Amazon today launched the 7th generation Kindle, the Kindle Voyage Wi-Fi and Voyage 3G in India. These devices are now available on for Rs. 16,499 for Wi-Fi only and Rs. 20,499 for 3G+Wi-Fi version.

There Kindle Voyage sports a 6 inch screen, the display is specially made with Carta e-paper technology (300 ppi), highly optimized for reading with 16 level gray scale. The screen comes with adaptive light that will automatically adjust based on the surrounding lights.

The device is 7.6mm thick and weight is 180 grams for the Wi-Fi version and 188 grams for the 3G + Wi-Fi version. There is 4GB of built in storage that can save thousands of books. Users will also get access to free Amazon cloud storage for storing Amazon content.

Kindle Voyage can be fully charged in about 3 hours and on a single charge you can expect about 6 weeks of battery backup with the following settings / usage – Wi-Fi off, light setting at 10 and half hour reading per day.

Kindle Voyage launched

The Voyage supports Kindle format 8 (AZW3 / AZW), PDF, TXT, HTML, DOCX / DOC, JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP.

The Kindle Voyage Wi-Fi is available for Rs. 16,499 and the Voyage 3G + Wi-Fi for Rs. 20,499.

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  1. I have a SONY E-reader (which they donot make now) and it is really easy to read ebooks using it.

    Best part is that you wont feel eye strain even if used for hours where as on a regular tablet you will feel the strain

      1. Kindles are not tablets in the real sense. They are eBook readers running eInk display which provides very good battery life, but not suitable for (moving) pictures etc. Their main and only purpose is reading books which they do extremely well.