Xiaomi Mi4 first flash sales will begin from 10th February 2015. This is the second Xiaomi phone in the ‘Mi’ series. The Mi4 is priced at Rs. 19,999. Read this full review to get an idea about this product.

Mi4 Box Pack
Inside you will find the Mi4, data cable, user guide, warranty info, SIM tray ejector pin and travel charger (5V/9V ~ fast charging). SAR value as mentioned on the box – 1.360 W/kg (MAX).

Design and Display
The Mi4 is a super phone – ‘ Phone of Steel’. It is using a high quality stainless steel frame and aluminium magnesium alloy mid frame that make it look unique and structurally strong. The frame is sandblasted to make it smoother. The chamfer edges give a shiny edge to the handset.

The rear side is white coloured, glossy finish with textures that are easily visible under different lighting conditions. Handset is comfortable to hold but with a stainless steel sides and a glossy back panel it gets a little slippery.

Xiaomi Mi4 box pack

Mi4 weight with built-in 3000 mAh battery is 150 grams and dimensions are 68.34 x 139.27 x 8.93 (mm). This is a single SIM (micro) handset with 3G support. Xiaomi faced technical issues implementing the 4G module that would work in India, and hence the Indian version is with 3G/2G support only. There is no micro SD card slot.

Xiaomi Mi4 review and unboxing

3.5mm audio jack and IR port are placed on the top side. On the left side you will find the single micro SIM tray. On the right side there is power and volume rocker . A micro USB port and speaker vent along with mic are placed at the bottom. There are dual mics for noise cancellation.

The touch screen is 5 inches using the Sharp / JDI display supporting FHD – 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. Colour reproduction is very good. Touch is very smooth and responsive.

Xiaomi MI4 screen comes with Concor Corning glass that is different from corning gorilla glass. The Concor glass is shatter-proof but not fully scratch resistant. Check the video review. I got minor scratches on the screen. The screen is scratch resistant to some extent, but a little extra pressure could give away. The scratches are mild, not easily visible and would go unnoticed; you might want to check it under a good light source. It would be wise to use a screen guard if you are a careless user.

Xiaomi Mi4 5 inch FHD screen

There is LED notification, and you can also select the color. The LED light is placed just below the dedicated home button at the bottom. There are good number of sensors – Accelerometer, magnetic, gyro, light, proximity, barometer, temperature and step counter.

Memory and Storage
The Mi4 does not come with a micro SD card slot. There is 3GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. On the first boot you will get around 2GB free RAM and of the 16GB space you will get around 13GB user storage space.

OTG is supported. OTG works, there is USB connected notification but you will not get any alert, check notification area and it will be there. 16GB space is more than enough for many users, but yes for some it may not be enough. The handset can shoot 4K videos that will take up a lot of space (in case you want to shoot 4K videos). Since OTG works you can always transfer the files from the phone to pendrive and free up the phone space.

Xiaomi Mi4 stainless steel metal frame

The handset is running MIUI 6. MIUI OS gets even better with MIUI version 6. There are a lot of cool and smooth animation without compromising on the performance. The good part is that the same MIUI 6 will be rolled out on other devices, not just limited to Mi4.

Xiaomi Mi4 is running MIUI 6

MIUI 6 is more colourful with new flat icons. Overall it looks cool and feels premium. Check the video review.

The handset is using the qualcomm snapdragon 801 MSM8274AC quad core processor clocked at 2.5GHz with Adreno 330 GPU. Performance is very smooth. Handset heat up a bit with heavy usage but that’s normal. Avoid using performance mode unless necessary as that will heat up the handset much faster.


App Result
Quadrant 15094
Antutu 33588 (B) / 43935 (P)
Vellamo Metal (1553) Multi core (1574) Browser (3969)
Nenamark 2 60.1 fps
Multi Touch 10 point

I played Ashpalt 8 and Real Racing 3 – both games played well. I am sure you guys are already aware of how powerful the snapdragon 801 processor is. There was some sensor calibration issues while playing the games, it was tilted a little on the right side. If you face such issues just dial *#*#64663#*#* then look for accelerometer, keep handset on flat surface and tap calibrate.

Camera and Entertainment
The Mi4 comes with 13MP Sony camera placed on the rear with LED flash and 8MP on the front. The rear camera is with a large f/1.8 aperture and can focus really fast in just about 0.3 seconds. The camera app is pretty good. When you tap to focus you will get a circle, once the subject is focused you will get the camera button within the focus circle, you can tap that to shoot. What’s more you can also rotate the circle to control the exposure and you can see it live on the screen.

Xiaomi Mi4 13MP camera with flash

There is re-focus mode – shoot first; focus later, it is a good option when there are multiple subjects at different distances. Rear camera can shoot 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) videos. Flash is not that powerful.

The camera and the video quality is very good, check the sample images. You can also manually control the exposure if needed, instantly. Mi4 can play 4K videos.

Sound (loudspeaker / incall ) is loud and clear. No issues with 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS (instant lock) and Bluetooth. There is IR on the top, you can use this phone like a remote to control TV, AC, DVD, etc.

There is a non-removable battery of 3000 mAh capacity.

Task Time Battery drop (%) (max temp)
Running Benchmark apps 25 minutes 9% (41)
Video playback with Wi-Fi on + full brightness 21 minutes 7% (40)
Asphalt 8 + Real Racing 3 Game Play 15 minutes 4% (40)
Full Wall Charge 2 hours 33 minutes 1% to 100%

The battery temperature was well below 42 degrees in balanced mode, if you are using the handset in performance mode the temperature can go over 45 degree depending on your usage.

You can expect battery backup of 4 to 6 hours with continuous moderate to heavy usage.

Xiaomi Mi4 is a premium handset with a good price tag of Rs. 19,999. Now if you are comparing this with the Mi3 price wise, then the Mi4 is pricy. Mi4 is using the snapdragon 801 and cheaper than other 801 powered handsets available in the market. Like other 801 powered handsets the Mi4 does not support 4G, which is a big disappointment if you are planning to use 4G.

Overall it is a good handset with very good performance and camera. Price is on the higher side very close to the Oneplus one, Lenovo vibe X2 and Huawei honor 6 handsets – this will make it a bit difficult to decide.

Mi4 will be available on Flipkart for Rs. 19,999.

Image Gallery

Rear camera sample

Front camera sample

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  1. Hello
    I would like to know, is it possible to connect ps4 controller to mi4 and my next query is, can I share my online YouTube videos with my Sony TV like a screen mirroring???
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi gogi ji and other users. I’m in a big dilemma regarding camera performance in OPO and Mi4. Can u please tell which phone is better camera wise. I have seen the camera pictures of both but not able to decide. Any help will be appreciated.

  3. IMAGES clicked with flash on gives yellowish colour in background, did you find this problem too or not. Do reply I am facing this problem, need ur feedback.

    1. Facing same problem here… Even there is no fix for that by miui or xda 🙁
      Unfortunately have to return this beast ..
      It’s really a good phone but it has a pathetic camera in indoors 🙁

  4. I am going to buy mi 4 from flipkart does it come with steel frame and gorrila glass on many more sites I have found that its not showing this features

  5. Hello Gogi
    Hows the network grasp on MI4 , heard from friends ( users) that network grasp is poor , esp 3G ? I dont believe it but can you confirm ?

    Also , is there a chance 4G can be implemented in the backend – means can the same phone be used for 4G at a later point in time ? is this technically feasible ?

    vasan – chennai

    1. Hi I did not find any issue with 3G (Airtel). The handset cannot be upgraded to 4G.

  6. Hello, I saw your both reviews of Lenovo Vibe X2 & Xiaomi Mi4. Both are good smartphone… but I am looking for good quality. Which company will offer me good service… and also that with good care it will last at least 2 & 1/2 years.. not like companies like Xolo, Micromax which i buyed and i repaired them 4-5 times and all were technical issues(not any damage done by me). Plz reply fast. TY

  7. hello sir, good review, i am lit bit confused that out of mi4,huwei honor 6 , asus zenfone which phone should i buy as mi4 has good camera and video quality but have more sar value, only 16gb, no expandeable memory, no dual sim, price more. asus screen is large 5.5 and camera is not so good as mi4 but price very less, honor 6 also good brand but again camera not so good as mi4.
    as my specifications are good good camer and video, good ram and more memory and most imp less sar value kindly suggest.
    regards jasbir singh

  8. Wait for xiaomi’s next launch of mi note and note pro it is far better than mi4 and only 2-3k more

    1. Lolz,are you day dreaming Mi Note will be prized at 25k & Mi Note Pro will be prized at 33k!

  9. Gogi g Is the refocus mode is available only mi4 only. I am using mi3 with miui 6 but cant find refocus option in the settings. If it is available then please tell me where it is. Thanx

  10. Very Very Overpriced for these specifications…..
    Only metallic build is pros.. rest are cons.
    No Dual sim, No Expendable Memory, No 4g,….

    1. Dude,First thing….How you say Very Very Expensive …!(written out of exaggeration).

      I agree 4G isn’t there but,soon the will implement

      Dual Sim not needed to everyone.

