Hi guys this is hemanth, I am sorry for the delayed post as I was checking out and testing these things so that it will be error free process for you guys. First and far most we need adb working for the next process like rooting or any other modding process.

Note : I won’t be responsible if you end up bricking your Micromax A87 device using the tutorial  below, though the chances of a bricking your phone are really slim. Still u can restore it by using the stock rom  – DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

How To get adb working plz follow these steps
I will make it simple so that u guys can make it an error free install.

Please download these files
android sdk
java sdk

install both
now togo c:/android-sdk-windows
run sdk manager.exe and select tools
make sure you have selected two options (tick)under the tools
note : you need internet connection for this
after successful installation u will find platform-tools folder in c:/android-sdk-windows
inside platform-tools folder u will find adb and fastboot files.

Now click start menu+++right click on my computer+++properties
then select advanced tab+++then environment variables
under system variables section select path and double click it
at the end add

an example is here
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Common;C:\Program Files\PC Connectivity
32\Wbem;C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static;C:\Program
Files\QuickTime\QTSystem\;C:\Program Files\Bitvise Tunnelier;c:\android-

Now run cmd and type cd c:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools(navigating to the adb folder)

Now connect ur phone to pc and make sure usb debugging is enabled in phone goto settings and select application then select development then tick usb debugging.

In cmd window type adb devices(if you have installed the drivers already) xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx will be displayed that means adb is working if not then drivers is not installed properly.

Now download Micromax a87 drivers from here http://micromaxsuperfone.com/products/PDF/A87.zip

Troubleshooting 1
If this is ur 1st time driver install then follow these steps connect ur phone to pc ,u will see a virtual cd mount for the drivers ignore it extract the a87 drivers into a folder the run ShiftDevice_V0.2.exe once (nothing will happen) then goto WCDMA driver pre-installation folder run WCDMA driver pre-installation.BAT this will install the correct driver and right solution for ur adb problem.

And for the usb tethering enable data connection then connect to pc then tick usb tethering under tethering and portable hotspot section.

Now you will get an option for the installation of the driver ,navigate to a87 driver folder which you have extracted ,go inside the tethering and select general_driver_0.0.7 select same folder for rest of the installations thats it u can access net on you pc.

Troubleshooting 2
If you have already installed the drivers and adb is not working then extract the a87 into a folder and connect ur phone under WCDMA driver pre-installation folder run unstall WCDMA driver.BAT wait for sometime then run ShiftDevice_V0.2.exe once then disconnect ur phone from the pc wait for 5-10sec then reconnect as soon as u connect ur phone be ready to click WCDMA driver pre-installation.BAT if failed and if windows started restoring the old drivers then disconnect the phone and then reconnect it again and try again ,if successful then ur adb problem will be solved for sure to check open cmd and navigate to adb folder and type adb devices something like this will be displayed xxxxxxxx xxxxx.

Troubleshooting 3
This step is not needed because all ur adb problems will be solved by Troubleshooting 2 method by all mean ,this step is for those people who are not able to resolve the problem even after trying those 2 methods (plz try once again which may solve you problem).

Download this tool
http://pdanet.co/bin/PdaNetA350.exe connect ur phone to pc and run pdaneta350.exe it will install drivers and soft then disconnect and try again ,if adb is not working then try Troubleshooting 2 again even then if not working then run unstall WCDMA driver.BAT from the a87 driver folder and uninstall pdaneta350 then clean ur registry and restart ur pc and try Troubleshooting 2 again this will slove your problem.

Alternate method for getting adb tools
Well java and android sdk files are around 170mb which may take long time for some users so here is the shortcut just download this file

These contains only adb and fastboot files. Extract to a folder ,open cmd and navigate to the folder then type adb devices if ur phone is listed then u dont need any thing else if not the install java and try again even this didn’t work then install both adb and java sdk’s.

video tutorial here
credits goes to original uploader

hope these have helped you guys.

happy modding!

How to root your micromax a87 phone

Rooting your phone will void your warranty and you will not get services by the Micromax people, to solve this download this file

http://www.mediafire.com/?dtcgdwxe689zdcj (credits goes to original uploader)

Its a stock a87 rom by flashing this your phone will be like the 1st day u brought your phone and Micromax people will not be having any idea. Just copy the zip file to sdcard and turnoff your phone. Now press volume up + power button ,phone will be booted into recovery mode use volume rocker to navigate and select apply update from zip and select downloaded file from sdcard and press power button and relax , your phone will be restored!

1st you need to have the working adb to proceed check the how to get your adb working perfectly section before looking here.

If your adb is working and your devices is listed then you are ready to root your phone.

Download this file

Install and run the downloaded file
On the left bottom u will find the root button just click on it, takes sometime and now you have rooted your phone.

Now install this apk in phone



root checker

Run root checker, it will confirm the root access. Now you have fully working rooted phone.

How to flash stock A87 ROM (in case you bricked it).

Incase if you bricked your phone or made some serious changes and cant revert back or some kind of malfunction happened and you’re worried, no need to worry from now on. We have stock a87 rom which is the original os shipped with Micromax devices.

Just download this file and copy it to sdcard
Then turn off ur phone.
Now press up volume + power button until u see micromax logo.
Then u will enter the recovery mode ,there by using the volume rocker select the apply update.
From the sdcard and press power button ,now select yes and press power button again.
After sometime you will see successful message.
Now select reboot.
Thats all your phone is back to stock rom shipped from micromax.

Download stock a87

How to Flash Stock Recovery and Boot
Note : do it at your own risk read steps carefully.

Now if you not able to boot into stock recovery or if you have tried flashing and bricked your recovery then follow these step.

1st you need to have working adb. This is an alternate method for getting adb tools, well java and android sdk files are around 170mb which may take long time for some users so here is the shortcut just download this file.


These contains only adb and fastboot files. Extract to a folder ,open cmd and navigate to the folder then switch off your phone and connect to pc, in cmd window type fastboot devices if your device is listed then adb is working.

Now download and copy recovery.img to adb folder and type.

Fastboot flash recovery recovery.img then fastboot reboot.

Download stock recovery:

In the same way if your are not able to boot into your phone or your phone stuck at the micromax logo then you have bricked your boot section
steps are same for recovery and boot copy the boot.img to adb folder and type.

Fastboot flash boot boot.img then fastboot reboot
download stock boot.img here:

This post was written by Hemanth Kumar.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in