The most awaited UMI X2 is creating a lot of buzz not just for its price but also for its impressive specifications. The UMI X2 comes powered by a quad core processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage and 13MP camera, all this for Rs. 14,000.

UMI X2 review
I got the X2 prototype handset with the casing sample that will be used on the consumer version. Since it was inside a general box pack, I have skipped the Unboxing process; however I will be getting the consumer version and will doing an unboxing and review again. Consider this as a brief (prototype) review which will give you an idea of what the X2 is made up of.

It’s impressive with classy and premium look. It has got it all. The finishing and the built quality are very good. The handset is 9.9 mm thick. There are 3 touch sensitive buttons on front bottom with front camera and sensors on the top. The power and the volume rockers are placed on the right side with micro USB at the bottom side and the 3.5mm jack on the top side.

The 5 inch screen sports a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels (440ppi). This handset comes with Gorilla glass 2 protection. The touch is smooth and responsive. There is light, proximity, magnetic and G-sensors. On this prototype handset you can clearly see the black borders. On the final version which is expected to hit the markets next week, will not have these borders. I will be doing another review of the consumer version so you will get an idea of the box pack, contents and if the borders are removed.

umi x2 prototype front screen

Memory and Storage
The memory and storage is the key highlight. Its’s 2GB RAM with 32GB storage. You get around 26GB internal storage space and 1.1GB space for apps, there is the micro SD card slot in case you want more. Of the 2GB RAM you get around 1.5GB free and of the 32GB storage – 26GB is as internal storage space and 1.4GB for apps (1.11 GB free). You can install apps/games on internal storage (i.e. on the 26GB phone storage)

umi x2 prototype review

it’s the Mediatek quad core MT6589 with PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU. Check out the Benchmark scores listed below.

Benchmark scores

  • Quadrant Benchmark: 3857.
  • Antutu Benchmark: 11837.
  • Nenamark2: 28.0 fps.
  • Linpack : Single 37, Multi 89.
  • Multi Touch: 5 point.

13MP camera
On the prototype model the camera resolution is 12MP but in the consumer version it will be 13MP. There is LED flash and videos can be recorded in full HD resolution. Check out the sample images and videos at the end of the article.

umi x2 prototype camera

The handset can easily play 1080p videos and it looks even great on the full HD screen. The speaker volume is loud and clear.

Others: It is a dual SIM handset with dual standby mode. The handset supports 3G, Wi-Fi with hotspot, micro USB  (Tethering), Bluetooth (Tethering), GPS and 3.5mm jack. The handset runs on the latest Jelly Bean 4.2 OS.

The 2520 mAH battery I guess, should easily last for over a day.

A quad core handset with 5 inch screen, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, gorilla glass 2 protection and 13MP camera for a price of Rs. 14,000 seems unbelievable, but it’s true. The UMI X2 has already raised the bar when it comes to low price and features. For many after sales is the main issue and I guess once the Android Guruz stores are functional (probably this month), many will gain the confidence. The UMI X2 specs and the price has made it the lone winner, for now…

UMI will also launch the X2 with 8GB and 16GB internal storage soon. The UMI X2 and UMI X1s shipping will start from 15th ~ 18th April onwards. (First lot of 18K (X2) pcs in India).

Do note: This is a prototype handset, I will be getting the final consumer version soon. I will then come up with another Unboxing and review for the same.

Image Gallery

Sample Images

UMI X2 review video

Full HD video shot using the UMI X2 handset

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Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. dear gogi brother……..
    please clear my one doubt…..
    as these phones will be imported from china or any other country to INDIA…
    wither,we have to pay same amount of money which is mentioned in sites or have to pay more amount (Custom Duties, TAX etc) also……….
    if yes, than how much……….?
    i feel it is risky, dats why i m not ordering it….
    these days 6% is custom duty on mobile phones which are importing from other country…..
    please clear my doubt….
    with regards
    Fateh Singh,

    1. Hello Mr. Singh, There are Chinese sites from where you can order online, and you will be given option for shipping, it is better to choose a good courier it will cost you another 20$ or so. They also give free delivery option but avoid that as it takes time and no guarantee. These company usually will send with lower invoice so as to avoid the custom tax, but if the product is checked then you might have to pay. I think the custom tax will be under 1000 Rs if applicable.

  2. hI GOGI, is it safe to buy UMI XII 2+32 gb from a china online site like antelife? how is the site feedback? my friend is very interested to buy umi xii from antelife as presently they are offering some good discount. i told him you are the best person to consult before buy.any idea about customs duty?plz help

    1. Sandeep, from China to India is not an issue, but not sure how much time it will take for the Indian customs to clear that.

  3. Hi Gogi,

    I have seen your reviews and the reviews are among the best. I have booked UMI X2 today by just paying 500 rs. I just want to know when my order will be ready and how they will let me know to pay the remaining amount? Are they adhering to the delivery time lines are still their stock is stuck in customs? Thanks for your reply.

  4. Gogi sir,

    I went through your post on usage of credit card and debit card.
    I have used debit card for payment to buy UMI X2, I have not recd any confirmation from UMI regarding the receipt of the amount, however my bank has debited my account and payment gateway Paytm have mailed to my quires that the payment has been made to UMI mobiles India but they have not furnished transaction details from their side. can you guide me.

  5. Can you also review gionee e3
    It’s actually a good device..customer care is superb..
    I hope you review it

  6. Hi gogi

    Just curious…Will you be reviewing the newer version of umi x2 with mediatek turbo processor or the older version of the device?
    The newer version has a 1.5Ghz mediatek processor with 300+ Mhz of powervr gpu compared to the the 1.2Ghz processor with just 100+ powervr gpu
    Just found your video on YouTube so I’m checking your site…
    You got a great voice 🙂
    I hope you reply back…

    1. Balraj, Both, but in India they will using the 1.2GHz version and later on may be in June, July the 1.5GHz.

      1. Sweet…it’s good you ‘ll be reviewing both the version…I’ll patiently wait until you review the 1.5Ghz version..
        Btw I’m just suggesting…to put certain wordings on your video before reviewing any product..saying, you got nothing to give or take with the OEM devices you’s bad to see so many ppl blaming you for their mistake

  7. Till what time we can expect Turbo version with 1.5 GHz processor????

  8. Gogi sir,

    Just like all other UMI customers, I hpe you are also following the UMI on FB, please inform how much it is true and what is your opinion.
    Your views are respected.

    1. Hi Yes am also following, I will be getting the review units, will update the announcement section once they sent me via courier.

  9. can u tell me from where i can buy thi phone in delhi n what about service n garenty

  10. Could you please confirm that the issues with 1.2Ghz, 2gb ram and MTk 6589 is resolved. As per antutu score is less with these above said specs. with Turbo edition the score is quire impressive.

  11. HiGogi

    I want to buy a best smartphone under Rs.16000 with customer services .Which one smaprtphone are best between below models. I am confuised. If you are suggest any otherone let me know.

    Umi X2, Micromax A116 Canvas HD ,Wammy Passion Y,Zen Mobiles Ultrafone 701 HD

  12. Dear gogi
    Recent news abt Umi x2 in fb is we r all getting 1.2ghz processor.
    That means non turbo. But they r not updating abt ram and Rom.
    Can plz tell us we r getting 2gb ram and 32gb Rom or 1gb ram and 16gb Rom.

    1. Yes its 1.2 not the turbo version, the turbo version is delayed, so I guess for new orders only. And the 2G / 32GB is only for those who ordered before 10th may or so (don’t remember) but yes those old orders will be as they were promised.

      1. Can you confirm on surety that prebooked customers will get 1.5ghz Turbo version with 2gb/32gb RAM ? I am one of your prebooked customer and paid 14k prior to 10th May ? As per comments here and in fb I am fairly confused and i dont like to have a subpar product after this much delay. Please clarify if we get 1.5ghz 2gb/32gb phone only or it is 1.2ghz with old specs? In India Lava is providing this at less than half the price, then whats the point of paying u this much and waiting so much?

        gogi, its your prototype review which lured me in believing a chinese company. Please put proper disclaimers making people know that u r neutral, anyways i seems to have lost my money as well as trust on any chinese company mainly UMI.

        1. Dhirendra, when I did the prototype review it was with 1.2GHz those who ordered it at that time was with 1.2GHz but later UMI on their FB page announced the delay and said it will be 1.5GHz. But that is taking time hence they have shipped 1.2 9 (I guess – will confirm that once I get the customer version – this week). Prebooked customers will get what they booked for 1.2 / 2GB / 32GB umi already mentioned this on Facebook.

  13. Hi Gogi,

    Can u plz update me the staus of the X2 stock, still stuck with Indian custom. & when they gona clear it.?? Plz update.

      1. I hope, currupted people are not the reason for this long…. delay, what do you say Gogi?!!

  14. dear gogi,
    whether you got any confirmation from UMI that the stock has arrived and the same is stuck with tha Costoms in India. i have booked one piece and waiting for the same. pl answer

      1. hi GOGI plz make tell me what is the status for delivery f X2? coz can’t wait anymore now and if they not deliver den have to get refund soonest so.

        1. stavamn, stock still with customs, if you don’t want to wait go for the refund.

  15. Gogi sir,

    Even if UMI India has any issue or facing any problem to be resolved before arranging deliveries, why cannot they be honest and post it in FB or in their website. At least I hope they will answer your query, please inform them about the issues concerning the customers and your words will be given due respect by UMI.

  16. GOGI, has the UMI X2 32GB Turbo consumer version arrived for you to review? IF NOT, YOU SHARE A MORAL RESPONSIBILITY because a lot of people used your prototype review to order. of course, you did put a disclaimer later saying essentially to not pay the entire money. But it was your blog that convinced people to rely on UMI India’s FB page and marketing – please have a look at all the disgrungtled, highly annoyed payers. Can you at the least, put up some disclaimer in your site or blog that cautions people before ordering too-good-to-be-true Chinese phones like UMI?

    1. Hi if you cannot wait UMI is offering a refund. You can check that on their Facebook website. They have issues with the delivery and they are working it out. This can happen with any brands even MMX A116 and A110 had the issue or no stock and many had ordered and were waiting a long time delivery.

      Their official facebook page is

  17. hi gogi ,

    I am thinking to buy umi x2 will it be worth to buy the phone or they are having any issue with the phone or having any problem with the hand set

  18. Gogi sir.
    I am one of the numerous people who have paid Rs.14000/- to UMI mobiles for X2, but I think my money has gone to drain, there is no response from the company for mails, phone calls.
    Please help us, since, I am far away in mysore and cannot make any physical verification regarding existence of UMI india in Delhi and you are aware how difficult for ordinary man to probe are get information in India.

    Hope you will look into and update on this so people who are paid will know the exact picture.

    1. Hi stock still awaiting custom clearance. (stock dispatched on 11 may). Its 5th day I think its with Indian customs.

        1. Yes true Raj, it will take time for them to settle. But its difficult to know who is who because, if you check the facebook there are so many umi pages (not made by UMI).

          1. Hi Gogi,
            You mean to say there is no facebook page for umi mobiles?
            The page which is in “facebook/umimobiles” is not of UMI and is fake?!!!

            Gogi, one small request. It’s been a very long wait for me and for most of us to get this phone. For this reason, i even tried to get a New MMX-Canvas HD for 13000/-, but finally restricted my self for some more days. These release dates are slipping day by day which is making me loose my patience. So please suggest me a best handset in a price tag of with in 20000/- as i am really frustrated by the Quality of Samsung handsets like “Galaxy Ace Duos S6802” which i am currently using?!!!

          2. Thanks a lot Gogi.
            Yes, this is the page that i have been referring/visiting to.
            Gopi, please suggest me a good handset with all features for my budget. I am not sure to what extent UMI II will perform. Please suggest me any of Jiayu, XOLO, Gionee, Karbonn, Zopo which fits into my high end configuration requirement and quality as well.
            Thanks in advance Gogi.

          3. Nishad, these handsets are taking time, as per the news the latest consignment is stuck at customs, I will suggest wait for few months let them settle. Let them get an idea how the customs work. So probably next time they will have the stock in hand instead of doing a last minute shipping.

          4. Hi Gogi and All,

            Yesterday evening I was able to speak with some of the officials of UMI India (and one from China too, number stating with +86) and here is what I heard from them.

            – They are trying their level best to make it but things are not working as expected for them
            – They are aware of the people being angry and trying to get it sorted out soon. (I don’t know how)
            – They are also processing refund to those who requested

            Now what I don’t understand is…
            – Why they don’t come forward themselves to clarify delay etc.? People will understand I think.
            – They don’t look transparent/authentic due to delayed or no responses from them.
            – Their customer care is one of the worst. That itself turns off the people and gives the sense of their unprofessional approach.

            I still hope that they learn a lesson out of it and act quickly to get it on track. I still have a hope that they will be able to make it but may be their lack of experience, unprofessionalism and worst setup, it looks difficult path.

            Anyways, I wish them good luck and for buyers too.


    1. UMI X2 is good on paper coz nobody has seen that in reality but Micromax A116 (canvas HD) is realy good in every aspect, its value for money phone and now easily available at most of the online websites. I m using it from last two month and found no problem till date…..For more info, u can mail me…

  19. Hi Gogi,

    Do you have any latest update about 15th May launch? What’s your personal thought? Will they be able to launch it on 15th?

    Unfortunately I doubt given their history but I hope they prove me wrong this time. I also hope it’s not a scam. I understand the delays, 1GB/2GM ram issues with processor compatibility etc. but they didn’t handle it professionally. Their customer service is very very poor, so many false dates and promises.

