Mango Man Consumer Electronics PVT Ltd., had recently launched their 2nd Teewe product – Teewe 2. It is smaller as compared to its predecessor and comes with better Wi-Fi chipset. The Teewe 2 is priced at Rs. 2,399.

Unboxing Teewe 2
The instructions are clearly mentioned on the box. Inside you will find the compact Teewe 2 HDMI dongle, quick start guide, data cable, travel charger and HDMI extension cable.

Now when compared with the first Teewe dongle, the Teewe 2 is 30% compact, looks better than its predecessor and comes with better Wi-Fi chipset. The new Teewe 2 is also power efficient – you can either choose to power it up using the travel charger (adapter) or plug the USB end into your television USB slot to power up the dongle.

Teewe 2 looks much better and there a micro USB port to power up the device plus reset point.

Teewe 2 is powered by cortex A9 dual core processor with 1GB RAM and coupled with quad core GPU.

Teewe 2 box pack

The installation process is pretty simple, you just need to follow the instructions. You will need to connect the dongle with your HDMI TV, then download the Teewe app and then proceed with the installation. You will also need to setup your primary Wi-Fi network.

This device works with Android, iOS and windows platform. You can install the app on Mobile, Desktop and there is an extension for chrome browser too.

Teewe 2 HDMI Dongle

Teewe 2 offers 60GB of free data usage from Airtel and 2 months of free subscription from Erosnow. You will find the details in the app itself.  You can setup the Teewe 2 dongle, languages etc using the app and the app will automatically populate media content from online (YouTube) as well as offline sources (mobile/laptop/desktop etc).

Teewe 2 review

The Desktop app can be downloaded from site, Windows, Mac and Linux platforms are supported. Java run-time is required in case it is missing the same will be installed. You can use the desktop app install on desktop / laptop and stream content from there onto your television. There is an option to mirror the desktop / laptop screen, so what you see on the PC will be mirrored on the TV. The picture quality however is not that great. (Check video review).

If you are using Chrome browser you can install the Teewe chrome extension and mirror the content from the browser onto your TV. The best part is that if there are any videos available on the page you can play that separately / directly on the TV.

With the Teewe 2 app you will be able to access any content from any devices as long as it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. For example I used my mobile phone, started the Teewe app and was able to browse / play the files that were present on a pendrive that was connected to my laptop (all of these devices connected with Teewe using the same Wi-Fi networks).

You can stream full HD videos without issues, it will play on your TV with sound. If the media content is available online the dongle will access it directly using the Wi-Fi router and if the media content is available offline (on any device connect with Teewe 2) it will stream directly without using internet bandwidth.

You cannot mirror content (everything) from you mobile phone on to the TV, it is however available on desktop app.

Teewe 2 is smaller in size and performs better when compared with the older Teewe dongle. If you are already using the older teewe dongle and happy with the performance, there is no need to upgrade. The company will be rolling out software updates, so the same software with same features that you see on the Teewe 2 will also be available on the older hardware.

Teewe 2 is a good low cost HDMI dongle that converts you ordinary TV into a smart TV. It is available on for Rs. 2,399.

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  1. Hey few days back I came across this new streaming device called ReTV. The product caters to Indian audience. Features seem pretty interesting and promising. You can watch Movies, Shows, Videos rom more than 200+ sites ,youtube directly on your TV for more details you can check their site –

      1. Content curation – Chromecast, Teewe – No, ReTV – Yes

        Stream & Download Torrents -Chromecast, Teewe – No, ReTV – Yes

        Interface on TV – Chromecast, Teewe – No, ReTV – Yes

        Remote -Chromecast, Teewe – No, ReTV – Yes

        Download Youtube Videos- Chromecast, Teewe – No, ReTV – Yes

        Apps on TV -Chromecast, Teewe – No, ReTV – Yes

        Plays videos from 200+ sites -Chromecast, Teewe – No, ReTV – Yes

        Easy to use (mothers, parents, homemakers) – Chromecast, Teewe – No, ReTV – Yes

        You can check out other features on their site-

  2. Hi Gogi, Does this support Netflix? Also, will it be compatible with tata photon max wifi dongle?

  3. By seeing your review I purchased this product.
    But it is not compatible with all HDMI televisions
    I have SONY BRAVIA BX400 LCD but this device not supporting in my TV.
    I talked to their support but they unable to find any solutions ,so they want to refnd my money.

    Can you suggest any other device like this which will support on my Sony BRAVIA tv

    1. Strange, you mean it is not detecting? and if this does not work then you might face issue with others too, may be some issue with your TV.

  4. Which device is best Teewe2 ya ezcast m2. For playing local storage movie, 1gb ya big files. And HDMI dongle require WiFi router ya WiFi internet for playing local videos image music.

  5. Hi, I have purchased a new Teewe2 device, can you suggest me a good wifi router compatible for it.

  6. Don’t buy this product, it’s totally waste of money. Can’t even display small pics. Garbage product.

    1. same problem I m facing gogi g……it cant play image file over 500 kb easily and cant play movies bigger in size even from mobile local own content. ….

      1. It could be your router speed / signal strength. If you are using any other devices like phone / tablet. Place the same say your phone at the same spot where the teewe 2 is and check how many bars you get on your phone. You need good signal else performance will not be good.

        1. I have a router D Link 2750 router Double antena. Even after getting good signal still cant play movies bigger in size

  7. The device is overpriced, no big enhancement. the device was listed 2085/- first then removed and listed for 2399/- with 500/- amazon gift card

    The only device to play all video formats from local storage.

    One big drawback with regard to audio files it does not have playlist support.. imagine you got 1000’s of mp3 files finding the one required is gotta be a real pain.. same goes for video files as well.

    youtube playlist also not supported.

      1. This needs wifi , with which only it can connect to our device. my 40gb got finished in 10days need to be careful with this device and keep disconnected when not required.

        I am not aware of the device u had mentioned. check youtube for videos for review it should be there already.

        1. I saw youtube video for tronsmart product. I think if we by full hd led tv and such type of android tv box, this combination will make our led tv to a great smart tv.

  8. Gogi ji, can you suggest good quality Miracast/Intel WiDi compatible hdmi dongle ? Because from your review I see that this one is compatible only with Chromecast.

    1. Its better to go with EZCast M2 Wifi receiver display dongle which supports more features than this dongle like EZCast, EZMirror, DLNA, Miracast, EZAir (Airpaly), multi-screen interactive by pushing only one button.

    2. Wait for lenovo cast box. you will get DNLA and miracast support. recently announced at price of 49$.

  9. I think it is not wfm

    Please gogi try to review tronsmart android tv box