Ever since the Social Networking trend caught up, users today spend more time on Facebook and Twitter rather that on to the traditional instant messengers (IM). And just in case if you are thinking that IM’s will soon be history, hold your breath, Facebook has launched the Facebook Messenger for Windows.

As you all know that to chat on Facebook you need to open the Facebook site in your browser and access the chat located on right side bar. You can also open the chat in a pop-up window, but you need to do so with the browser active. The Facebook Messenger for Windows is an application that brings the side bar on to your desktop. This is just like the traditional IM you may have used before.

With Facebook Messenger you will be able to comment, photo tag, respond with your friends and do much more instantly without the need of a dedicated Facebook page opened in your browser.  You can chat with your friends and do other stuff and always keep in touch with your FB contacts right from your desktop.

Facebook Messenger for Windows Download Now
Facebook Messenger

How to install Facebook Messenger (FM) for Windows?

FM for Windows sounds exciting! But before you jump up to the download link let me tell you that the software is available for Windows 7 only. If you are using older version or Windows (XP, VISTA, etc.) or Mac you cannot install this app at this point of time. The FM for Windows will be available supporting more OS version in the coming months.

To Download Facebook Messenger for Windows hit this link.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in