UMI X1s a quad core handset with a 4.5 inch screen is now available for Rs. 10,500. As per the specs on the website it’s 4.5 inch screen with HD resolution and Gorilla glass protection. This handset is priced at a tempting price of Rs. 10,500.

The UMI X1s is powered by MTK6589 quad core processor with 1GB RAM and 4GB internal storage. The handset runs on the Jelly Bean OS and comes with a front 2MP camera and a rear 8MP auto focus camera.

It’s a dual SIM handset with 8.5 mm thickness. Other features included are 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, micro USB and 3.5mm jack. There is a removable battery of 1850 mAh.  The handset weighs around 131 grams.

The specifications with the HD screen and the Gorilla Glass, quad core and the price of Rs. 10,500 seems unbelievable. As for now the lowest priced quad core is the Karbonn S1 with snapdragon then comes the Xolo q800, followed by Zopo 810, Zopo 910, Wammy Titan II and Micromax A116.

The orders can be placed via their website and shipping for UMI X1s and UMI X2 will commence from 15th April 2013.

UMI X1s quad core

UMI X1s key features and specifications

  • Dual SIM with Dual Standby.
  • 1.2 GHz Quad code MTK6589 with PowerVR SGX 544 MP GPU.
  • 4.5 inch HD screen (1280×720 pixels with 16M colors) , 5 point multi touch and with Gorilla glass protection.
  • 1GB RAM, 4GB internal storage and Micro SD card support of up to 64GB.
  • 8MP AF camera with LED flash and 2MP front camera. Full HD recording and playback supported.
  • 3G, 2G (class 12), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, micro USB, 3.5mm jack and GPS.
  • 1850 mAh battery.
  • Price Rs. 10,500 (Via

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  1. Can i install games n apps directly to external sd card????like micromax canvas series phone///

    1. Its just upgraded X1, I will be doing a simple review just the benchmark scores – no video cause I will be getting the review box pack next week (unboxing and review). They just sent me the X1s with X2.

  2. hi gogi,
    could you please confirm if is a genuine website??
    please replay… i want to buy one…is it advisable to pre-order one from this site???

      1. I’m also intended to buy the phone umi x1s, and made a research on it, finally confirmed that the site is suspective. we should NOT proceed to pay for the items. If they are genuine sellers, why can’t they give it COD. look at their FB page, tons of complaints . Still they need to refund lakhs of rupees.
        One more important point is We can’t contact them directly via phone,email.
        I tried to reach their CC via phone and wasted 20/- mobile bill and time.
        Think once how pathetic if you pay for item and then call their cc. Probably their is no cc service,

        The wammy passion is another china based company offer COD, which is sounding pretty good

        The only problem is doubtful after sale support,

        In this area Gionee is far better than any china company. It has service centers in almost all cities in india. The only thing with gionee is they won’t have a powerful phone under 15K, like other brands. (Elife e3 is not a gorilla glass, and low battery capacity, except these the phone is excellent).
        You may consider ZOPO also.
        My suggestion is:
        If you wanna buy a china phone even not considering warranty, its always recommended to buy through Indian e-comm websites like ebay,tradus,shopclues,flipkart,…. they will at-least guarantee on delivery of item.
        Happy shopping everyone……….:)

  3. Dear Gogi

    For system infor particularly for info about the sensors you should try Elixir 2 app from the play store and for checking the video recording use lgcamera.

  4. hello gogi bro, after waiting for almost one of months pre-booking umi x2 got sick, and fortunately i got a one week used lg optimus g 32 gb for 20k.from my friend.gogi bro is the deal really worth

  5. Please do sound test external speakers,game special video games like Nova 3,Mc3,asphalt 7,Dead Trigger.You are the first reveiewer who done full and final reveiew specially X2.Waiting 🙂

  6. gogi bro . on the site UMImobile the capacity of battery is mentioned 1750 mah , but you mentioned 1850 mah ??

  7. Saroz, Pls don’t buy Karbonn S1, its worst phone, also u have other options at this price point….in fact Karbonn Titanium S5 is good deal, price around 11500.

  8. so u recieved it!!!!!!!!! beeen waiting for ages….. pls pls pls give us a quick review tomorrow itself……..

  9. Hey Gogi Bro.

    Please provide the detail unbiased review as you are doing since long . Please review both the hand set separately . Please also compare with Popular quad core .

    Lot of the expectation from you Bro. Keep it up.

    Raj Behenwal

  10. gogi sir please mention about the built quality of x2 as compared to micromax and zopo mobiles.

  11. Hey Bro. Please provide the detail unbiased review as you are doing since long . Please review both the hand set separately . Please also compare with Popular quad core .

    Lot of the expectation from you Bro. Keep it up.

    Raj Behenwal

  12. Hi Gogi , pls provide detailed review nt js of 10min
    I mean mk 3 videos
    1st-js unboxin its luks,headsets,chrgr, overal feel n ol
    2nd-detaild software review, containin evrythn, benchmarks etc
    3rd-camera n gaming review n otg suport

  13. congrates gogi. bring the review as soon as possible. and if possible update with handset pics which you have.

  14. Congrats gogi u got the both of handset please
    mention pros and cons of these phone specially x2 cause on your review basis I will
    Parchase one…

  15. congrats gogi.please take ur time and review both of them deeply and try 2 do full detailed video review.

  16. Hey gogi congrats you got the rare x2 for review, a lil request while reviewing please check whether it supports usb otg

  17. hey mr. gogi,
    can we expect about the service centres for this product???
    OR can we trust that this is gonna run without any fault like samsung and other androids???

  18. Hi gogi is this phone available to buy and with free shipping ? and what about its warranty and does it really have gorilla glass 2 ?

