You might have heard about the Vivo V5 exploding while charging and now the latest news is about a OnePlus One exploding while Charging. The OnePlus One user has posted images and even a video on OnePlus Forum.

He posted his experience too – his OnePlus One Exploded and almost set his house on fire. The explosion set blanket, carpet and pillow on fire, even the user got 2nd degree burn on left arm, he was lucky enough with no injury to his face.

This happens and has happened with many brands. The phone used was OnePlus One that is outdated / not in production, in case you are using OnePlus One there is no need to worry.

OnePlus One Exploded while Charging

It is not clear if the user had kept the handset under a pillow while it was charging or if he was actually using the handset.

Some quick tips – never charge phone unattended, do not keep the phone on a pillow / under pillow. Keep handset on flat surface so as to provide ample ventilation. Also never use a smartphone while it is charging it will not only slow down charging but handset battery temp will also increase.

Source : OnePlus Forum.

By Rajeev Rana

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