If you had recently purchased the Moto G from Flipkart and are facing network issues, you are not the only one. Number of consumers who recently bought the Moto G had trouble connecting to the networks.

All of the handsets were bought from Flipkart as they are the exclusive seller of Moto G. Many users had complained about the issue – not able to connect to the mobile network. Flipkart had initially sent replacements to many of the Moto G users but even the 2nd replacement had the same issues.

Motorola has now confirmed that it was the IMEI issues, in fact the IMEI were not register in India and hence users were not able to connect to the network. As goodwill gesture Flipkart is offering another replacement (in some cases its the 3rd replacement) within few days and in case users don’t want to wait any further they can ask for a full refund.

Recently Moto E handset also had some minor issue. It seems like Motorola has missed out some quality checks. Though the issues are fixable it might take time.

IMEI issue on the Moto G handset

Our Moto G winner Courtesy UC Browser, Pooja Dharani had also faced the same issue. The handset was shipped via Flipkart. It came with the same IMEI issue. She got a replacement twice and finally got the working Moto G.

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  1. Gogi. , i purchased moto e in july , i got delivery by flipkart @my home on 28 july, but i was out of station ,i could see my phone15 days letter when i returned home.Since day first i am facing serious problem of fast draining battery .And service centre is 250 kms away from my home town .With 100 percent charging the battery get drained completly upto zero within just 2 and half to three hours.Is my phone’s battery is faulty or moto e is designed like that only??? If you have any contact number of motorola’s customer care plz mail and. reply my query… Thanks

  2. My moto g is one month old, 35 days to be exact. My 3G data, Bluetooth, GPS, wifi are off most of time. I switch it on only when required that for 1 hour or so, only wifi in a day.

    Everything was well until 2 days ago when I charged my phone to 100% in the night in the morning, battery showed 30 % and my phone was hot to touch.( it happened for first time and only once since then my battery drains at >4% per hour in idle state when everything except network signal is off.

    What could be the prob? Should I take it to service centre for battery? Since 1 month is over should I have to pay to get battery replaced, in case?

    I had asked your opinion a couple of days ago for fast battery drain you had advised to switch off all unwanted wifi, gps, bluetooth. I followed the same was fine for few days until this happened..

    1. Mak, get the handset checked at the service centre. And never keep the handset for charging over night, the handsets normally would charge within few hours and if there is some app running or buggy it will heat up / cause issue. Always charger the handset when you are around. You can charge the handset in switch off condition that will be better and will charge much faster.

      Before you visit the service centre, use the handset until it switches off by itself, then in power off mode, charger the handset to 100% then see if that made a difference, if not then check it at the service centre.

  3. Hi Gogi,

    I have also brought Moto g for my wife 2 weeks back. 2-3 times we faced issues like phone was not reachable even though it was showing full network. Should we also ask for replacement as it happened 2-3 times since we got the phone ?

  4. dear gogi.

    recently i bought a moto g… everything is fine.. but i feel the battery is draining fast…. even 10 mins of angry birds game drains battery by about 3-5%.

    is this normal, or am i hyperexaggerating?
    if abnormal what should i do?

    p.s. one month replacement warranty is over.

    1. Try setting brightness to low and see. You should get around 5 to 6 hours continuous usage, also make sure, GPS, Bluetooth is off.

      1. thanks for ur fast reply sir.

        all bluetooth, gps, wifi are off ,.including mobile data.

        could it be a caliberation prob?

        i have read in one of ur previous post {not for another mobile} about battery caliberation problem.

        can i do the same on moto g?( let it drain out completely, then recharge battery fully?)

        1. For that you will need to keep using the handset until it shuts off by itself. If there is battery calibration issue then it will last longer than expected even when battery is under 15%.

  5. Gogi ,i am having this network issue, when i start data connection on first sim the network goes off on both sims (used 2-3 sims but still having a problem) this is not good flilpkart is saying they offer replacement or full refund for this issue at the same time they are saying me your moto g is more than one month old and hence they not will give refund/replacement & suggesting me to go to service centre ….
    THE MAIN POINT IS FLIPKART GIVES YOU ONE MONTH REFUND/REPLACEMENT ON ALL (MOST) PRODUCTS BUT this is the special case Motorola and flipkart saying they offer Full refund or replacement 1200 cash on your flipkart a/c that you can use for anything like back covers etc.

    1. motorola & flipkart offer full refund or replacement plus 1200 cash on your account that you can use for anything .

    2. Moto g Frustrated users must have to take action on this problem and force Flipkart to give full refund. / (replacement plus 1200 cash on Flipkart acc for the problems people suffered as Motorola said.)
      Gogi what should we do for this one month policy?

    3. Did you get rid of your problem or still facing the same network problem, I am asking you this because I am also facing the same network problem.

  6. i faced another problem even after second replacement i.e during a call volume gets automatically lower and then i have to restart the phone to make it normal. Do u have a solution? Or did u faced similar issue with ur moto g?

  7. These type of issues are not acceptable from the brand like Motorola
    Moto down down….
    Flipkart’s fame is going down by those issues of moto E & G

  8. hello gogi sir i have faced ths problem and when i contacted flipkart they told me that ur ph is more than 1 months older and the replacement will not take place they told me to go service centre…Is ths fair gogi sir what should i do now help me gogi ji

    1. Better visit service centre they will fix there too, and yes Flipkart offers replacement only within 1 month of purchase.

  9. hi Gogi sir,

    I have bought this phone on launch day to my sister but she did not tell me about this issue… on seeing this post I asked her she told that this issue is there when on a call and both sims go to emergency mode…
    bought in February…

    did I now have the chance to ask replacement…???

  10. 1st back panel issue,now IMEI issue..next what? Is moto sleeping? or has it become over confident after moto g success? That’s not what we expect from ‘international brand’

  11. Now this is really bad. Problems with back panel of moto e and now this imei issue with moto g. Due to quality check errors from motorola, it will hamper reputation of Flipkart.

  12. Even Motorola India has confirmed the issue when i spoke to their customer care. this problem is exclusively to th phones begining with 3533 imei number.