If you had recently purchased the Moto G from Flipkart and are facing network issues, you are not the only one. Number of consumers who recently bought the Moto G had trouble connecting to the networks.

All of the handsets were bought from Flipkart as they are the exclusive seller of Moto G. Many users had complained about the issue – not able to connect to the mobile network. Flipkart had initially sent replacements to many of the Moto G users but even the 2nd replacement had the same issues.

Motorola has now confirmed that it was the IMEI issues, in fact the IMEI were not register in India and hence users were not able to connect to the network. As goodwill gesture Flipkart is offering another replacement (in some cases its the 3rd replacement) within few days and in case users don’t want to wait any further they can ask for a full refund.

Recently Moto E handset also had some minor issue. It seems like Motorola has missed out some quality checks. Though the issues are fixable it might take time.

IMEI issue on the Moto G handset

Our Moto G winner Courtesy UC Browser, Pooja Dharani had also faced the same issue. The handset was shipped via Flipkart. It came with the same IMEI issue. She got a replacement twice and finally got the working Moto G.

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in