it’s a Space battle shooter game all  you need to do is move your head look for the fighters and bring the target pointer (fixed in the center) on the ship to auto fire.

To select options all you need to do is bring the pointer to the menu option by moving your head up / down / left / right and then wait for few seconds.

It still feels like you are looking through the VR. FOV or Field of view is I guess around 50 degrees (with 5.5 inch screen – Moto G4 Plus).

Optional accessory

You can also buy another devices called the portable mini Bluetooth gamepad that will give you wireless control of your smartphone while still getting the VR experience. The Portable Mini Bluetooth Game pad is priced at Rs. 450.

portable mini Bluetooth gamepad


There are many VR headsets available in the market starting from Rs. 1 (limited stock). The Cardboard VRs are the cheapest but are of low quality and you need to hold it with your hand. And then there are other VR’s with different price tags.

The Procus VR headset gives you a premium look and feel and is very comfortable to wear for a longer period. Considering the adjustment features and the quality this VR is a very good buy for Rs. 2,499.

Procus VR Headset is available for Rs. 2,499.

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By Rajeev Rana

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