Ever since the Micromax Canvas 4 was unveiled, leaked images of the canvas 4 have started to surface. Micromax so far has not disclosed much of the info except for some videos (teasers). So are these leaked images making news on the net, real or fake?

There were two sets of images that were leaked (different angles). I believe it is a fake image, though it does closely resemble the Canvas 4. The official images were revealed a long time back seems like very few have noticed it. Well it’s in the Micromax teaser videos. A picture speaks a 1000 words and a video speaks 30,000 words at 30 fps. You can clearly see the design and the looks.

Now let’s compare the same image with the leaked one.  On the first look the leaked image definitely looked manipulated, and here is why.

Have a look at the image below, I have marked the circles in blue and named them as A and B. Look closely at the A circle just above the volume rockers. The line (gap) seems unnatural now also look at the front view in circle B (enlarged). You see it as curve with no gaps in between. Now check another image i.e. the rear view the circle marked C, again there are no gaps. What gaps are we looking at? Once you look at the original image you will understand.

Canvas 4 leaked image fake

Canvas 4 leaked image fake 2

Now check out the real image, taken from the teaser video that was already published when MMX made the Canvas 4 headlines.

Canvas 4 real image 1

Micromax Canvas 4 official image

Here is the MMX video just in case you missed out.

So what do you say? Was the leaked image real or fake?

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  1. Guys, Micromax will start delivery of Canvas 4 from second week of July only for those who will book on 28th June….

    1. Already done that :-), I will buy only if the hardware is new MT6589T or better.

  2. Well, I think that Gogi does a wonderful job in bringing out the reality of these fake leaked images, like he does when he provides us with the review of different mobile phones. And I think this is the best platform for a layman to know about the mobile specs, what to buy and what not, what to look in a phone, and the prices as well.
    Oh, and he also compares phones with similar specs and prices to one another which is a good thing. Moreover, he also replies to our comments just like a friend which is a good thing, for we can ask him anything, even the silliest ones and he doesn’t mind answering to them.

    Thank you Gogi for helping us in making an informed choice while purchasing mobile phones. May you keep it up like this. We all wish you the very best for your grand purpose.

  3. HI Gogi,
    I always felt it as fake..!! i cant see micromax gng with outdated specs as reported by some websites.
    But til MMX reveals official specs(shouldnt be long), every website will try take to their advantage to increase hits..

    1. Prabu, yes true, its just matter of few days. But its a good strategy by micromax keep the suspense rolling until the booking day. Users are getting desperate.
      Had the revealed the specs earlier every one would have been talking it but now they are just guessing, no one is for sure and the discussion are limited to the guesses and nothing more.

    1. Looks same but closely check the power button part and the volume rockers on MMX Canavs 4, the design is different.

  4. Hi gogi please give me some information. My question is intel atom 1.6 ghz processor that is used in xolo 900 and 910 is faster than mtk 6589 1.2 ghz arm v7 processor or not?

    1. Bro intels cpus performs well in benchmarks but its x86 structures creating alot of problems with apps

  5. I think just like apple, the micromax marketing team is also building a big hype around canvas4 by creating different rumors and specifications…..this will help mmx.

  6. Dear Gogi, Miniac store are confident on the spec they say its a 2ghz quad core, I am just wondering which Soc this can be?

    1. There are 2 SoC’s that can be clocked more than 2GHz, i.e. Snapdragon 800 and Tegra 4i. S800 is out but Tegra 4i is still in the works and will be releasing 2014! So if the news is true then it should be the S800. But I doubt that would be the case because price will be a lot higher like around 25k!

  7. I could believe all specs except that 4g. I don’t believe any indian company will be launching 4g phone before 2014.

      1. Uve listened only it got quad clocked @2ghz…lol i heard that its octacore….did u found it gogi?

        1. sahitya, there is not much of a buzz for cheap octa core. the latest we know is mediatkek quad core turbo.

          1. Ive read somewhere that Mediatek ready to release MT6599 octa-core processor … So if this happens and im thinking they might launch it with canvas 4.and i saw a news on t.v it might have octa core but let us see…actually mtk cpus are not so power efficient and if its octa cpu then there might be problems

  8. Desired spec for micromax canvas 4
    Size 5 – 5.5 inch, aluminium alloy mould
    Display 1080p FHD display 441 ppi either retina or amoled touch screen
    OS : Android 4.2.2 and upgradable to upcoming…
    Gorilla glass 2 or better screen protection
    ram 2gb
    processor MTK 6589T 1.5 GHZ
    13 mp rear camera with auto focus, BSI Sencors, with led flash,image stabilization, face detection, geo tagging and FHD Video recording capability.
    5MP front camera with atleast 720p video recording
    Most importantly 3100 mAH battery
    Sensors : Proximity, air gestures, smart scroll, smart pause

    And price of 15-18k

  9. I think Canvas 4 will be coming with all the specs that you’ve seen in handsets like UMI X2 or Zopo 980 🙂 I’m talking about hardware. There won’t be anything much.

  10. Considering the USD dollar rates and current market economy and sourcing price in China, the MMX 4 handset will be 1 GB and 8 GB/16 GB ROM variant ( with FHD)

    For Chinese brands , which are in 2 GB RAM & 32 GB ROM variants, the OEM price is in 225 USD ( considering conversion as 1 USD = 59.27 INR) , base value will be 13,335 INR
    Expense to import from china per handset

    Logistics via air frieght per handset: 120 INR
    Customs Duty: 200 INR
    Marketing cost per handset: 200 INR
    Customer Acquisition cost: 200 INR
    Rebranding cost ( TV, ads): 300 INR
    VAT/Sales Tax/other taxes: 800 INR
    Distributor Margin: 1300 INR
    Retailer margin: 700 INR

    So the handset in retail value will be around 16000 +, and on top of it , MMX company margin of 2300 INR, the product value will be in range of 18,000-20,000 INR

    1. LOL! Even the Galaxy S4 costs just $230 to make and you’re talking about Chinese phones costing $225? Cheap MediaTek chips + normal camera + cheap memory units(not bad quality) and a few other things means it’ll easily cost below $200.

      1. I work in a Chinese factory, Shenzhen at Foxconn, Galaxy S4 or Zopo or Umi or Coolpad or Meizu are done at our unit in Bao`an, so dont argue with such statements 🙂

          1. Refer to my above post, one need to consider the cost and dealer margins in India, as MMX uses distributor & dealer format to sell goods..pricing will be 18K -20K, and the manufacturer to MMX is Shenzhen Tinno Mobiles and “origin” handsets are from Big Cola or Dakele in China

            I feel pity on our fellow Indians, who claim MMX is Indian brand or desi brand 🙂

          2. I know right! Seriously, people need to think. Its easy to rebrand phones. I’ll be more than happy if they bring a phone designed by them. Thanks for the info anyways! 🙂

    1. Joe, though they look same but if you look at the gaps or the cut it is on the left side on MMX canvas 4 (over the volume rockers) but on Blue life one its on the right side over the power button. May be its re-branded Blue, but the design is a little different.

  11. Hi gogi,

    Can we beliew maniacstore’s canvas 4 price and specs ? Battery 3000mah…

  12. Hi Gogi,

    Good article, but why no links to the article from where you took the images from? Isn’t it unprofessional to lift images directly from NDTV, GizChai, Brand it with your own logo and not provide a source links?

    1. Varun, there is only MMX news caster / MMX Inside source. MMX News caster you can already see it in the image. I have branded my logo on it cause I made the changes the circle / zoom etc, but have kept the MMX newscaster intact and the Giz chai also, in fact the Gizchai image has the MMX newscaster logo too (as I said they are the main source). The sites have already been linked on many other pages in the comments. There is no need to point to the source as everyone already know about it, also it not a genuine image so really does not matter.

      1. But the image in C shows mmx_insid.. I don’t think this image is the same.. even though both appear photoshopped 🙂

        1. Varun, yes updated comment there are two sources (well really difficult to find, but no use, as seems Photoshopped). One set of image from MMX news caster and other from Mx_insider.

          1. Yes Gogiji,

            Pakka 100% photoshopped like you have pointed out!!

            You must see the specifications in maniacstore.. they are saying 2GB RAM, 2GHz quad core processor with 4G LTE ha ha ha 🙂

  13. Canvas4 must be priced at below 20k..Samsung has hell lot of software.I think most of the app’s they installed may be available in playstore either free or paid.What do you say gogi? Are there any proprietary softwares designed by samsung itself??

  14. Hi Gogi, I don’t like the Marketing strategy of this company. It is really bad..

  15. MICROMAX CANVAS 4 Full Specificatiom !!
    Almost all specs revealed at site; maniacstore.com.
    5.5″ full HD display.. 2GB ram..
    2 Ghtz quad core…nd lote more… Check it guyss.. : )
    The expected price is Rs 17000/- and this price looks good. Can prebook for Rs 1500/- delivery starts from 2nd week of July.

    1. 17k is too gud.I think they will maintain safe price distance between all canvas models.

  16. What was the point of this article?
    A leacked image who no one is bothered now, many wud have not even seen it before and which did not create any hype is compared with the real one.

      1. Ok. If many were linking it and asking u queries, then i am really sorry, your article is justified. 🙂
        Actually, i have a very keen interest and i too regularly follow all the gadget related news from many websites. But I didnt find any sort of hype surrounding the leaked images of canvas 4.

        1. Suryakant, no probs, I have actually removed many of the links from comments or deleted the comment just so that it does not become a spamming ground.

    1. I dont find anything wrong in discussing something that has a demand. Gogi is doing something that we all are hunting around the web… 🙂

  17. lets wait for canvas 4 what about chipset….. canvas 4 ka kraze aya to hd ka gaya

  18. Doesnt matter.. 28th phn will be released anyways.
    better to wait few more days n check the official ones only.. 😀

    1. Just pre-booking will start I think, phone will not release on the same date and it may take 1 or 2 weeks

  19. Gogi, the video shows only a render of the phone and not the real device. So let’s just say the render model was slightly different than the real one 🙂
    I think specs matter more here than the looks. Although, the device itself looks pretty good! 🙂

  20. as for the images, the white ones are mostly of blue life one with the mmx logo photoshopped

  21. gogi bro, can u pls tell me if mmx canvs hd supports OTG cable or not n how tough is the screen of it (i m askin it coz im using one)

      1. thks man, n can u tell me the level of scratch resistance available on mmx canvas hd (is it dragon trail or something lik that)