The Kindle PaperWhite (Wi-Fi) tablet (kind of) is now available for Rs. 10,999 and 3G + Wi-Fi for Rs. 13,999. Unlike other tablets the PaperWhite gives you the best reading experience almost like reading a real book. It is not like the other tablets, if you love books and are looking for a digital device specially for reading, then go for the Kindle PaperWhite.

The Amazon Kindle PaperWhite weighs just over 200 grams (206 to be precise). Dimensions are 169x117x9.1mm – its 9.1mm thick. The Paperwhite sports a 6 inch screen with 212 ppi and 2 point multi touch.

There is 2GB internal storage space of which 1.25GB is available for user. In 1.2GB space users can store up to 1,100 books. Users also get free access to cloud storage (for Amazon content).  The screen is whiter and the text are darker, moreover you can read the text even in bright sunlight (just like reading a real book) – with no glares, even in bright light.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite in India

The battery can be fully charged in just about 4 hours using USB cable contented to a computer. Wall charger will be even faster, however you need buy that separately (travel charger not included in the box pack).  The battery life is an amazing (up to) eight weeks.

PaperWhite is available in 3G+Wi-Fi for Rs. 13,999 and Wi-Fi only version of Rs. 10,999.

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  1. Hi Gogi,
    Any chance of reviewing KOBO Arc??? The full fledged tablet launched for readers…. But why was it launched one year late in India compared to other markets? Even Amazon launched the Kindle Fire tablet late in India… Everyone taking Indians for granted…..

  2. I own a Kindle 8.9 HD and now after using it for 3 months now, I don’t think I will ever going fir any other tablet except Kindle Fires. Phenomenal value for money products by Amazon. The interface though at start looks little empty kind but spend some time with it and you would do nothing but appreciate the sheer simplicity and no nonsense usability of it. Excellent product of line by Amazon. Though I was kind of skeptical about non access of Play Store at start but I no more miss it now as Amazon has most of the really important apps in its kitty also. Love it. Built quality too is marvellous of Fires. I love playing Shark Evolution on my Kindle HD. As about Paperlight, Gogi is right. I have used it and it is a great product for all book lovers. It is really light, has great bookish screen and reading patterns. Its quite different from tablet and for good only. I had never believed reading books on a gadget can be enjoyable until I got to lay my hands over it lol. A nich product for only those who actually love reading.

    1. Kindle Paper white is a full fledged eBook Reader, while Kindle Fire series are tablets with LCD screens. eInk displays are not so good in moving pictures etc, but provide very long battery life.

  3. Gogi sir iam waiting for octa core review from you.. And one more request do the review of gionee e7..

      1. Its not a tablet. Period. Its an ebook reader. The sole purpose it to read books and maganizes. The display is Eink, with a backlight so that it can be read at night too. The two major advantages of EInk display – Long battery leaf (a few weeks) and Zero Backlight. The OS is based on Linux and not Android. You cant install any apps. Or watch movies/videos or play games. Even the broweser is experimental is nature. Its only meant for reading. I hope this post clear the confusion regarding the device. Who should buy it? Those who love to read books!