As per leaked reports Oppo will soon be launching the Oppo R7 smartphone. What makes the R7 unique (as per the leaked info) is – it’s a bezel-less smartphone. In other words the touchscreen appears to takes up almost all the space on the front frame (left and right).

If you pick up your handset and look at the screen especially on the left and the right sides. You will find the front panel / frame touching the screen – it’s called the bezel, the front frame will take some extra space, it gives support to the screen as well as helps avoid unintentional touch when you are holding the handset.

Now on the Oppo R7 the Bezel is so slim that it looks bezel-less. Actually there is still a frame but the sides are made such that they diffract the light and the screen appears to extend right towards the edge.

Inside the hood the Oppo R7 is powered by MediaTek octa core processor with 4G support. It comes with a 20.7MP auto focus camera on the rear. Like the Oppo R5 this handset will also be pretty slim (4.85mm thick).

Bezel-less Oppo R7 leaked

You can check the leaked video at anzhuo.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -