How to delete Google Account from Android 2.3 and 4.0 without a factory reset

Now it is even easier to delete Google account (secondary accounts) on any smartphone running Android 2.3 and above without a factory reset. I had already covered an article on how to to delete the Google account on android handset, which in fact was a different method that worked best on older version.

How to connect Android phone with a PC for internet sharing or as USB storage

Android phones have become affordable and many customers are buying this handset for the first time.  The android phones do not come with any PC suite or any CD’s related to the OS. Everything is packed within the phone and it should work without the need of any additional software’s.

Xtab A10 the inside out: Survived Spilled Milk

Now before you call me crazy for opening up my new (few weeks old) Xtab A10, let me give you the reason why I did so. Well the A10 tablet in standby mode was lying on the dining table (base touching the table) and next to it (feet away) was a glass full of Milk, …

Android Guide: How to install Android apps via market place and manually

When you buy an android phone it comes pre-loaded with some apps but you can always add more apps via the android market place or manually installing it by downloading the app file. The android OS has made the whole process so much easier that you really do not need to go into the manual …