    The only reason I thought them authentic was because of your prototype review. Please share your personal thoughts.


      1. I think they missed the date again? Today it was 15th May and I didn’t hear or see anything about UMI x2.

  20. sir, i want to buy a good camera phone which delivers full hd video recording. my budget is under 18k. which phones are best in this range.
    plz reply.

  21. I want 32 GB Model instead of 16 GB model for which I have already made payment of Rs.14000/-

    What should I do now ? Will they supply me 32 GB model instead of 16 GB model ? I am ready to pay diff. of amount.
    I have already made a mail request to them regarding the same.

    Please help.

  22. Dear Mr.Gogi,

    Today their site says that UMI X2 32gb is available for Rs.16000 plus Rs.500 for shipping charges. Previously they said it was for Rs.14000/-. Now they are saying 16 gb model is available for Rs.14000/-. Why are they misguiding customers ?

    I have already made payment of Rs.14000/- for Black model on 8th May 2013 when it was showing Rs.14000/ for 32 GB ROM & 2 GB RAM.

    Please advise.

    1. Yes
      Umi X2 32 GB ROM + 2 GB RAM Price is 16000 INR + Shipping !!
      Umi X2 16 GB ROM + 1 GB RAM Price is 14000 INR + Shipping !!

      Two reasons the tax and the cost of RAM / ROM has increased.

  23. gogi sir, i think umi x2 is now avilable for sell in india,and they have set up number of service centers in india according to their website.Is it better to go for umi x2 insted of micromax canvas hd?

  24. the day you review it and give a thumbs up to buy, i will…..eagerly waiting for review

  25. Hey, nice review of the prototype unit. Very crisp and clear, couple of questions regarding the same

    1. Does the 32GB Internal Memory allow installation of Apps/Games, the article in your review is a bit contradictory ??

    2. Have you used the OPPO Find 5, any comparisons ??

  26. Hi Gogi,

    when should I book for a new upgrade Umi X2 and how is the head phone music quality of Umi X2

  27. Hi Gogi,

    What is the SAR value (radiation) of UMI X2. Below are the SAR specifications of MMX A116 posted on Flipkart
    SAR Value At the Head – 0.472 W/Kg, At the Body – 0.412 W/Kg

    As both UMI X2 and MMX A116 have the same Mediatek MT6589 Quad Core processor (only difference is UMI X2 will processor upgraded from 1.2 Ghz to 1.5 Ghz), will the radiations/SAR value will be same?

  28. Hi Gogi

    I want to buy this phone, just tell when to place a order for new upgrade version of Umi X2 and how is the headphone quality to hear the music

  29. Hi Gogi,

    What you say for the ongoing development? For those who have paid for XII model, what would be the specification will it be 2gb RAM with 32gb ROM? Does UMI XII really has Gorilla Glass 2, or Curved Tempered Glass?

    1. Hi 15th may it will be launched (hopefully) and its 1.5GHz Turbo quad core and yes with Gorilla Glass 2.

      1. Whats the actual Thickness of phone its website says 8.9mm .. ur review states it at 9.9 mm ?

  30. UMI India
    All Umi Customers in India either prebooked or paid in full will receive updated Umi X2 Turbo Edition with upgraded MT6589 processor from 1.2 Ghz to 1.5 Ghz.

    Umi X2 edition will now be released with 1.5 GHz Processor, No delays in delivery, proceeding as scheduled..

  31. Gogi,

    UMi X2 Turbo to be released with updated 1.5Ghz Mt6589T chip,
    50,000 available from 15th May!

    Price: 1199 Yuan ($195).

  32. Heard about umi x2 turbo with mtk6589t…any info when 2gb with 32 gb rom will reach you?? please reply

  33. Gogi,

    I always follow your reviews n comments about the phones available.

    Wanted to ask whether the display on the prototype version is better than canvas HD or Oppo Find 5

    Oppo Find 5 too has 1080p display and its amazing…can you pls comment comparing three..

    1. Sundeep I have not checked the Oppo Find 5 yet, I will be getting the X2 consumer version next week.

      1. Next week..that’s great..will wait for your review.

        Just one more query..

        Howazz the display of umi x2? far better??? when compared to canvas HD(not the comparison on papers..practical comparison)

  34. Any updates gogi?umi x2 says they are gonna start process by 10may for full confirmation,what u think will we receive alongwith china or much late?

  35. any note about zte grand as also it has 5-inch Multi-Touch Capacitive Display | Android 4.1 OS | 1.7GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm APQ8064 Processor, 2GB RAM | 13MP Rear Camera, 2MP Front Camera | 16GB Internal Memory, expandable | 4G LTE, 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS | 1780 mAh battery