Gionee Elife E6 unveiled comes with MT6589T processor with a 5 inch screen

After the success of Gionee Elife E3, Gionee India will soon launch the Gionee Elife E6 with the MediaTek turbo processor clocked at 1.5GHz. The pricing details are not yet disclosed but will be well under Rs. 20,000.

Gionee has already posted an image of Elife E6 on Facebook that clearly mentioned the quad core @ 1.5GHz, 13 megapixel camera and a 5 inch screen with retina display probably with a full HD resolution. Other features are not that hard to guess.

They have mentioned 1.5GHz and it does point to the MediaTek MT6589T processor that we have been talking about for quite some time. And of course it will be with SGX 544 MP GPU clocked at a higher frequency.

As for the RAM it probably could come with 2GB with 4GB or 8GB internal storage. The 13MP camera will be with BSI sensors and should easily record videos in Full HD resolution at 30 FPS. The front camera could be anywhere from 2 to 5MP resolution.

The battery could be 2000 mAh or over. The dual SIM Gionee Elife E6 will sail on the Android 4.2 OS with OTA updates. The release date and the price in India are not known. Things are getting more exciting we have the Micromax Canvas 4 that probably may come with the same configuration or better (otherwise it will be a disaster) and then the Karbonn Titanium S6 with the Samsung note type pen.

It’s a wait and watch, let’s see who is the better of them all.

Quad core MT6589T powered Gionee Elife E6

Thank you for the Tip – Sneh

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  1. Mr.Sandeep Lata says

    My friend is using reliance 3g net in Samsung 7562.He downloaded 12 MB video song in less then 20 seconds.Its current price is Rs.9500.I want to know which other smartphone in indian market can give such an internet speed in similar budget.

  2. angelo says

    if gionee brings out de elife e6 wit 2000mah
    ..then i must say dat de whole company is as foolish as de nam gionee spelt from de back..and i assure them dat if their battery lif isnt gud enough fr dat spec..then GIONEE Pls dont bida sendin this phone to nigeria bcos u wil lose…thank u

  3. Bala says

    Gionee is trustable in service & build quality.
    Only trouble there is no Android updates released & its a nightmare for making Custom ROM’s.
    I am user of Gionee Dream D1, with brilliant display.

      • Prrathamesh Loke says

        Basically mmx sold the single core and dual core version of this phone with name pixel and pixel 2 respectively. the OEM is gionee They do release source code but for very few devices..

  4. HP Joshi says

    Thank you xolo team for not replying about the update for Q1000.
    I have now better options !!!!!!!

  5. vijayshimla says

    The fetish of Gionee and other manufacturers for thin mobiles is not understandable- thin at cost of battery life is not sensible design. To feed a Quad Core Full HD 5inch display mobile thru a whole working day- reasonably a Puny 2000 mAh batteries just to make a svelte 6-7 mm thick mobile is fool hardy.

  6. Aryan says

    Hello Mr. Gogi,
    I need your help, I ordered one phone from and when i am tracking the status. It is showing as follows:
    6/21/2013 4:16:00 PM INDIA DIMC NEW DELHI 110002 Record item customs information (Inb)
    Retention reason : Other
    6/21/2013 4:47:00 PM INDIA DIMC NEW DELHI 110002 Return item from customs (Inb)

    What is this exactly. Will i be getting my product anytime soon? Or what to do?
    Kindly help me.

    • Sann says

      Yes, it has cleared the customs. Now it will be sent to your domestic location. Cant say whether it has attracted duty or not.

      • Aryan says

        Thanks Sann,
        Well i was very confused with this. Thanks for letting me know by your personal experience.
        Thanks and regards,

      • Aryan says

        Hi Sree,
        I have ordered ZOPO ZP980 with 1Gb/4Gb as it was not available in India. I had a conversation with ZOPO india customer care and they were saying that the phone will take another 20+ days to be in stock in India. They accept payment via paypal.

  7. sree says

    my point canvas 4 will have..
    MTK 6589T ..1.5ghz
    13 MP & 5 MP
    2 gb RAM
    3000 mah battery
    8 gb internal.
    full HD display..
    pricing arround 17500.
    as many chineese brands are booming mobiles with new specs..mmx wont let themselves down..

  8. parth mehta says

    Sir.. umi x2 has retina display??..
    Plz ans… i want to by a good display handset

    • Ratheesh says

      Anything over 300ppi is termed as retina display, The term coined by apple to say that normal eye can’t differentiate pixels above 300ppi, so if you see the ppi is more than 300 then its retina display, just a market jargon but one of the way to judge crisp and sharp images.

