The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes in two variants the Note 3 SM-N9000 and SM-N9005. This is a Note 3 SM-N9005 review that comes powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Krait 400 processor running Android 4.3 with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Model : SM-N9000 is currently being sold in India that comes with  a different processor and supports 3G. Both the Note 3 models have similar specifications except for processor/GPU, camera video recording capabilities and 4G/3G support.

Box Packing
Inside the box you will find the handset, earphone, battery of 3200 mAh capacity, power adapter, warranty card and user manual.

Design and Display
The handset is slimmer than the Note 2 and light weight too. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 weighs 167 grams as compared to Note 2 that weighs 181 grams. The Note 3 is 8.30mm thick (Note 2 is 9.29mm thick), breadth is 79.14mm and length 151.05mm.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 review

The rear side is faux leather (artificial leather) that feels good and gives a good grip. The stitching on the rear edges, is just a show off, unreal, but looks good. The S-Pen also got some makeover it is slimmer and different (look wise) as compared to the S-Pen on Note 2.

The 3.5mm audio jack is placed on the top with a mic and on the bottom side another mic, followed by USB 3.0 port, speaker out (check the video review or image gallery) and the S-Pen slot. On the rear there is 13MP AF camera with LED flash. There is the power button on right side and volume rockers on the left.

Note 3 rear side view with 13MP AF camera

Note 3 is with USB 3.0 port, it is bigger than the usual USB 2.0 port that you have seen on almost all handsets including the Galaxy Note 2. However you can still use the old data cable with USB 2.0 pin.

Note 3 USB 3.0 cable

The screen has improved its Super AMOLED of size 5.7 inches and supports full HD resolution i.e. 1920×1080 pixels. The viewing angle is excellent, color reproduction is fantastic and images are sharper and vivid. Touch is smooth and responsive.

Most of the functionality of the S-Pen are similar to as found on the Note 2, the interface is a little different. There are some new features added, for example whatever you note down can be converted (handwriting to text), which is a cool feature. You can note down a number or address on the note pad using S-Pen in your own handwriting and then convert it and use it to dial the number or in other apps. This feature I believe can also be included on the Note 2. Note 3 also includes accelerometer, magnetic, gyro, light, proximity, humidity, temperature and gravity sensors.

Galaxy Note 3 with S-Pen

Memory, storage and OS
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with 3GB RAM (about 1.5GB free) and 32GB storage. System memory takes up 13.08GB and user available space is 13.72. Micro SD card of up to 64GB is supported. OTG is supported – I could connect my pen drive using the OTG cable. Note 3 runs on Android 4.3 OS and does support the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch.

Inside the hood
It is single SIM, there is overlapping Micro SIM slot and the Micro SD slot in the battery compartment. As mentioned the Note 3 is available in different variants the one that I used for the review is different from what is available in the Indian market. In most of the stores (online / offline) you will find the Note 3 N9000 version.

Note 3 SM-N9005 (MSM8974) is powered by 2.27 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Krait 400 quad core processor coupled with Adreno 330 GPU.

Note 3 SM-N9000 is powered by 1.9GHz quad core (cortex A15) + 1.3GHz quad core (cortex A7) (octa core) (universal 5420 board – Exynos octa core) coupled with Mali T628 GPU.

The Note 3 N9005 Benchmark
Antutu Benchmark: 31982
Vellamo: HTML5 (2656), METAL (1178).
Nenamark2: 60.2 FPS.
Multi Touch: 10 point.
OTG: Supported.

I could not get the Quadrant benchmark results because for some reason it failed to connect to the net even when the net was working.

13MP Camera and Entertainment
There is a 13MP camera on rear with LED and 2MP on the front. The front camera can record videos in full HD resolution. Now on the Note 3 SM-9005 model you can record videos (using rear camera) in 4K i.e. 3840×2160 pixels resolution. This is not possible on SM-9000 model. On the SM-9000 model you can record in max 1080p resolution (Full HD) only.

You can also shoot still images (not in 4K mode) when the video shooting is on. The still picture quality and video quality is very good. You can check the sample images at the end of this Note 3 review. I was particularly impressed by low light output. Check the street light shot that I had taken using the Note 3 handset, it’s so much better than any other handset that I have reviewed.

You can watch full HD videos with ease. Sound is loud and clear.

I got the review unit for few hours and couldn’t check some high end games. You can check the gaming videos on Note 2, well Note 3 is more advanced and it can easily run all games that worked on Note 2 and many more high end games.

The SM-9005 supports 4G and the SM-9000 model supports 3G. I could not check the GPS but rest assure you will get the lock in just 2 to 3 seconds (GLONASS / A-GPS). Wi-Fi, Bluetooth worked well – no issues.

On the SM-9005 I found reactivation lock feature wherein users can stop other people from reactivating the device after it has been reset. I am not sure if the same is available on the SM-9000 model.

3200 mAh Battery
The battery is of 3200 mAh capacity, it’s removable and gives a good backup time. The battery on Note 2 is 3100 mAh. I used the Note 3 handset for approx 28 minutes running benchmarks / checking apps etc. the battery level dropped by 16 percent. Max temp was 36.8 degrees.

3200 mAh battery on Note 3

The Note 3 is powerful, stylish and more advanced than the Note 2. The SM-N9000 model is available for Rs. 47,900. The note 2 is available for approx Rs. 30,000 and Note 3 for approx 18K extra. No doubt Note 3 is expensive at the moment; probably the price will come down within few months. A good buy if you can afford, but if budget issue, Note 2 is not a bad option.

Note 2 is capable of running Android 4.3 and I believe all the new S-Pen feature can be passed on to the Note 2. However, Samsung would not want to do that now as that could affect the Note 3 sales.

Note 3 Image Gallery

Sample images shot using Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 review

4K video sample using Note 3 (available only on SM-9005 model)

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  1. Hi..good news for galaxy note3 (SM-N900) users..I just updated it to Lollipop 5.0

  2. My friend got a samsung galaxy note 3 from a local dealer for a very low price, but i think it is fake device coz, in cpu-z application it is showing MT6572 processor and board MT6589, please let me know is there any way to identify that it is an fake device?

    1. What else you want to find? he he its FAKE. cpuZ is showing mt6589 that means its fake cheap HDC Galaxy note 3 from China which is currently priced at Rs. 7500/-

  3. Guys, how can we get the N9005 version, only way is to get it abroad? or some website selling both versions? and whats the cost abroad.

  4. hey gogi,i generally check your reviews for the performance of the camera….of any phone… uploaded samples of both note 3 and canvas magnus….specialy in low light street images,note 3 was not impressive to be a 13 mp camera in that section…. 3) and canvas magnus (…i found both of them are decent…to be honest,i dont find xceptional difference…wat say??? i expected note 3 to be amazing for 33k but i think magnus is best for the value for money mmx offers…..please reply

  5. hi gogi, Can u please review Goophone N3? It looks quite similar to note 3 but has much different configuration inside. But looks too good. Has octacore processor, 1.7GHz, 2gb RAM, fhd. Its much cheaper.. around 17000.

  6. Unlocked my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N 9005 iphone from safeunlockcode, worked great and fast! Within 20 minutes unlock was complited.

  7. I am using N 9005 Snapdragon version from Singapore. It works fine here. No need to unlock. Also 3G works great& fast. I am using Airtel

  8. I own the note2, planning to buy d note 3 it possible to buy the n9005 model ie with d snapdragon processor in india?snapdragon is the mst preffered processor.

    1. Kevin, no its not yet available in India. The demo units that all of the mobile stores / dealers got were with snapdragon processor (N9005). But for consumers it is the N9000.

      1. u said it is nt yet available,is there a possibility tht d snapdragon will b available here,n as far as i knw d snapdragon processor is way better thn exynos,correct me if m wrng.should i go in fr d note 3 or z1,i love d big screen n thts wat tempts me to go fr d note 3 n nt d z1,ur suggestions plz.

        1. Kevin you can go for the Note 3 SM-N9000, snapdragon is better and it supports 4G but its not sold (yet) in India. But N9000 should also be good enough for your usage.

          1. 1 lst thng gogi, y is there a significant diff. in price in samsung stores and other stores.i chckd d note 2 a d store fr 47900 n local shops itz there any diff in d mobile cause itz an approx 5k diff..thnk u gogi fr ur help…cheers.

  9. Just a quick question really….

    If you order a note 3 n9005 from uae or Singapore will that work in India. Will it automatically support 3g even though they are LTE models. Also, will they have to be unlocked before you can use them here.
    Lastly, is it worth to have a LTE model as compared to whats sold here

    1. Preetam, I am not sure if the LTE 4G will work in India. And it could probably be region locked. If you are getting it from your friend better ask to confirm.

  10. Gogi,
    Xprienced it today..At first want to say that the Screen is just awesome awesome ..Played The Virtual Tennis Game,was great xprience.
    .. 1080 p video play backs r also too good & also s pen is too completable & the leather on the back side is something new but grt

    But I’ve checked it has not 3GB ram …approximately it has only total ~2.4 GB of Ram

      1. Hi I’m a college student my budget is arnd 45000 to 50000 can u help me which phne shld I buy confused between 5s,note 3,htc one plz help me asap

  11. gogi bhai caption of this page should be “gossip note 3″…too many fizool comments…BTW gud review…keep it up bro

    1. It will fall further Deepak the Exynos version I saw in a store today evening it lags when switching from pen to touch and again Touchwiz is laggy.I wonder if they would release the S800 version here….It would be a sure hit then

  12. Well, technically Note 3 is a smartphone. Phablet shablets are only market words to make the size difference clear. By size, Note 3 is to G2 what Z1 is to iphones. Will that make any difference? No. They are all smartphones only. There is no such thing like phablets . Now Note 3 is even thinner, lighter than Note 2, making handling better only.
    If I could, I would go for G2 or Note 3 but at the moment, no money lol. Student life has some disadvantages and light pockets is one of them lol.
    But I love phones. Will surely buy a top one as soon as I start earning.

    1. dear… its better to go with high end phones of companies like lava, gionee, mmx, xolo… so that we can buy a new in 2 yrs usage… e.g my bro bought samsung galaxy spica 2 yrs ago which is outdated nw… i bought lava iris 504q… soo far best premium experience in 13k price

  13. Samsung like all other mobile manufacturers has a DACOIT mentality–Fas gaya he to loot lo..they price their new sets high..look at S4–introduced for 45k–ab 35k men Dhakke kha raha he..soon it will be 30k.. similarly Note 3 which is only an incremental upgrade of 27k Note 2 is going to fall to around 30-32k- before it really clocks up large sales. In Europe i believe they are giving the 22k wali watch free with it..because the Samsung Watch is crap.. For sensible ppl this Note 3 is only a good buy at around 30-32k..I for one am retaining my Note 2.

  14. see this page= why the lg g2 is the best android camera phone in the world till date

  15. helo gogi
    i want to ask u a question
    note 3 has 3 gb ram users can expect to be around 2 gb ram free it has 1.5 gb ram as u say its just like we have a some stock android phones with 2 gb ram howz u think

    1. It depends on how the OS is optimized and how many pre-loaded apps are used by the system / running in the background. Accordingly some memory is assigned / dedicated for system use.

  16. 3 gb Ram and only 1.5 gb free?!! Even for Samsung, they seem to have gone overboard with the bloatware. Expect serious lags after the first few months. It may be time to teach Samsung a bit of a lesson. This year, buy Sony, buy LG, buy HTC and buy Nexus but leave Samsung alone. Let them have to ring in the changes – less bloatware, better audio quality, better build quality(including innovative features like drop-resistance, waterproof-ness etc) better cameras, some fresh features such as their own cloud services(Samsung play) with useful promotional offers with purchase. If you keep encouraging them even when they’ve dropped behind in offering value for money, they’ll just carry on the same way.

    1. It is a new OS 4.3 we will get a better idea when we see some other device using the same OS.

    2. Hello brother. Read the full in-depth review of Note 3 @ gsmarena. Superbly executed, it will give you every idea why going Samsung again is the best option yet again. Note 3 is rightly said the best smartphone ever made.

      1. Phablet bro phablet…I have used the Note 2 and while I loved it,make no mistake,one handed use is a pain then,now and always.The best smartphone I think is shared at the moment by the Z1 and the LG G2.Im peronally feel if the Z1 is of the newer lot with the Z Ultra screen then it is a bit better than G2 for it’s water/dust resistance.

        1. Well, technically Note 3 is a
          smartphone. Phablet
          shablets are only market words to make
          the size difference clear. By size, Note 3
          is to G2 what Z1 is to iphones. Will
          that make any difference? No. They are
          all smartphones only. There is no such
          thing like phablets . Now Note 3 is even
          thinner, lighter than Note 2, making
          handling better only.
          If I could, I would go for G2 or Note 3
          but at the moment, no money lol.
          Student life has some disadvantages
          and light pockets is one of them lol.
          But I love phones. Will surely buy a top
          one as soon as I start earning.

    1. Hope you have seen it in full 4K resolution and not what youtube has shown you – Youtube will adjust the quality based on your net speed.

    1. For the cost, too much price difference between note 2, though specifications are better on Note 3.

  17. Gogi,
    Fix this when im replying to any post it is posted as a new comment… And ur page is taking hell lot of time to load on opera mini..

    1. Okay check now, as for slow load had cleared the cache and should be fast now or after few visits. Opera mini is the only browser that has so many issues.

      1. Gogi that is because Opera does server side compression (always tricky esp with HTML and Java applets)BTW where are you hosting the site and at what rate?

  18. Btw,JU hostel e thako ragging hoi na??? 😀 Im jst curious bike ta kothai park koro?? Hostel premises na frnds house??? 43k phone kinle phn thakbe adao hostel e… 😀 Btw fest er pass tass thakle dio to dada.. 🙂

    1. Na bhai du bochor dhore thakchi to first year ragging hyechilo but ragging na chat bola jay otake.Akhn shobai mile boshe RC khai ar junior der diye assignment lekhai..Ami ageo Note 2 use korechi,amar bondhuder akjoner Xperia Z arek r HTC One and aro arokm hi fi gocher handset ache(sadly akta gadhi iPhone 5 o use kore,o jodio pg te thake).Ar bike ta shokale amader building r niche thake CAD r entrance ta jedike oi dike.Okane aro oneke bike/gari rakhe.Rater belay ami aforementioned gadhi pg te jekhane thake tar garage a rakhi.Ar extra pass;bhai ami FET kori na tao jodi pai,tor email diye rakhis diye dbo 🙂

      1. guys hindi or English pl. or will have to keep by frnd beside me to translate your comments

          1. Cheers mate u are one of d few people who have deep knowledge on the topic of mobiles and communication

        1. @Pritish It happened last Saturday at Triguna.Here we give a departmental fresher and also there is an University Fresher from FET U Turn.The last events of U Turn are being held today 🙂
          @Yash The last comment in Bengali was all about my life in the hostels of my Univ…nothing technical 😀

  19. note 2 is currently priced 28k
    (showroom price) which is good.But 48k is too much.Though it has good hardware but i believe 99.9% people in india requires not more than note 2.& i don’t understand one thing that even after charging 48k(which is very high compared with usa price) they still providing inferior product to india.(3g,low camera).
    And u r telling to buy it,why we buy this when.already apple launch much better 5s with fingerprints scanner and great new iOS.Still even today apple has lakhs time higher brand value than sumsung.& u r also very very biased while reviewing mmx c4 which has only 4k difference but offer great built,looks,software,camera & screen but still u don’t recommended to buy just because old quad core & less ram which no one cares in real world.

