The Galaxy Note7 will be seen as a major (premium) disaster in the Mobile industry. Since the launch we have been hearing about the Note7 catching fire, smoke coming out, even exploding. Samsung recalled all the units that were sold and gave replacement units that they said were safe.

Unfortunately even the replacement devices were not that safe; in fact not just one but there was multiple reports of issues – smoke, fire etc that too on the replacement unit. This has forced Samsung to temporarily halt the Galaxy Note7 production.

In fact in the U.S. two carriers have stopped exchanging / selling Note7, some have halted sales of new Note7. The company will be providing full refund to users who bought the Note7. Thankfully in India the handset never reached the stores. Those who pre-ordered the Note7 got an option to wait for fixed Note7 or go for replacement, I guess now everyone will opt for a refund.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 production stopped

It is highly unlikely that the Note7 will be revived, even if the issue is 100% fixed, the trust factor will be hard to build up. But the biggest problem is not the Note7 but for the next handset in the ‘Note Series‘.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -