Here is the Lava Connect M1 feature phone review, and after going through this review you will agree that it is much better than the Nokia 3310. It’s a feature phone that will work with your Reliance Jio SIM and you can run facebook as well as whatsapp.

Inside the box you will get the handset, user manual, a standard quality earphone, charger with cable attached (micro USB) and warranty card. SAR Value as mentioned on box < 1.6W/Kg.

The Connect M1 is a dual SIM handset and it supports 4G with VoLTE, this means you can use your Reliance JIO SIM on this feature phone. The good part is that this handset is running Mocordroid based on Android and Facebook comes preinstalled, you can also watch YouTube videos on this handset.

LAVA Connect M1 box pack

Lava Connect M1 Review

Inside the box : Handset, earphone, user manual, warranty card and travel charger 5V/0.7 A
Body : Bar Type, Plastic, Good build and finishing
SIM Type : Normal SIM slot 1 (supports 4G with VoLTE), Nano SIM slot 2 (supports 2G only) and separate micro SD slot.
Screen : 2.4 inches supporting 320 x 240 pixels resolution
Connectivity : 4G, VoLTE, Bluetooth, USB Tethering (Connect to PC / Share Net on PC )
RAM : 512MB
Micro SD : 32GB MAX

LAVA Connect M1 review

Lava Connect M1 Performance

This is a feature phone meant for making and receiving calls. Though performance is good if you have used a smartphone before you are not going to like it. There is Facebook and you can also manually install apps by downloading the APK from the net.

LAVA Connect M1 design

Do note there is no Google Play access.

This is a good, simple feature phone if you want to use mainly for calling. Best part is JIO works and you can make calls directly from the dialler.

LAVA Connect M1 side view

There is USB Tethering option and option to use USB-PC net sharing, however it did not work for me. When you enable net sharing you get Windows XP, vista, 7 and Windows 8 operating system options, I am using Windows 10 and it did not work.

Lava Connect M1 Camera  Review

Rear Camera : VGA
Camera quality is no good.

LAVA Connect M1 back panel

Camera Rating : 1 out of 5

Other features

Loudspeaker was loud, no issues using Reliance Jio, incall sound was also good.

How to Install WhatsApp on Lava Connect M1

Whatsapp does not come pre-installed but I was able to install the same, it also means you can download other apps too. The process is different, you will need to search for the APK file on the internet and download the package and then transfer the APK on to the Lava Connect M1.

Once you do that use the file manager and go the APK, click it to install. You will need to enable unknown sources, and then the APK will install. Do check the video review, I have shown how to install Whatsapp on Lava Connect M1 and you can also see it in action.

LAVA Connect M1 screen

Lava Connect M1 Battery Review

Battery capacity : 1750 mAh
Charging Time : up to 3 hours using travel charger provided
Battery Life : 3 to 4 days

LAVA Connect M1 dual SIM + micro SD


The Lava Connect M1 is a feature phone that is Android based, you can install apps if need be (some apps), I was able to install whatsapp. It sounds good but the display quality is not that great and add to it the alphanumeric input method is too slow, especially when you have used a smartphone before.

But considering the features that this feature phone gives it is worth the price, though as I already mentioned it is basically made for making and receiving calls.

Lava Connect M1 VS Nokia 3310

The New Nokia 3310 is 2G phone and this one the connect M1 is 4G VoLTE, and you now know what this feature phone is capable of. If you are using Reliance Jio SIM and planning to get a feature phone, makes sense to go for M1.

Rating : 3.5 out of 5

Lava Connect M1 is now available for Rs. 2,899.

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  1. I am a visually impaired person who uses phones with help of a screen readers so plz let me know if there is accessibility option present in the settings menu

  2. Gogi Sir,

    Please tell me how will we be able to update the facebook and whatsapp apps as both dont work on very old version apps.


  3. Well, Gogi Bro, I watched your video on youtube…. What was that sticker hiding at the back of box, stating usb internet sharing….!!!!

    1. That is USB Tethering, you can use that to connect to your PC also there is Net sharing options, you can connect this handset with PC and use the JIO Net on your PC. However it did not work cause the last operating support was up to Windows 8 (you need to choose the OS from the list). I am using Windows 10 and it did not work.

      1. So, we can say that this device comes with a bunch of compromises for the user, just for sake of 4G connectivity….

        I hope they give update for connectivity to Win.10 as 10 is now getting popular… I personally love Win.10 over Win. 8 but I hate powershell over Command prompt… Neither colours look nice nor the commands going so nicely….

        I use command prompt mostly for flashing Redmi devices… Since they need to be in download mode as fastboot mode no more allows flashing… Thankfully I have a batch file which has to be just executed… No more adb device commands….

        1. My pleasure brother….
          But there is a catch too, till now USB tethering is supported upto windows 8

          Hope they provide updates to support the latest windows OS, i.e, Windows 10

          This phone comes with system updates support… So there is hope

  4. Camera is utter useless .
    Better to have dual 4G standby feature
    On this phone in this price.
    Iam waiting for jio 4g LYF feature phones
    Under 1500Rs.

  5. The review as usual is excellent covers everything one need to know.
    Coming to the phone, it looks overpriced considering the features and built quality. Better go for a smart phone. Those who are looking to gift a phone to their grand parents, there are many smartphones available at the same price and they are more durable than a basic phone.

  6. Gogiji will true caller work on this phone. Will other operators 3g and 4g work on this phone.

    1. Not sure if true caller will work, it should but better not load too many apps as this a feature phone. And Idea SIM should also work.

    1. Thanks ji. Do homeshop safe to pay in advance as cod attracts 251 shipping charge

  7. But Price is Still high.anyone can get a smartphone wid 1gb ram and good display wid average camera in 3K price bucket. Eg.Android One powered devices

    1. Agree, a smartphone is still better. But Key attraction is the JIO SIM support on a feature phone.