Sony Smartwatch 2 also called the Sony SW2 has been launched in India for a price tag of just Rs. 14,990. This is much cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch that now comes for Rs. 22,900.

Though the Galaxy Gear comes with some extra features that makes it more worthy, however a good price difference could attract more users towards the Sony SW2. Moreover the Gear only works with Galaxy Note 3 or devices running Android 4.3 and as for the Sony Smartwatch 2 it supports devices running 4.0. But naturally the low price and compatibility makes SW2 a default option.

The SW2 watch is 1.6 inches supporting 220×176 pixels resolution. It supports NFC and Bluetooth 3.0. Users can check messages, get reminder alerts and even check for missed calls on this Smartwatch, however you need the handset for voice calls. On the Samsung gear one can use the watch for voice call too – this feature is missing on the SW2.

Sony Smartwatch 2 launched in India

There are quite a good number of apps available for the Smartwatch via Google play like Gmail, Music player, remote camera shutter, social networking app (Twitter / Facebook etc) and many more. The Sony Smartwatch is light weight at 122 grams and is now available for Rs. 14,990.

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  1. Gogi! Got Z1 as per your advise. Must say this is a very good one. Do you know where we can buy the sony smart watch 2?

    Thanks for the advise


    1. Still not listed, when it does will list that in Hot deals, make sure you don’t buy smart watch 1 also sold as MN2. Sony Smart watch 2 is SW2 and its priced will be around 15K.

  2. Gogi
    pls tell me its a safe for shopping
    because i want shopping.but i want COD but they have not COD option.pls advice me.

    1. Actually see if it has the Ebay guarantee logo and then see the number of stars the seller has got and you will get a good idea

    2. ebay is not safe when u have to return ur product ..bcz i returned two products they never come back …i cant say if they made there policies more better or not as now but before 6 months i faced it .. ebay buy anything on ur own risks but flipkart etc are taking grantee of everything flipkart yebhi are best for even if u want to return product….