Measy U1A smart TV dongle review with RC13 and RC9 air mouse

Turn you HDTV into a full-fledged android system with Measy U1A smart TV dongle. The dongle loads the operating system and you get the output right on your TV. You will need to buy additional accessories like the RC13 and / or RC9 devices for input.

The Measy U1A dongle comes with a HDMI point that you need to plug into your HDTV. It turns your TV into a smart computer running android ICS OS with minimal settings. You can surf net, play games and even access Google play to download apps.

Just buying the U1A dongle will not help, you need to buy other accessory called the air mouse; you can however use a USB keyboard and mouse if you want to (the one that you use with the PC). The air mouse gives you the freedom to control the mouse pointer by moving the device in the air. You type faster using the built in keyboard.

Measy U1A
This is the main unit that when connected transforms the HDTV into a computer running Android 4.0.4 OS. The dongle is powered by an Allwinner A10 CPU with 1GB RAM and 4GB internal storage, in addition to micro SD lot that can further house cards of up to 32GB.

Measy u1a dongle

There are 2 USB ports, a reset point, Micro SD card slot and micro USB port. You need to plug it into the HDMI port on HD TV and power adapter with USB to micro USB cable into the micro USB slot on the dongle. Power on the dongle and switch the TV mode to HDMI and you should see the Android OS loading.

Measy RC13 voice air mouse
This device comes with wireless speaker, wireless keyboard, Air mouse and can also be used as a Skype phone.  The device looks much like a remote with QWERTY keypad, navigation buttons, function keys and with built in speaker.

Measy RC13 air Mouse

This device comes with USB to micro USB cable that can be used to recharge the battery of 800mAh. When you open the back cover you will find the 2.4G USB receiver that you need to connect to the U1A TV dongle. You can also plugin the receiver on any other device with USB support.

Once connected you can use the wireless keyboard and even switch to the mouse mode. You can move the courser by moving the device in the air. And since it comes with built in mic and speaker you can even use it as a skype phone.

Measy RC9 Air mouse
This is compact device, SIM and light weight. It’s a mouse with no keyboard, a perfect device for presentation. The RC9 comes with 2.4G wireless USB receiver that you need to plugin to USB supported devices. This air mouse comes with built in battery that can be recharged used the USB to microUSB cable. You will find the left, right buttons as on the mouse and 4 way navigation with center OK/enter button.

Measy RC9 wireless air mouse

Measy U1A review
This device comes for Rs. 2,990 and with the Air mouse will cost around Rs. 1400 to Rs. 1700 depending on the model. Those who don’t want to spend money on a computer can get this device, but if you can afford an HDTV you can as well buy a computer. Having said that there are still a lot of advantages so it depends on users need.

Advantages of using this TV Dongle

  • You can connect your Pendrive or USB drive and watch movies via the dongle on your HD TV on large screen – so no need to invest in media player.
  • Play games on a big screen as far as 20 feet away.
  • Not to mention with Wi-Fi connectivity you can watch live TV, Youtube videos on HDTV.
  • Video chat with skype is possible.
  • Air play is also supported i.e. you can access content from wi-fi enabled desktop/laptop and play it directly.
  • You can connect it to a projector too and beam content on a 100 to 200 inch screen, excellent for presentation and at such a low cost.

Once connected you get the same android ICS OS that you see on the tablet and smartphone right on the HDTV. The device comes with built in Wi-Fi so you can connect to wireless network and surf the net, chat and even download games and apps from Google play.  The built in 4GB storage is good enough plus you can use the microSD slot.

The CPU is Allwinner A10 clocked at 1.2Ghz and RAM is 1GB that gives a smother performance. I was not able to check the GPU but I did check 720 and 1080p videos that played well. It is a delight playing games using this device on and HDTV.

Watching movies, playing games is fun, however browsing the net, reading documents and typing may not be that comfortable as on a tab / handset.

Other air mouse models namely the Measy RC12 with touchpad is available for Rs. 1490 and the RC11 comes for 1690.

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Measy U1A + RC13 / RC9 air mouse unboxing and review video

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  1. Josef says

    Hello Gogi, very nice review. will my movies in my 2TB HDD with MAC Os extended format work on this device? My HDD is not working when I directly plug it to my LG tv.

  2. KALLE K. says

  3. Paras says

    This is a fake product being sold by vedee. contains only 2.3 gb of memory as opposed to 4 gb mentioned, only 1 ghz processor instead of 1.2, shows 800 mb of ram of which only 500 mb can be utilized. Youtube hq video streaming crashes the browser (default one, firefox, chrome). Many google play store apps cant be installed.

  4. Martyn Fords says

    Measy RC9 Is not compatible with Mac as far as I can see, USB pre loader seems to work but with no driver, very bad English instructions and cannot even get it running with USB overdrive or third party Apps.

