This s the Procus Bohemia a true Bluetooth 5 TWS wireless earbuds. It does come with a charging case and the charging case can be used to charge other devices i.e. it can be used as a power bank.

Procus Bohemia price is Rs. 4,999 –

Just like other true bluetooth wireless earbuds this one also auto connects with each other and one bud pairs with your smartphone. Build and finishing is really good and the earbuds come with ear support that will never allow the earbuds to fall off. Perfect to use with extensive exercises.

Bohemia the name? If you are wondering… well Bohemia is a well know Rapper, you can call this the Procus Bohemia edition. There is a button on the earbuds and it supports voice assistant, apart from being able to control the media.

The charging case is big, well even the ear buds are big but cause of the ear support you may ignore it. Back to charging case, yes its big and it houses a 1800 mAh battery and a USB to micro USB cable that can be clipped into the hole on the back made specially for the cable, it looks pretty need and you do not need to carry a separate cable.

procus bohimia

The 1800 mAh will be able to charge the earbuds multiple time, the earbuds have 50 mAh battery so you can do the math, in general the earbuds on a full charge give up to 6 hours of usage and using the earbuds + the charging case you can use the earbuds for up to 60 hours after which you will need to charge the charging case.

This charging case also has a USB port so you can use the cable and even charge your smartphone, for emergency use it is perfect.

Procus Bohemia is comfortable to use and sweat and splash proof – IPX5 rated.

Taking about sound quality it’s pretty impressive, bass is perfect like the Indian users want, vocals are clear and instrument separation is pretty good.

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  1. PUBG khelte waqt muje halka sabhi lage nahi hona chahiye Q k jo game me focus hotahe oh game me Dhyan bhatka skta h

  2. I don’t have any problem it lag or not #SIRJI bcz i m music lover ❤..not for gameing ..and another i like its battery backup potential.and box design…thnx 2 u #GOGISIRJI for review of best product.?..

  3. I like wireless earphone with ear hooks…more stable. I have felt lag on most of the wireless earbuds. However, it wouldn’t matter to me as I use it for listening to music more rather than playing games

  4. I’m not interested in playing PubG game, I only like wireless Bluetooth earbuds to enjoy music

  5. Someone tell me I mean share your experience with truly wireless earbuds
    Should I go for it or not