Xiaomi will add Mi3 directly to customers cart on 6th October

Those who wanted to buy the Xiaomi Mi3, had registered for the flash sales, but were not fortunate to get the device, here is some good news. Xiaomi will have 25,000 Mi3 in stock for 6th October sales, however the process is a lot different this time.

Xiaomi will directly add to cart one Mi3 for 25,000 users. These 25,000 users are the unlucky ones who had registered for the Mi3 flash sales before but could not grab one. Flipkart will send email to these random 25,000 users today, they will have the Mi3 in their cart already on 6th October. All they need to do is make the payment within the time that will be specified (on 6th October probably 1 to 2 hours).

There is no flash sales, no registrations and you don’t have to watch the countdown timer to hit the buy button. If you are the lucky one the Mi3 will be in your cart, all you need to do is make the payment. Just in case if you had registered for Mi3 before, failed to get one and still unlucky –  not in the 25,000 list, well you still need to watch out.

The first 25,000 users will get the Mi3 added to their cart, but they need to make the payments within few hours. In case they fail the privilege is revoked and passed on to the next batch, it could be you.

xiaomi mi3 its back

Well Mi3 goes on sales tomorrow and it is not about hitting the buy button, instead it’s all about completing the transaction on time.

Tip: Gautam Patankar and Sandeep Patil.


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