I was looking for a Full HD LED TV with a screen size of 22 inches and found the Panasonic 22 inch Full HD LED TV  Model no. TH-22D400DX.  This was the cheapest, LED TV from a known brand with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution available for Rs. 9,790.

Panasonic 22 inch LED TV TH-22D400DX unboxing

Inside the box you will get the TV, remote, remote batteries, audio cable, wall mount, stands, user manual and warranty card.


The Panasonic full HD LED TV has got a very good build quality, it is not that slim but for the price it is good enough. There are buttons on the back in case you are not able to find the remote or the remote is damaged. You can power on, adjust volume and change channels with the dedicated buttons on the back.

The Panasonic 22 inch LED TV TH-22D400DX sports a 22 inch screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. This is not a smart TV. There is 1x HDMI port, 1x USB port, 2 speakers with 6RMS output, AV ports x 2, PC port and audio jack. This TV has got 2 star power rating – not so power efficient.

Panasonic 22 inch FHD TV TH-22D400DX box pack

Why I bought this TV

I was looking for a new TV as my old Sony Bravia TV got damaged – it was cause of a physical accidental damage (liquid spill), after that the Sony TV got a small black spot on the screen and it started increased now almost 75% of the screen has been damaged.

Panasonic 22 inch FHD TV TH-22D400DX review

So I started searching for a new TV online and saw the Panasonic Full HD for under Rs. 10,000. I wanted a Full HD TV anything below full HD resolution is just no good. The same TV was listed on Amazon for price between Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 13,000 with installation and the same Panasonic 22 inch TV on Flipkart was available for Rs. 9,790 (now the price has increased a little to Rs. 9,990).

Panasonic 22 inch FHD TV TH-22D400DX front with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution

This Panasonic 22 inch LED TV TH-22D400DX that was listed on Flipkart was without installation charges – you will need to install yourself. It was not at all an issue as I already had a wall mount for the Sony Bravia I just need to replace TV’s, that’s it. You can either use stand or wall mount.

Panasonic 22 inch FHD TV TH-22D400DX back


The Panasonic 22 inch Full HD LED TV TH-22D400DX quality was impressive, color was very good, Bravia was a little better but considering the price of under Rs. 10,000 this Panasonic TV is awesome. Viewing angles were excellent.

Panasonic 22 inch FHD TV TH-22D400DX remote

To really enjoy FHD content you need to play HD content. You can connect pen drive or use the HDMI port to connect HDMI dongle and make this TV smarter. I played a full HD file from my pen drive and it played really well, quality was superb.


If you are planning to buy a new TV with a 22 inch screen, just go ahead with the Panasonic 22 inch FHD LED TV Model TH-22D400DX. It is available for an attractive price tag of under Rs. 10,000.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

You can buy the Panasonic 22 inch FHD TV TH-22D400DX from Flipkart.

Published by Gogi Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in

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  1. क्या मैं इस tv में hollybood की मूवीज देख सकता हु वो भी हिंदी लैंग्वेज में ?

  2. Helli gogi i have also bought 32″ Panasonic led 15490 From flipkart & Is working great & got free installation & Stand . Picture qualtity is very good but sony is great but at this price give satisfactory results

  3. Hi Gogi,

    I heard LG displays are best in Quality.
    In 22″ LG. tv,
    Including all above specified features,
    It has 10W Rms Speakers with DOLBY DIGITAL Decoder + Triple XD Engine + 300 Hz Refresh Rate + Active Noise Cancellation display + IPS LED + 30w power consumption (-5w of Panasonic).


  4. Bro, small question?
    Why this brand only when there are others available for near about the same price?
    I have seen brands like Philips, Sansui, Videocon, Lloyd, LG, Sony, Wybor etc.
    Please guide us with your knowledge

    Thank you.

        1. Why this brand only when there are others available for near about the same price?

          Mr naveen asking tell me what are the another model available at 1080 pixel and 10 thousand rupees……

  5. Gogihi, Sorry to hear about damage to ur sony bravia. Can you confirm if there is just black spot comibg on screen and nothing else? Coz i too have same brand tv and at my home almost everything is cleaned with moist cloth no matter it is electric one, it shines and cleans thing :-p. So due to this usage of moist cloth my tv too got black spots, thanks to gid i got to meet an lcd/led tv repair expert. He took my tv for 2 days and u won’t beleive that tv has become close to usual one with very light black tints. I comw to know that there is some plastic/polythene type layer on the face of the display units which gets effected and hence the tv shows the black tint. My tv is working well now. Lemme know if u want his contact.

  6. First congrats for new TV Gogi sir, What about general operating system sir, specially during accessing USB/HDMI data. Most TVs in this price bracket are painfully slow. And is there noticeable difference between HD ready & Full HD at this 22″ screen?

    1. This is not a smart TV so you will be able to play limited file formats. If say a file does not work you can try converting the file to other format on your PC. MP4 works this is format used on Mobile, today that is the widely used format.

      If you have ordinary cable connection at home, the picture will not be sharp on this FHD TV. You will get blurry edges, for example it you watch youtube video in 1080p and then same in 720p and then same in 240p look at 240p quality that is what you will get. Hence if you have a FHD TV at home for best experience get FHD cable connection.

      If you still want to continue using ordinary cable (not FHD) at home just watch the TV from a longer distance, it will look better.

    1. No it does not come with built in WiFi / Bluetooth. But if you connect HDMI Dongle like Chromecast, ReTV X1 etc, you can play content on TV stored on your smartphone. Those external dongle have WiFi / Bluetooth.

  7. Looking for 24 inch full hd model but didn’t find as only 22 inch and over 32 inch available all where.

  8. You could have purchased panasonic 24 inch full hd tv model no. 24D400DX for 10000 from paytm with free installation.

    1. I read many reviews complaing of hd ready tv recieved against full hd mention on online sellers details.

    2. Generally, 24″ television set has 1366×768 resolution in common ( because of width), only 22″, 26″ and 32″ comes with FHD in low price range.

  9. Panasonic tv’s have strange color reproduction. Light red colors are displayed as pink. If you have been used to other brands like Samsung,lg or sony then surely you will notice the difference. I was using Panasonic TH40d400dx which was ordered on Flipkart, it was totally disappointing to watch on it after being used to Samsung led previously. I returned that Panasonic tv immediately and got refunded.

      1. I too thought the same,but when i visited near by reliance digital store,i closely had a look with midel i owned and other brands. There it was clear that Panasonic brand color reproduction is raw,they are not tuned well. Any how m happy for getting refund for that Panasonic tv. Best of luck for your tv. These flat screen tvs are expensive to get repaired. Display cost almost 60% of toral cost of the tv.

  10. Thank you for introducing this TV. Panasonic is very good brand with quality. I booked one being Basant panchami.

    1. We get additional 5% on credit cards . effectively Rs 9490/- Full HD at this price is really good, I think.

  11. Better to go for IPS panel for wide viewing angle. most LG panels are IPS with few Panasonic models and now some Sanyo models have IPS grade panels. however the weak point most TVs is the sound quality of inbuilt speakers.