Another Samsung Galaxy Note7 handset caught fire, the incident happened on a plane in US. But this time it seems it was a replacement unit that supposedly should have fixed the fire / explode issue. If this indeed happened on a replacement unit then it will be bad news for Samsung.

If it is proved that the Note7 device that caught fire was indeed a replacement unit then most likely Samsung will recall the Note7 permanently.  And that would also make sense, take time find the actual reason and scrap the note7 lineup.

So far there is no confirmation as to if the handset that recently caught fire is indeed a replacement unit, the customer says it was, the matter will be clear only after an investigation.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 was supposed to re-launch in India, I guess after this incident the launch will be delayed and in case it was a replacement unit that caught fire then probably that will be the end of Note7.

replacement galaxy note7 catches fire

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -