Panasonic P41 and P61 quad core handsets launched

Panasonic added two new handsets running KitKat, the Panasonic P41 and the Panasonic P61. Both the handsets are powered by 1.3GHz quad core processor. The P41 is for Rs. 11,990 and the P61 for Rs. 14,990.

The Panasonic T41 was also launched but that already got listed for Rs. 7,999 a few days back on HomeShop 18. The model T41 and P41 are quite confusing but there is a good difference their specifications. The P41 sports a 5 inch screen with qHD resolution. It runs KitKat with 1GB RAM, 8GB storage and micro SD card support (32GB).

The P41 comes with an 8MP AF camera with LED flash placed on the rear and 2MP on the front. This dual SIM handset supports 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. There is a 2000 mAh battery, smartphone weight is 132 grams and it is about 8.2 mm thick. It’s price is Rs. 11,990.

The P61 is pricy and it’s a Phablet. This dual SIM handset sports a 6 inch screen with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. It also runs KitKat over 1GB RAM, 16GB storage and 32GB external card support. There is 8MP rear AF camera with flash and 2MP front camera. Key features are 3G, 2G, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Panasonic P41 and P61 quad core smartphones running Android 4.4.2

P61 weight is 173 grams (with 2800 mAh battery) and it is about 8.2 mm thick. Panasonic P61 is available in white and black colour options for Rs. 14,990. All of these handsets are using the 1.3GHz MediaTek quad core processor.

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  1. CHIRANJIT says

    I want to bye p41. Is it good? Suggest me other phone which support HDMI, MHL;my budget is 8k

  2. Rizwan says

    Dear gogi

    I got my Panasonic p55 today and when I installed link2sd / app manager.. My apps are not moving to SD card.. It’s says link2sd couldn’t obtain root access

    If you have root access make sure you select all or or grant.. This is the first time I am getting this problem in a android mobile.

  3. samir says

    Beware of Panasonic, they will sell for some years and will go out of handset business to re-enter after some years. Not reliable at all.

  4. Sachin Verma says

    गोगी जी अापने price difference के बारे मे नही बताया के local store मे वो मंहगा क्यू मिलता है ?

  5. Sachin Verma says

    गोगी जी अापसे एक सवाल है कि क्या flipkart, Amazon, homeshop 18 या अन्य किसी भी online site से कोई भी gadget या अन्य कोई भी उत्पाद खरीदना सही है ? क्या उसपर हमे उतनी ही warranty मिलती है जितनी उस उत्पाद को किसी भी दुकान से खरीदने पर मिलती है ? ओर किसी भी showroom या दुकान पर उस उत्पाद की कीमत उस online site से बहुत ज्यादा क्यों होती है ? कृप्या थोडा विस्तार से बताएं ॥ thanks in advance.. .

  6. Sachin Verma says

    दोनो ही फोन बकवास ओर बहुत ज्यादा मंहगे हैं ।

  7. Simran Singh says

    Hello, Who’s gonna buy this? Xiaomi Mi 3 is there and nothing else can beat till now. Redmi 1S and Note are ready, so wait and watch. This kinda stuff should be below 7.5K else go to **El…

    • vinit_says says

      Xiaomi is not at all secure any Chinese fellow can hack any of the model. Don’t go on price focus on security.
      In Panasonic , Japanese high encryption data and device security with seamless connectivity and enterprise grade technology.

      Japanese are far more better than Chinese , isn’t it ?

  8. Prithish says

    Gogi, your package out for delivery? Will you get it today? The package I ordered in behalf of a friend has reached Thane Facility & is out for delivery..

      • Prithish says

        Same happened here you will receive it tomorrow. Mine package received yesterday ni8 @2:32am at Bhiwandi & it is out for delivery today.