The ReTV X1 is HDMI tv box that converts your ordinary TV into a smart TV. This device is a lot different as it provides some new unique features but the most unique part is the use of Remote to select what you want to watch.

If you have used other smart HDMI dongle, almost all of those work with smartphones. That is you need to use a app, installed on your smartphone and then use the smartphone as a remote. The ReTV X1 is a lot different, you really don’t need a smartphone – the remote is more than enough, in fact there is no need to login using your google account.


Content : TV box, user manual, warranty card, HDMI cable, power adapter, remote, batteries for remote and audio cable.

ReTV X1 Box pack unboxing

Design and Specifications

The box is square shaped with curvy edges. ReTV X1 is using glossy white body, very good build and finishing. There is circular rubber pad on the bottom that helps give this box a very good grip. There is a power on/off button on the top with LED.

ReTV X1 power button

The X1 comes with DC in, HDMI port, CVBS and RJ45 port for wired LAN. On other side there are two USB ports and a micro SD card slot.

ReTV X1 USB + USB + Micro SD

The ReTV X1 is using 64 bit 2GHz quad core chipset, running Android 5.1 (Lollipop). There is 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, 4K video support, H.265 decoding and this device can play almost all video and audio formats.


You can connect external pen-drives, use micro SD card or connect external HDD and play content stored on the respective devices.


The first thing you need to do is insert the batteries into the remote and under the remove battery cover there is a USB receiver you need to plug that into the USB port on the ReTV X1 box. You need to connect the HDMI cable into the box and the other end into your TV’s HDMI Port.

Once connected just follow the instructions. You will need a mobile number to register / activate ReTV subscription. You will get 25GB Cloud storage space.

ReTV X1 review


The remote is amazing, it gives you the power to search / browse / even type (using 4 way navigation button or enable air muse) without the need of using a smartphone. There is no need to login to your Google account or install apps on your smartphone.

ReTV X1 remote

Just connect ReTV X1 with your TV, setup your WiFi / Wired Lan connection and use the remote, as simple as that.

You can browse / play Netflix, watch YouTube contents, there are many other options, properly categorized. You can watch movies, serials, international movies and international serials.

ReTV X1 in action

Another unique thing is the torrent support that is built in. Though this is illegal but if you accept the disclaimer you can start using it. You can browse / search for new movies and lookup on torrents, if available you can download the movie on the cloud, so you can watch later or you can start playing it immediately via BitTorrent streaming, some small % will be loaded (buffering) and the movie will start playing. There is also fast forward option that you can use to start playing from any point.

Resume option is also supported, i.e. you can continue watching from where you left.

Some pre-installed apps include games and Chrome browser – you can surf the net.


This is another smart dongle that comes loaded with unique features. You can use the ReTV X1 to convert your ordinary TV into a smart TV. The ease of use with the Remote and the Torrent support makes its an interesting buy.

ReTV X1 is available for Rs. 3,999 (for limited period this includes 1 year subscription, 25GB cloud data, DittoTV 3 months subscription. Special Pre-booking price is Rs. 1,999 and balance Rs. 2000 at time of delivery. Delivery charges extra.

Rating 4.2 out of 5

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By Rajeev Rana

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