Whenever you hear those two words fire and Smartphone, the first thing that comes into your mind is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, well as per the latest report it seems even the iPhone 7 is not that safe. Now an iPhone 7 caught fire.

As per this report a Mat Jones from Australia had left his iPhone 7 in the car under pile of clothes and when he came back after few hours there was smoke inside his car, the clothes and the car seat were on fire. Mat Jones is quite sure that it was the iPhone 7 that caused it.

He had bought the iPhone 7 a week back, he confirmed that he had never dropped the phone nor did he use any other charger to charge the iPhone. Apple is aware of this incident, they are investigating. Was it caused by a defective iPhone or something unknown as in the Galaxy Note 7 case, will be known only after a thorough investigation.

iphone 7 catches fire

It is not a good idea to keep your Smartphone in the car and specially under pillow, clothes etc. Also in case your handset heats up most of the time even with normal operation it is an indication that there is something wrong and you need to get it checked.

If there are more iPhone 7 catching fire incidents being reported then iPhone 7 may meet the same fate as Galaxy Note 7.