The OnePlus Cardboard VR was available (limited stocks) on for ₹99 + shipping. This is similar to the Google Cardboard. OnePlus will launch their next OnePlus two device on 27th July and you will need this or any VR device to view it.

The OnePlus VR is made of good quality cardboard and comes with 2 lens. It is durable and comes with special coating that repeals oil and dust. There is cardboard cover on it you need to slide that and then open the VR, you will find the instruction on how to set it up. The process is simple and takes few seconds.

Now you can use any smartphone with screen size of up to 6 inches. I tried on smaller phones with 4.2 inch screen and bigger phones with a 5.5 inch screen. This device works best on smartphones with screen size between 5 to 6 inches, you can view VR on smaller screen but it looks small and you get black area on the right and left (cause the handset does not fit / makes use of the full space).

OnePlus Cardboard VR box pack

Launch Google Play and search for VR. You will find many VR apps, download it and then enjoy the VR experience by attaching the phone to the Cardboard VR. Run the VR app on the phone and then attach it to Cardboard, you will need to align the vertical line (check video review).

Once done watch the VR content through the Lens. For input you can move your head and point the dot / cursor on the button and press the cardboard button on the VR device. There is a button that actually touches the screen for input.

OnePlus Cardboard VR attach phone

Overall the experience is good, clarity was good, on some apps it was blurry – if you move slightly away from the lens it gets better, you can watch 3D / 2D contents. The best part is you can move your head and look around. You need at-least the accelerometer for the VR to work though better if your phone has gyro and magnetic sensors (some VR apps do use these sensors). You will need to hold this cardboard all the time as it does not come with any band to secure and make it hands free.

OnePlus Cardboard VR back view

It is not a very comfortable experience, you will kind of feel dizzy or uncomfortable after using it for a longer time.

OnePlus Cardboard VR review

OnePlus will be streaming their event live in VR, you will need this device to view that.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -