Xiaomi Mi4 and Redmi Note 4G now available offline

Good news for those who are not comfortable buying smartphones online. Xiaomi’s Mi4 16GB / 64GB version and Redmi Note 4G is now available in retail stores. These handsets for now will be available at TheMobileStore in Delhi.

If you are residing in Delhi you can rush to your nearest ‘TheMobileStore’ and buy the Mi4 or Redmi Note 4G. It seems Xiaomi has partnered with TheMobileStore and they will soon make their smartphones available at other  TheMobileStore in India.

If you may recall the company were selling the 4G handset via Airtel store. There are still many users who prefer buying smartphone from local stores. TheMobileStore does have a good number of stores in India, and partnering with them makes sense, instead of making the handset available in every store, that way the company can maintain the low price tag.

Buy Xiaomi Mi4 and Redmi NOte 4G from themobilestore

So in case you are in Delhi and were trying to buy the Note 4G or the Mi4 you can visit TheMobileStore and check out the Xiaomi handsets there. I am not sure if the company will make the Redmi 2 available soon, probably when the online craze falls down they might start selling offline or probably allocate a certain percentage of the stock for offline sales.



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