It’s 29th July and the Xiaomi Mi3 sales begins. The first lot sold out in less than 40 minutes thanks to server errors on Flipkart, let’s hope their server survives this time. According to sources this time Flipkart will have around 10K units as compared to 5K the first time.

In case you miss this opportunity the registration for the next sale will begin today itself at 6PM. Orders will be placed on first come first serve only and only one phone can be purchased per customer, don’t waste your time ordering multiple units.

I had ordered the Mi3 the first time itself, I am sure you might have already read my Mi3 review. It will not be easy this time, but the chances of successful orders are high as the stocks are almost double.

Let us know your Flipkarting experience with Mi3, did you get one or missed it.

Buy Mi3 from Flipkart for Rs. 13,999.

Many users have commented the units sold out within 5 seconds. And yes this time too there were some server issues.

How did that happen, stock sold in 5 seconds?

If you may recall the first time the Flipkart servers crashed for almost 38 minutes now that happened because the unit was considered sold only when the payment was made. And because of heavy traffic most of the users, including myself has to refresh the order page, got stuck on the payment page.

This time Flipkart made some alterations, the moment the user hit the buy button a single unit was registered for him/her and the user got plenty of time to make the payment. This is the reason why the Mi3 went out of stock in 5 seconds, logically it is not possible to place an order and make the payments within 5 sec.

Xiaomi Mi3 on flipkart

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -