Did you ever wished to own the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart watch but stayed away because of the price, well here is some good news. The Galaxy Gear price has dropped considerably. It is now available for a price tag of under Rs. 15,000. Some online stores have already reduced the price.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart watch was initially available for approx Rs. 21,900. There were two reasons why consumers showed less interest. The first reason – the watch supported Android 4.3 that was only available on the Note 3 when the Gear was released along with the Galaxy Note 3 phablet. The other reason was the price.

As of today both the issues are somewhat resolved. The 4.3 Android update has been rolled out on many Samsung devices making the Gear Smart watch compatible with many more models. Plus the price drop from Rs. 21,000 to Rs. 14,989 seems lucrative.

Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch price in India

Having said that there are still very few devices available in the market that are running on Android 4.3 and above. With the new price tag Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart watch is competing with the Sony Smart watch 2. There are certain features on the Galaxy Gear that makes it a better option.

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Galaxy Gear (Black): Rs. 14,989 and Gear (White): Rs. 14,989.

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  1. This watch is a pc of crap..not even worth 5k..
    Total reject..one Samsung failure–prematurely introduced.
    Better smart watches in market.

  2. 1)is it true that With black berry10.2.1 update we can
    install .apk file directly
    2) check out asha 504

  3. gogi sir please suggest me which one is best among these two in camera and gaming
    canvas magna a117
    xolo 1000s

  4. hii gogi, Oppo N1 Effect: Smart Namo announces Saffron Wave smartphone with rotating camera for 12,999

    1. Yes but you know its not easy to get the handset from that brand and you will be blocking your money.

  5. Shocking news….Karbonn is working on qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip….powered smartphones and also Octa core phones….they will soon launch 4 premium quality smartphones to fight in the Battle of Gadgets 2014…

  6. Still not affotdable all mediatek devices are running on 4.2 and price should be 7-8k then its nice

  7. Useless piece of tech. Who the hell has extra money to shell out for a “WATCH”????? Make a reasonable choice by opting for Moto G

  8. Hello Gogi, thank u very much for your kind information, i was like wow and u know i am overwhelm with joy, I’ll definitely buy today itself, But Gogi could you please tell all the lists of Samsung smartphones which has support galaxy gear, it would be my pleasure.
    Thanks in advance

  9. Hi gogi, looks like you forgot to tell BIGGEST issue ‘battery life’ . You need to charge that ‘smart’watch once for every TWO days.. 😀

    1. Well that’s normal 🙂 its a smart watch and not like the ordinary watch that goes on and on for months/years.

  10. As time passes, the price will lower … I never have had to have the latest and greatest things, so I am happy to wait until it drops to a more reasonable level!

  11. I think Pebble Smartwatch(e-ik display) is better than this..It supports all android(4.0..4 and above) and iphone devices..it has lower price $150 and battery backup last for 7 days, dust & water resistant too..Now also available with steel body and belt

  12. Still there time for smart watch technology. Now it not full tech only half done. so please wait for atleast two years

  13. Still there time for smart watch technology. Now it not full tech only half done. so please wait for alteast two years

  14. Still there time for smart watch technology. Now it noy full tech only half done. so please wait for alteast two years

  15. Still there time for smart watch technology. Now it now full only half so please wait for alteast two years

  16. Rs. 14989 for a blank screen watch At least my Rs. 250 watch shows time….(Rado 1st copy) lol