      Expendable (designed to be used only once and then destroyed) no one in this world need such phone except the Spies of IMF (Impossible Missions Force) 😀 LOL

      1. @Sunny: I disagree with you.Dual-Sim & 4G is very much needed for Indian Market just because Private Operator’s like Airtel,Vodafone,Idea except Bsnl are big looter’s.So,many Indian’s will use One Operator for Internet Data and another One Operator for calls which has cheap. Last but not least,external memory card is very much needed!

        1. Hey Madhan – tell me atleast 3 states using 4G in India. 4G is not even in Delhi. Dude even 3G is worse…. how can you expect. Common.. give them a break.

          it should have got an sd card option. the price should have been 18.5 K it would have rocked the party….

          1. @Faisal: I partially agree with you bro,but without 4G,I would never invest in buying phones. It’s just waste of money and is not future proof,you will understand it only when Reliance Jijo launches 4G Data plans at affordable price tag during March/April 2015!

  11. Hi Gogi Nice Review!

    If I record 4k video in highest quality mode for 10 minutes how much will be th file size?

    1. Satyabrat, I shot sample 4K video, you can check that below, it is 1 minute 30 seconds 730 MB.

      1. Don’t no why peoples like 4k recording just see the size for 1.30 minute you can get whole bollywood movie in 700mb.

    1. No, you see one would not keep the pendrive connected all the time – this option will make the system unstable.

  12. Lolz,being a bigger smartphone manufacturer when compared to Oneplus I wonder how can Xiaomi face technical issues implementing the 4G module that would work in India? They just want to dump hard in India & I repeat only senseless Idiotic Mi Blindfold Fans will buy Mi4 when there is a better Option available i.e OPO!

    1. You talk of fanboyism then let me clarify u one thing that there is just a little segment of crappy criticizers of Xiaomi who are unable to handle their incredible innovations properly and yeah Oppo is just dumps over-priced deep shit with lunatic specifications…see the statistics for yourself buddy and u will how a company claims third largest manufacturing unit tag in just 4 years and that too when it has just started the party protocol….

  13. Mi4 is probably the best looking phone under 20k. I wish Meizu also comes to India with their Meizu m1 note handset is most beautiful model.

    1. Same thoughts here bro. Hopefully meizu, jiayu and other premium brands of China enter Indian and even better set up a manufacturing plant here.

  14. I think, the big problem with Mi4 is no Expandable storage, no gorilla glass, no dual sim etc. not too much difference in the sense of mi3. I think they should relaunch mi3 instead of this at same (14k) or lesser price, yaa.. The mi3 is still best even at todays date. Nobody is able to beat mi3 till date. The miui 6 is also coming to mi3. they also relaunch of redmi 1s and redmi note, Instead mi4 and note 4G. xiaomi launching those phones that people don’t want now.

  15. Gogi,
    for a great review. But mi4 seems to be overpriced.
    As already told recently purchased ZTE grand s2 with deal price of Rs.11k, & having cash back of 10% using HDFC card. I think at price of 10k phone seems to be great.After using for a week I found.

    Pros.-5.5″ FHD display,gorgeous display,slim body,2GB RAM, 16GB inbuilt & expandable storage, Very good camera in daylight & above avg. for indoors, for me battery back is good with avg. use & no heating.
    Cons.-No back cover, single sim, no 4G(no problem for me because at my place even 3G also not available properly),other earphones are not working.
    But for me overall a very good phone,got in almost half the price of mi4.
    I am not tech savvy so this is what I found.
    U can better comment gogi .

    Also I got it with an ease i.e. without headache of flash sales or invite system.

  16. Trying 2 Wait guys for some more time for the BEAST Asus zenfone 2 as now completely enjoying Asus zenfone5. For now oneplus one or vibe x2 are the better alternatives for mi4.

  17. Hi Gogi…my first choice was MI4 but now i m very much confused due to Honor 6 reviews .
    can you tell me whether Honor 6 is better than MI 4 as it has expandable memory card./ 4G / same other specification as MI4…..only Honor 6 is missing corning gorilla glass…but can save Rs2000
    will Honor 6 will get Android Lollypop update?

    please help me choosing

  18. hi, I intend to buy mi4. I was longing for its come to India, finally its here. The very moment mi4 hit the international market it was a real acceptable flagship of xiaomi. Now, after 8 months of release, story is a bit different. So I wanted your opinion on few points that keep to re-think before buying. I would be grateful, if u reply at earliest.
    1. does it demands the same attention as it was before 8months.
    2. Does the set require another upgrading except for 4g network.
    3. Would it be wise to go for xaiomi without after sales services in the country.
    4. Is it worth of buying @20k. As most of review sites denounce it at this price.

    1. 1. It is still a beautiful handset but lunching it 8 months before would have made a big different.
      2. You will continue getting software updates, you cannot upgrade the hardware. There is no 4G, you will not get it.
      3. They have good number of service centers and few dedicated centers. (http://www.mi.com/in/service/repair/)
      4. Please read the verdict section.

  19. Nice reveiw gogi sir but there is nothing new & exciting in Mi4 by xiaomi excepting no. of sensor and price is also high end.
    A lot of is missing in Mi4 are following –
    1. 4G
    2. Dual Sim Card
    3. Gorilla Glass
    4. Expandable memory card
    5. NFC
    6. Poor Flash
    and so many features. So better go to OPO or wait to asus zenfone 2.

  20. Hi gogi Mi4 will fail before its predecessor Mi3. 16gb ROM, no 4g, no NFC, no microsd slot. Only plus is 3gb ram. mi3 helped xiami to feel its presence but mi4 costly and may pave the way for xiaomi’s failure. Even you yureka specs more better for a price gag of 8999/-. After the ban xiaomi is not doing well. Note 3g note 4g and Mi4. Hugo should do something with Many.

    Opo is owner’s pride neighbour’s envy.

  21. It is Good device overall but not so exciting .
    1)Absence of 4g
    2)single sim
    3)No corning gorilla
    4)aftersales ????
    5)high Sar value
    6)Non expandable memory

    Obivisouly it has got a Good camera but for 20k range we have Gionee e7 with amazing camera available .Nexus .Lenevo etc are also be there .

  22. 4k video recording with 16GB non-expandable storage…? wasting 20k on this….?
    what will iI do and even around 13gb is available on first boot some games apps music and videos there will be around 1gb remaining then for recording a 4k video. I will get only 10mins.

    I’ll go for OnePlus One with 64-gb…

  23. Hi gogi nice review, but I have one doubt. If redmi note3g/4g gets mi ui 6 update, all these effects and customization will be available for it or not.

  24. This phone’s a complete iPhone ripoff. Just look at those chamfered edges and that steel band. Lol. No nfc, single flash, plastic back, 16 Gb storage, no sd card support, no lollipop. Wait, are they joking?? Is this a prank? Am I being filmed while reacting to this?

    Anyway, its definitely not worth 20,000. On the other hand Mi3 was a bang for buck. Heck I would have even spent upto 16k for mi3. But with Mi4, things are quite different now.

  25. My view, No otg. No 4g. No gorilla glass. No SD card. So….. A big no to this. Do you agree Sir.

  26. How is camera quality in comparison to xiaomi mi3, I have heard mi3 camera is better against mi4 or MIUI 6 providing exposure control has fixed weakness of xiaomi mi4. Thanks for Great review.

    1. I don’t think there will be much difference between the mi3 / mi4 camera. Exposure is add-on for manual control, the same you should get on Mi3 also with MIUI 6. Now if a person has not bought Mi3 he/she is left with only one option Mi4 (Mi3 not available).

  27. Here in that case people sud go blindly for 1+1 ,as its getting O2OS officially in upcoming days..

  28. I did wait eagerly for mi4 but after seeing no 64gb option and no 4G(I am in Bangalore), I took the leap to Oneplus one. At same price I have vibe x2 and I feel its a better buy than mi4 except for the battery backup and poor camera.

  29. Hi Gogi bro!! Thanks for ur wonderful review as always; that too before the flash sales. This helps a lot of potential buyers decide which smartphone is better for them….I want to buy a smartphone arnd Rs.20k. The obvious choices are Mi4, Oneplus One, Vibe X2 & Honor 6, but i am confused. Primary need is a good camera & able to play some heavy games. Which among these is a better choice??

      1. Hi gogi you have used both oneplus and mi4 so can you tell which camera is better and if you can compare then it would be great.

      2. One suggestion Gogi… Wen ur reviewing front cam plz take selfies (ur handsome, comon 🙂 ), so that we will know the actual pic quality. I saw ur front cam pics but for a noob like me it does not make any sense bcoz wen u zoom the pic it looks grainy.. Thank u.

    1. Go for Xiaomi mi4 as per ur need as it provides good camera algorithm and exposure control remember iPhone 6 s camera is better in low light than note 4 for the same reason and if u r gamer u will get slow battery drain in one plus one as cpu gets throttle down in One plus one without any any lag or framerate drop. So thats it for ur stock need I would suggest xiaomi mi 4 and for ur overall need go for One plus need don’t forget battery life.

  30. Nice review Gogi. Mi4 is good as far as camera is concerned…But no 4g and NFC. Mi3 still rocks in terms of VFM (NFC too). I am happy with my Mi3 with MIUI6 and Yureka.