Another incident of a Samsung Galaxy handset exploding have been reported, this time in France and it has nothing to do with the Galaxy Note 7 in fact this time it was the Samsung Galaxy J5. Note 7, Washing Machine, now Galaxy J5, what next?

A user in France Lamya Bouyirdane told Associated Press that she noticed something weird with the Galaxy J5 handset that her son was using, she asked him to pass it over to her. The handset was really hot and had already swollen up, smoke was coming out.

She immediately threw the handset that exploded seconds later, back cover came off and handset caught fire. Her partner then quickly extinguished the J5. Lamya Bouyirdane had bought the Samsung Galaxy J5 last June from a website with discount.

Samsung Galaxy J5 caught fire

Samsung will be investigating the issue before making a comment. Batteries are really delicate even a small defect (manufacturing or physical) can potentially cause fire and explosion.

Source : AP.