  19. Hi . Bro . Hope today you will receive the much delayed highly anticipated UMI-X2 for review . We are waiting for your unbiased Review , lot of people like me waiting to buy this phone after your review . Guys I am right ?

    Gogi just came to know that Umi Mobile India DEVELOPER Team working on low end Windows powered phone . Will you please update on this for the lot of people who are looking at your site for information actually addict is the right word for your site .

    Please also provide the comparison between latest Window OS and Android OS , if we google we can find it but you provide the simple and essential info .

    What you guys say about this .

    Thanks in advance .

    Raj Behenwal

    1. Raj, yes will be getting the handset soon keep checking the status (Announcement) on right side.

  20. m buying a phn… Plzz… Karbonn S1 titanium or UMI x1s ???? whose accessories is cheap in case the phn gets damaged…..

  21. Well do inform about the stores for iocean x7 an umi x1s in india.. if particularly near Pune, waiting ahead..

  22. Dear frnd,
    Want to buy handset and budget not an issue. Require Dual SIM, Good Display and Battery– saw xolo Q800, MMX HD, Samsung Grand, UMI X1 & X2 (Waited too long now). Would appreciate if you can help ?????

  23. Updates they döne all custom clearence at 5.30pm to 6.00 pm they dispatched tommorow reveiew units to diffrent reveiewers including gogi more news

  24. guys have any one ordered x1s as umi has started credit/debit card payment option

    1. Yash Credit/Debit card option has not started yet. Only netbanking option is started. I checked personally.

      1. Mr. Sanjay at this site if you in the bottom you get the option of visa master card etc also
        Pay using Credit Card / Debit Card / Netbanking
        PAY NOW
        Note: After clicking on the “Pay” button, you will be directed to a secure gateway for payment. After completing the payment process, you will be redirected back to the site this is a payment gateway
        Via Pay TM try it

  25. Dear Gogi,

    Whats the difference between qhd / HD and Full HD? I see many sites claiming mobile phones with these 3 differrent versions and price accordingly.

    Will it make differrence in 4-5 inch phone?
    Will it eat the phone battery life accordingly?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Safi,

      All resolutions explained in

      Price varies acc to rise in resolution ( Pixels Per Inch ) Vs Screen Size ..same goes for battery too as the GPU needs more juice to process more screen estate, but of course the phone do come with power optimization…

      If you ask me all this techno mumbo jumbo should not bother end user experience as the choice of good clarity rests with the user’s perception .

  26. Ajay, I think perhaps it might be the stocks of other three Quadcores that Gogi had reviewed. Still it’s not even launched in China I think.

  27. Review unit delayed ……that was expected …!They can’t deliver their review unit on time…can’t imagine what will be the scenario …if I order one….!Childish behavior from UMI….!I think ZOPO zp980 will be a better option…does any one know it ready for delivery in India…?

    1. Dear Ajay,

      You should check FB, Team Umi said the goods are in custom clearance, due to Ericsson issue of MMX, they have brought sanctions to inspect all goods….details on Facebook 🙂

      1. Can’t be. Ericsson just cannot walk into a bonded warehouse and start inspecting every shipment of mobiles..
        They are legally authorized to check shipments of Micromax ALONE !

        The above mentioned is simply a lame Alibi to con 10 yr old kids alone!

    2. Ajay, I have spoken to ZOPO customer care & according to them the shipping for ZP 980 will start by May end. So forget about it as you will get much more better options before that.

      1. These companies are annuncing TIGERS on papers probably just to delay sales of another brands.We have seen any quadcore readily available from Zopo,Umi.Gionee is looking serious for India.Zopo,Umi seems to be playing waiting game.Zopo even does not have a service network even after close to 6 months of operations.

  28. Hi Mr. Gogi,
    Have you received the X2 review unit yet??
    Or is there any update on this?

  29. Team umi has already made major public relations blunder with raising people’s expectations but showing no interest in fulfilling them on time. As far as I understand they don’t have a clear understanding of marketing their products. Even if they are believed to be genuine they have made errors due to which people will have doubts about the product.

    1. It’s a Chinese brand and we all are aware that the perception about Chinese products is not that great.

    2. Not clear on the specifics of the products. It seems as if umi is making 10 different kinds of x2’s.

    3. Review unit delay god knows if ordered when will the product arrive.

    And many more. Keeping that in mind I can look at a zopo if price is a factor.

    But these are my thoughts the rest is for everyone to see.

      1. hi sewak,
        ok its very very true that iocean x7 with the same features at amazing price as cmpard to umi x2 or let it be x1s, but
        do u hav any idea about its store in india ???

  30. hey gogi sir i mailed u this ques too……… i am waiting for the launch of the new micromax phone whoes roms are listed on the micromax ftp site already ie Micromax a91 and micromax a115 also known as micromax 3d in some blogs………any news about these????

    1. Micromax A91 already listed across the is a shrinked version of the A90S..a 5mp cam without flash..and a normal capacitive display…not even QHd..Priced exhorbitantly at 9K…Pricewise it is more appropriate at 7.5k IMHO.,.with the A89 available at 6500 ..A91 makes more sense if priced at 7.5k with a 4.5 inch disp & front cam…

      much better model than A91 is the lava a700..same specs on both..but A700 has got Qhd resolution..and available for ONLY 7000-7400 ..

  31. only difference between Xolo Q800 and X1s is Screen Res. and Gorilla Glass , I am getting Q800 here at retail store at the price of 11K, so why to switch to go with Unknown company without any after sales service review,

    BTW Q800 is Re branded of Chinese phone Maker GIONEE GN708W , even you can check this n Antutu Benchmark Mother board name

    Gogi Sir do you have any News for other Upcoming Quad Core phone with 4.5″ display that we should wait for ? (personally I don’t prefer 5″ phone)