  5. abhishek says

    Hi Gogi,

    I wanted to know whether I can use the keyboard with my Nexus. This is because I am a web developer and I need to connect and code sometimes while on the move. Though I carry my laptop, it would be much portable if I could use this air mouse keyboard with my Nexus.

    Please let me know if that is possible and can you do a review on the keyboard alone.

    Else can you suggest a similar device for my needs?


    • gogi says

      Abhishek, not sure if the Nexus supports OTG, though I think it will, I don’t have the phone it is with my brother who has it ( in the UK ). I will ask him to check but will not be quick as not sure if he has the OTG cable. Other options are you can use a Bluetooth keyboard.

  6. Ajay Tiwari says

    What about this one.

    Does any of these media players having VGA port ? Can we use them Like CPU- “Connected to VGA Port of monitor for display & Speakers in 3.5 MM Jack.”

    • Ajay Tiwari says

      Gogi sir Please clear my Doubts-
      Does any of these media players having VGA port ? Can we use them Like CPU- “Connected to VGA Port of monitor for display & 3.5 MM Jack for Speakers Out.”
      For a less price like 3900/- it is good option for Secondary Media Device with my own 18.5″ VGA Port Monitor with Sound ability

        • Ajay Tiwari says

          Thanks for the answer sir.
          Some Doubts for Tablets –
          1. Can I connect mini HDMI out of a budget tablet to any HDMI of LCD TV for watching movies. How ?
          2. Can I connect External HDD via OTG Cable to Tablet for Movies/Music/Photo access on TV as we can with Pen Drives ?
          3. On watching TV via HDMI cable, does 3.5 MM Jack of tablet supports 2.1 Channel Speakers ?

          Thanks in advance.

  7. Omkar says

    This basically does what my 7k media centre does for 4.5k. Can it play full hd 1050p videos w/o stuter nd long periods of tym w/o overheating? With a gpu, (mali 500) it easily can. I think the a10 soc has that gpu. I don’t see why you would not go for this device if ur in the market for a media player/youtube player. A decent wifi media player(w/o lan cable slot) comers for 7k. This is 3k cheap and you get a wireless mouse to play with. The kinda display port support hdmi/older ones might also be worth enquirer about. Also if it can supports external hard drive it can become a external media device. A bit torrent seeder/leecher, NAS device to hold tv shows. With mobile app can play files from android device to tv. All of this can be dne on a flashEd media player too. Only advantage media player has is of external had i guess but we don’t know complete specs. 4 stars for me and a review would be nice.

  8. Sahib says

    Hi gogi, I have not a hdtv but i have a monitor so if we hook it in to my monitor which has one hdmi input port then is it possible to play media i.e. videos or songs through it ? as you mentioned that it work like a media player with using usb with it. is it possible? please reply

  9. sohil says

    Hi! gogi.
    1-how can i do skype calling with this?
    do i need to connect usb camera to usb host of dongle?

    2-will it support my iball 2.4G wireless Keyboard mousml?

    3-in skype calling can i connect my bluetooth sterio headphone with messy dongle too?

    4-does it convey audio to hdtv ?

    please gogi reply me asap.
    i need to buy it.

  10. viral says

    Hi gogi sir,
    I want to buy this product ….. but before i buy this i want to know if i don’t have a WiFi connection than how i can connect my tv to internet
    Actually i am using internet on my TV by Ethernet.
    OS of Panasonic is too boring.
    I do have WiFi connection but WiFi signal is not detected at my leaving room.
    I have Panasonic plasma TV P42UT50D (2 HDMI port).
    can u suggest me music system for my TV ??????

  11. Pramod says

    Hi Gogi. Is there other similar products also available? How does it compare to others if they do?

  12. bonny says

    Gogi i have video projector which has hdmi input.
    This is best option to watch 1080p movies on screen. But i have one problem my projector has no audio out port. It has inbuilt 3w speaker which are not enough fotr good movie
    Experience. I want to connect this android device with my home speakers.
    Any help.

    • gogi says

      Bonny, the air mouse comes with built in speaker and also with 3.5mm pin, I would suggest call and see if they can help you with this, I think the air mouse can be used to connect to home speakers.

      • bonny says

        Thanks gogi but, can i use airmouse with my projector screen? Sorry i dont know much about it. Airmouse is like remote and if i take audio out from it then it is like i have to connect audio cable everytime to remote. Is there anything hdmi to audio?
        Thank you for your help. I like your all reviews and ur voice.

        • gogi says

          Hi no need to connect cable for audio the air mouse has built in speaker when you connect the USB receiver the audio is routed through the air mouse.

  13. sagar khengat says

    From where we can get these devices mention all online & offline sources.

    (Please visit – gogi.

  14. tejas says

    Hi gogi
    i want to know how can we play games in this without gyro sensor.
    i mean how is it possible to play temple run,subway surfers.etc using this.

  15. rajesh says

    Gogi, where did you buy it? I think it would be great if we can play all android games on tv using this device.

    • gogi says

      Rajesh, its a review piece I got from, you can check the more info link in the review rating.