After the recent Galaxy Note7 burning episode, Samsung had stopped the Note7 production and as for now the company will be putting an end to the sale and exchange as well. Those who bought / ordered the Note7 will get a full refund.

Samsung today announced that the Galaxy Note7 production has been stopped. They are also stopping the sales and exchange, those who own the Note7 can get back to the point of sale and ask for a refund. The company also asked Note7 users not to use the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 users are advised to shutdown the Note7 and completely stop using the said device. Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T have already stopped Note7 sales. Indian users don’t have to worry, the handset luckily never reached the stores.

samsung galaxy note7 production, sale, replacement stopped

Note7 users can opt for full refund or buy other Galaxy handsets and get price difference refunded. It looks like this is the end of Note7. Hard to say if Samsung will continue making the handsets or just putting a full stop to the Galaxy Note series.