If you have an ordinary TV with an HDMI port you can use the Teewe HDMI dongle and stream content from your mobile phone or Desktop / Laptop onto the big screen. You can even watch YouTube videos directly on your TV. Teewe is priced at Rs. 1,999.

Box Pack
Inside the box you will get the Teewe HDMI dongle, intro / setup card, power adapter and HDMI extension cable.

The Teewe HDMI dongle is big and comes with a HDMI and a micro USB port. The build quality is good and the dongle surface is rubber like, soft to touch. You need to connect the power adapter to the micro USB port and then connect the dongle in the TV HDMI port.

It is simple, connect adapter, plug in the dongle into the HDMI port – use extension cable if needed, power on the dongle and TV and then download / install the Teewe app from Google Play on your smartphone. After installation run the Teewe app and follow the instructions.

You will need to enable Wi-Fi on the smartphone. The app will first connect with Teewe via Wi-Fi and then you will need to setup your primary host Wi-Fi on the Teewe dongle. Once done you can use the app to browse content on the phone and watch it on the TV (tap play on Teewe).

teewe HDMI dongle box pack

You can watch content stored on your smartphone on a big TV. Watch photos, videos and play MP3. You can also watch YouTube videos on the big screen. Check the video review to get an idea on how to use the app. This device is powered by cortex A9 dual core processor and comes with 1GB DDR3 RAM. It works with windows, android, iOS and Mac / windows desktop.

teewe HDMI dongle streaming device

You need to enabled Wi-Fi on your mobile phone. When you are viewing content from handset the same is streamed onto the TV using Wi-Fi (Phone Wi-Fi to Dongle Wi-Fi). And when you are watching YouTube the dongle will access the host Wi-Fi network directly, it will not use your mobile. Video content will not play on the mobile, but you can control the video (rewind / forward / pause / stop) and even reduce / increase the volume using your smartphone.

teewe HDMI Dongle review and unboxing

This Teewe dongle adds extra features on your ordinary TV using the HDMI port. If you are already using a smart TV or your TV is equipped with Wi-Fi there is no need to buy this device. For Rs. 1,999 this is a good option to enable streaming from portable devices / PC onto the big TV screen.

teewe HDMI Dongle review

This is purely an entertainment device for streaming media content, you cannot use it to browse websites / play games on the big screen.

Teewe HDMI dongle is available for Rs. 1,999 from Snapdeal.

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in