    1. Ankit, I went to a mobile store and asked them I want to buy Note 3 and sell off my less than 2 months note 2 (I did not want to sell but just wanted to see how much I need to pay extra). I was told the note 2 will go for 20K (that was too less though – I got it for 29K) and will have to add Rs. 30K to get the note 3.

      Now I bought note 2 for around 30K, sell of note 2 and buy note 3 for 30K. Why not buy one more Note 2 and keep the other note 2 too?

    1. Full HD videos are in 1920 X 1080 pixels resolution.
      4K videos are in 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution.

      1. Gogi sir , but we dont hav any 4K displays to watch 4k content right nw isnt it ? no use of em anways right nw. 😀

          1. @Sanchit Here are a few 4k TV’s for your viewing pleasure.BTW do tell us if you get one,personally I find it ridiculous but still.Anyways here is the link:

  20. can u plz make detailed comparison (camera,video,speed and real time performance) of note 3 snapdragon and note 3 exynos 5420 octa.

    1. The camera output will be the same just that snapdragon powered can record 4K videos. The only difference that we need to check is the benchmark scores. Not sure if I can get hold of note 3 exynos version but its just the benchmark that we need to check.

  21. Good review of nice phone with nice specs but I love my samsung s4. bcoz slim small full hd S amoled screen. can carry in my jeans pocket. aal the features which I want in my mobile. and also less pricy, I got it for only 35500 without any exchange.
    have one que gogi sir if installing 4.3 update will it affect on ram n rom memory.
    . thanks in advance.

  22. hi gogi i am not able to see the video direct from your site sence 1 month. I only see the video when open youtube and search your video. I am using opera mini.

    1. Opera Mini with the latest update has disabled flash playback by default.Go to settings and turn it on then clear browser cache

  23. hello Sir ..
    can you please confirm about the Region locking on the SIM for the N9005 version..
    Also is there any posiblity of having the Snapdragon processor version in india ?

    1. Parag, regional lock issue is not for India. It is to avoid cheap imports, no one will export handset from India as its already costly. The 9005 is not yet listed on samsung Indian estore, better wait for it to get listed, not sure when the 9005 will be available.

  24. Of 3 gb ram only 1.5 available? Of 32gb only 13gb
    My SONY XPERIA Z has 2gb ram I get 980mb free all time

  25. Gogi,
    1st of all, the exynos contains Power Vr 544 MP3 GPU, nt Mali T268 will debut hopefully with S5 or “F” series launching next month with curve display with true exynos octa.. & how did u get an hands on 800 dats d LTE version its nt for indian market.. Did some firangi gave u to review???

    1. LOL! Dude what are you talking? This is the Exynos 5420 not 5410! The Note 3 has Eynos 5420. Cortex A15 @ 1.9GHz and Cortex A7 @ 1.3GHz and 6-core Mali-T628.

  26. OFF TOPIC: Gogi / Any one pls help…urgent

    I’m using windows 8 dell laptop & celkon a95 (gingerbread os) Till today I used USB thethering to connect to internet as Wi-Fi hotspot quickly drains the battery.Also in my case, internet speed is more in USB thethering when compared to hotspot.But suddenly USB thethering stopped working.Whenever I connected my phone to laptop,I used to get debugging & copy to files/from memory card.But now nothing happens..only my phone is getting charged.Don’t know what happened.USB debugging option is also checked.Connected to other USB ports, rebooted my phone & laptop too..Still my phone is not recognized.Any idea to resolve this issue?

    I need to copy some files around 4GB to my phone’s SD card.I cannot use bluetooth as it takes hell lot of time for copying.

    1. Your data pin in the usb cable or port(I am suspecting cable though) has been broken.Try with an alternate USB cable and if it does not work, go to service centre.From what you have described it seems to be a hardware issue not a software one.

      1. I think its s/w issue.Getting unknown device in device manager.Looks like usb driver got corrupted..but how?? I didn’t install any new s/w in my laptop from last 1 month.

        I think all usb drivers got installed & my phone is recognized automatically when I connected my phone to laptop first time.Why is it not happening now when I connected to another usb port?

        1. See whenever that pop up comes up it means that the computer is detecting that power is being drawn which will occur as your phone is charging and so the pop up comes.If you could specify the device hardware(processor and generation) I could link you to the drivers on xda. However I would say try it on another PC and with another USB before thinking that drivers might be the issue.I had faced the same issue when I had used a micro USB from a basic Samsung phone once to do data transfers between my lappy and the Note2. Needless to say as the USB didn’t have the Data pin and I could only charge my device and the unknown device pop up came up.I only managed to understand this when I booted into Linux.

  27. Gogi i am facing a problem with your site i cant open any new post or comment in same window have to open in new tab only then it works check with opera mini i use a iphone with opera mini

    1. Yash, am using new cache, W3 Total cache and made changes to it, I think the issue will be fixed now, let me know. Clear phone browser cache and try.

      1. The prblm still persists im using JB 4.1.1 Opera mini browser.. Whenever i click on particular article,it doesnt get open instead ur webpage reloads again.. Please sove dis cache prblm…

        1. Thanks Pritish, have checked it on my phone and got the same issue with opera mini, it is fixed now.

          1. thanks for your prompt response gogi sir a lot of people use opera mini to visit your site i have a group of like 30 friends who follow you mostly through opera mini on mobile

  28. I think the LG G2 is the best premium smartphone available now surpassing the galaxy s4 or note 3 which are having rigorous market hype along. but it seems the design of LG G2 is very innovative and price is also reasonable comparing note 3. and sadly it is not getting as much hype it deserves…What do you say gogi ji on this..?

    1. Yes almost the same specs as Note 3 SM-9005 but with smaller screen 5.2 inches, android 4.2 OS and no stylus. Price at approx Rs. 43,500.

      1. Gogi getting the G2 on wednesday/thursday from Flipkart 🙂
        Saw the screen on the xperia Z1 didn’t like it fell in love with the g2

        1. @Amartya r u sure u want to go with G2… I guess u have dat kind of money to spurge .. But still why LG??? Even if u want to spend on mobiles,i wud recommend u wait for Nexus 4(2013) or Samsung F series both releasing nxt month… Still its ur money,with dat kind of money u can buy an 32″ FHD LED TV or a bike, or can go to trip to Thailand or Singapore.. 😀

          1. Well the Nexus 4 2013 I thought about it long and hard and decided to pull the trigger.My deciding thing was the leaked log which showed it to have a 8mp camera and I was unimpressed.Samsung F costs what around 55k(considering N3 is at 47 and F will be more expensive than that 😀 And I had used the S4 for a bit the Octa core Exynos esp the Mali GPU is crap.)??I am selling my Note 2 and getting the G2 at just 17k more I dont have more money than that now!!! And FYI I have a bike and I live in a hostel so TV is a big bummer for me.

          2. m sorry for my silliness.. Wow u get a free flipcover by paying 44k.. U must be one hell of a lucky chap…1st of all the S4’s exynos octa dont uses Mali it uses Power VR SGX 544 MP3 GPU.. I think u didnt hear abt MALI T268.. It is nearly double in terms of gflops of Adreno 330.. It will be used hopefully in S5 or F series.. And nexus one it uses some MIME Lens or something i read it somewhere.. So,u cannot tell until it launched.. With kitkat camera functionability will be enhanced.. What can i tell best of luck with ur g2.. Hope life will be good…

          3. Anyways, congrats Amartya for the G2. By the way, after the official price for N3 was announced, was your N2 had fallen down somewhere? Just try to remember. Got it? If yes, then…..
            Dear, it was ROFL’ing after the price announcement as it was no more going to be jealous….

            I hope this one will also make your day………..

          4. Also, do keep your Index finger fit & tight…
            You might get the reason here……..

          5. Hehe It sure was btw I got the leaked ROM for 4.3 and I got the air gestures in there so Samsung has been kind.And yes I remember that comment of yours.Sadly my Note 2 is no longer with me…Hope it’s new owner takes good care of it 🙂
            I am using a Samsung guru basic phone this week son it’s back to basics for a bit

          6. And would be waiting for your experience on the E6 as well…..Tell us when you get it…

          7. We do not have a house in Kolkata.My father moved to Goa some 5 years back….so i have to live in the hostels of JU…Will you let me stay at your house….please?

          8. Then you should think to get house first instead of wasting your money and energy on these overpriced, unnecessary phones. This will make your father happy.

          9. The big margin of overpricing was earlier, the difference of costing of branded and unbranded is narrowing. Recently the canvas 4 is launched for 19k, so if the micromax is launching a phone with this specs for they will cost it least 35k. Unless new companies come , the difference will reduce further.

          10. A house that I will never live in??You just don’t get it,do you?I am doing m B.E in CS from here and then I will pursue an MBA.What will I do with a house in Kolkata where I will never live?And yes it is not from my father’s money although I do not want to drag these stuff into the discussion I just wanted to lighten the mood.And FYI JU is the cheapest Gov. College(CS placements from JU rank 4th after IITB,IITD and IIITH) in all of India with semester fees as low as 1200 per semester(no I didn’t miss a zero) so I am saving my dad a lot of money.And FYI my hostel charge is 250 bucks a month I doubt anyone anyone anywhere gets a home+a bed+electricity+a working fan & two tubes+a working bathroom(yes personal)+an Ethernet connection of 150 kbps anywhere else in the world.And living in hostels in college life is an experience that I will not give up even though my dad can afford it.If you have ever lived in a hostel you would know the charms of being surrounded by friends and being always closed to the person you love.

          11. Ok lots of typos in my previous post ^^
            *my and the last line *close.
            And Gogi maybe you could add a delete or edit option?
            gogi here..
            hi cannot put edit option as people will abuse it. However just post a new message with correction (reply to one you need correction) and will update it.

        2. Only problem with LG is they do not provide updates. There are lot of sites confirming this. BTW, i had optimus g pro gifted by my uncle. It was awesome. Somehow buttons placement on g2 was big turn off for me along with regular updates. Bought Z1. Screen is from new batch. Awesome. But i also came to know that certain units screen are not good.

          1. Exactly my concern dude I would get it from Flipkart and all that the local shops had was the old batch 🙁
            Had to go for the G2 and also OIS because i kinda take a lot of videos and OIS is more useful for me than low light sensitivity….

      2. gogi g2 32gb’s price on infibeam,hs 18,india times,tradus and saholic is just 40.5k,on snapdeal it is 42k and on flipcart it is 43.5,16gb variant’s price is 37-38k,gogi pls review g2,everyone is reviewing this and pls review the white one

        1. What is the problem of you all guys with LG it’s one of the best brands out there right now after Sony and Nokia. all of u use the crap of samsung worst brand ever.
          @amrathy bro go with LG you will not regret it also congo ! on new phone.

          1. Thanks Yash and I hope it will be a treat to use.I was having some doubts but then the 5% discount made my mind up….Getting it on Wednesday hopefully 🙂
            Will post reviews when I get it and will be leaving for Kashmir shortly,will post the performance and G+ links to photographs once I return

          2. Have fun there and yes it will be a treat to use using lg since past 1.5 years and only had problem since past 2 months or so and that was a 7k phone so this one will do 3 years with ease have fun
            Also change to nova launcher it will make it even better

          3. I will have it running CM,infact I have already got the repositories I am looking into the system dump(via a helpful guy at xda who rooted his phone for the first time just so that we could have his system log) it will be easy once LG launches the kernel hopefully they will…And voila stock Android…I don’t like LG’s UI actually.