Samsung has already stopped the Galaxy Note 7 production; they are offering full refund to customers who bought the Note 7. The company has asked Note 7 users to stop using the device and return it back.

For Note 7 customers residing in the US, they need to pack their handset in a special fireproof box as a precautionary measure. Since federal regularities prohibit using Air Shipments for recalled devices, the devices (Note 7) will be shipped via other means.

Note 7 customers can either get a full refund or buy any other galaxy devices, like the Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge. Samsung is also offering $100 credit if customer exchanges the Note 7 with any Galaxy device. This is the end of Note 7 and probably the end of Samsung Galaxy Note series.

The Galaxy Note 7 listing has now been removed from the Samsung India website and the store.

samsung galaxy note 7 special return box packing

Cause of fire / explosion on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung engineers are still trying to figure out the real cause of explosion / fire on the Note 7. They tried all possible situations in their lab but were not able to replicate the fire / explosion. The replacement units were actually using batteries made by third party vendors, but that also did not help.

The company is still trying to find the real issue on the Galaxy Note 7, and whenever they do Samsung will reveal the same to the media.