After the success of InFocus M2, the company has now silently launched the InFocus M330 for Rs. 9,999. This is a dual SIM handset powered by MediaTek Octa Core processor and it is running Android 4.4.x out of the box.

The InFocus M330 is using the well known MediaTek MT6592 Octa Core chipset clocked at 1.7GHz coupled with Mali 450MP GPU. There are dual SIM slots with 3G support. When it comes to the display this handset is using a 5.5 inch screen with 1280 x 720 pixels (HD) resolution. M330 sails on Android KitKat with 2GB RAM, 16GB storage and 64GB external micro SD card support.

Like the other octa core powered handsets this one also comes with 13MP auto focus camera on the rear with LED flash and a 8MP camera on the front. The rear camera is using SONY EXMOR R sensor with f/2.2 aperture. Rear camera can record videos in Full HD resolution.

InFocus M330 octa core for Rs. 9,999

There are 4 sensors light, accelerometer, proximity and magnetic. Key features are 3G, 2G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. The InFocus M330 houses a 3100 mAh battery that gives up to 18 hours of talk time.

InFocus M330 is now listed on Snapdeal for Rs. 9,999 but with sold out status.

Tip: Amit Kumar.

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  1. M330 uses MTK MT6592 , it’s a 32-bit processor, the site too tells that. I don’t know if there was any mention of 64bit processir ot not but snapdeal didn’t mentioned anything about 32 or 64 bit just shows the processor Number i.e. MTK MT6592 which is 32-bit 1.7Ghz Octacore.

    1. Amole, it is not clear what they are using Snapdeal had listed MT6592 as the chipset which is cortex A7 (32 bit), wait for confirmation.

      1. gogi ji.. mt6752 only is 64 bit (and also 6753) and it comes by default with 4G band. 6592 is 32-bit and its 3G.. if we go by their product specs information, then its 6592 and its 3G (as per your post).. but if they are really using 64bit (6753 or 6752), then it should definately come with 4G but they didnt mention about it… so I assume its 6592 with 3g.. but not sure why snapdeal/infocus is being ignorant about it..

        check lenovo a7000 6752 comes with 4G 64bit.. check P70 6752 with 4G 64bit.. check auxus beast again 6752 with 4G 64bit..

  2. Guys, the new infocus 330 add shows it has 64 bit octa core processor. Is it true?

  3. Hi Gogi,
    I am planning to buy a lenovo K3 note from China.
    Please suggest the safest way to buy, i mean from which online store I should buy.
    Please reply asap.


      trusted site…delivers to india as well….n choose a courier service not post
      Keep in mind.. you will have to pay shipping charges, currency conversion charges, and custom duties which do cost quiet a bit

  4. XOLO LT2000 4g mobile is available in the same price and better specifications, so it is better than this mobile.

  5. Every brand trying to entice buyer by releasing one mobile with better features at lower price,next less quality higher price cheap tactics

  6. Hi! dear gogi master, do you think buying mobile from online like paytm, amzon, flipcart it is safe? we get the same stuff like buying from a mobile shop? because yesterday I had been went to Samsung service centre, there were two person. One person was giving me assurance but one not sure. So now, I confused now?requesting for your opinion.

    1. Yes it is safe, some handsets are available only online and some both offline and online, check and go with wherever you find a cheaper price.

      1. Thanks gogi brother . I had wanted to buy Samsung E5 for my cousin. I got it for Rs. 13580 only. with paytm app got cashback offer of 20 % and it is much better than s3 neo also.
        I hope you also happy with my choice. do you think, I will lollipop update?

  7. It is cheep marketing strategy to show the “SOLD OUT” status of their products. They have silently launched this product then how it is possible to sold it out just in a day and a brand like this! 😉

  8. After first nice attempt to launch the good phone Infocus failed on second attempt by launching this ordinary-specs phone. In this price there are many options available for buyers. You are very new and behave as your are like your previous release. Even the well known brands (iBall and others) are failing to sell there so called octa-core phones.

    I thing Mr. Gogi might agree with my points. Let’s see how Redmi 2 performs (might fail) despite its well known (low ram and battery) issues.

  9. some website specs says it has gorilla glass 2 ,definitely a good buy when compare to alcatel flash, alcatel is still selling for 9999, which has only 1gb ram.

  10. I dont think it will attract to anybody as two things r missing – Corning Gorilla Glass3 and 4g.

  11. InFocus m2 is good value for money proposition …its just a waste of a launch. ..won’t sell

  12. Price is slightly high, 8k is good price for this specification. 4G n Lolipop is missing.

  13. without 4G the 10k price tag is not justified as we have YU & redmi note 4G in this price range. what is bad is the fact that there are hardly any service centers compared to other China brands.

  14. Obviously karbonn titanium octane plus is @9k available. it should be around 7k only. nothing impressive in this phone.

      1. Ag …..don’t make jokes…..ha ha….YU just started….again check the flash sales times…

    1. Only Indians can give RIP to our own brand , look at Americans they don’t give up which made a junk iPhone and made it popular , In fact lg g3 is superior than this shitty iPhone , Indians always love to make others roar at their own expense, this attitude never changed which gave the Brits to rule loot us , come on change , do you know mx , lava , karbonn make better than Samsung lg or even iPhone , go check market, if not praise don’t pass unhealthy comments

      1. Dude micromax, karbonn and lava are just the clones of Chinese unsold phones. They never release their own phones. No innovation nothing. Is cyanogen Indian? Is yureka made in India? No dude it is a clone of coolpad f2 a Chinese unknown brand. Everybody knows that. Right? What say?

  15. Going by it’s previous launch, should have priced it @ 7k max, won’t be able to hold a candle against 4g octa core phones leave aside the brand value and service center headaches.

        1. Ya Yureka is octacore, Redmi 2 is quadcore, so all inclusive, octa-cores and quad-cores, this phone is mediatek powered and that too an unknown brand.