  9. Prithish says

    Do u hav any idea abt Androidguruz?? When dey r gnna start service centre stores in Kolkata coz i wanna buy Jiayu G2S, in their site also its showing Rs.0 πŸ˜€

  10. satyneder says

    Hi Gogi I want to buy a phone in the range of up to 5000 to 7000 can you please tell me which one would be the best my first priority would be for the branded phones you have a great knowledge about it and thats why i need you help

  11. Shailendra Singh says

    Till now I believed that Zopo Zp980 is the best bet in MTK 6589T Soc, but looking at this I have to change my opinion Build quality seems way beyond any other brand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gionee if this is 1080P with 2GB and min 16GB a price upto INR18K, then I am in for this

  12. R.V.RAJU says

    Definetlly 1gb ram only coz they r out of mind n race with umi n zopo eventhough they r with true entry or launch in India with service but somehow they r with sick models expect D1’s super amoled,,,,,,,kindaa self destruction????

  13. amar says

    gionee is one of best. budget smart phone makers but. the main problem is battery life I used gionee e3 it only gives 4.2 hours battery

  14. vipin pachori says

    Atleast now this thng confirm that canvas 4 have atleast this type of configuration.. Even better then this..of course canvas 4..gionee is not even near by micromax at ny stand…

    • Shailendra Singh says

      Gionee is better than micromax as of now, they have greater nos. internationally they have own manufacturing facility, they are OEM and ODM for many Brands like Micromax and Xolo, MMX A90 & A90S are from their stable, Xolo Q800 also is thier product. However I also wish the MMX supercedes all Brands from China / Korea / US.

      • Airyl says

        Gionee is way better than Micromax. Gionee have their own R&D team in Shenzhen while Micromax just rebrand other phones.

      • vipin pachori says

        Maybe..everyone know that mmx took or purchased handset to other…
        But i never seen gionee retail local store…even in some major online sites…even i never seen this handset with people..

        Fiat motor manufacturing engine for many car like maruti..tata..etc…but ultimately maruti and tata win…not fiat…

        • Shailendra Singh says

          True Dear! only few knows the fact and only they go with Fiat in India, and that’s how your exclusivity is maintained. its all about knowing the facts and going with the one that you are comfortable with, some people prefer something that everyone has so that they are sure they have not taken a wrong decision and some people look at all the aspects and go for something which no one has, as they want exclusivity, so its all about which category you fall into. :-)

  15. Aditya says

    Gogi, they have come with 16GB ROM for the E3, I’m sure they’ll have the same amount of storage in this. Pricing is very important as of now. But the device looks very stylish in that pic. :)

    • hemendra says

      I am having Gionee Dream D1.
      Its fabulous.
      Would rate it higher by wide margin than any Micromax – released til date.

      • Aditya says

        I have seen the reviews and it looks so. Brands like this should come up big time and not others. MMX Canvas 4 can either will be big if they bring out this kind of spec or else if they rebrand Blu Life One then people are gonna be disappointed!

  16. Shivam says

    micromax is popular among masses. many of them will prefer it over gionee. so even if canvas 4 is a bit less than e6 in terms of specs and propotionaly lesser price, it may become hit rather than a disaster as u said gogi

  17. viral shah says

    gogi ji ,
    plz suggest sub say accha,cheap,quadcore, full hd, 2gb ram, above 8mp cam,good sound quality,under 20k wala phone jis ka after sale service accha ho
    viral shah

      • Kousik says

        I understand that this is just a teaser, but I was doubt about availability in the market even if it get released.

        • Aditya says

          Gionee have been delivering their products on time, also available at different stores as of what I’ve heard, unlike Zopo, UMi. I think they will give MMX some tough time in the future! :)

        • HP Joshi says

          Hi, Gionee is not that type of brand. Till the date they have launched their models as per schedule. And they have also not adopted gimmick like pre booking.

  18. praveen says

    Retina display is the best display used by iPhone. I like this fone . Can any one tell me gionee store n service center.

    • chandru says

      Gionee is selling in Leading retailer stores like Univercel and Sangeetha in India but people not liked and recognized much….

      I heard that service is good

    • Shailendra Singh says

      Retina display is the max ppi which our Retina(eyes) can see arount 320PPI, it has nothing to do with apple.

    • ANiLKeraLa says

      As far as know Retina is a word that Apple used to describe the display with higher ppi. Using such words is part of their marketing strategy :) They may beautifully pack cow dung and call it elixir and sell it like hot cakes :)

  19. Ashish says

    Hi gogi
    if micromax canvas 4,karbon titanium S6 and gionee Elife E6 all have same configurations then u will buy the cheapest one?? or u will consider other factors also??