Micromax Facebook page now shows the Micromax Canvas 4 as the next model they are going to release – PreBooking starting from 28th June. MMX has not disclosed any other information or the price.

The Canvas 4 Specifications are not yet unveiled and the image that Micromax has used is from a side view – one can hardly make out anything, a smart move to keep the suspense rolling. Probably they will unveil more details before 28th June that’s when the pre-booking starts.

I believe there are two possibilities.

  1. Micromax Canvas 4 may come with Full HD screen with all the usual specs and powered by MT6589 quad core hardware, and probably with 13MP camera. So in all it will be the same thing as on the Micromax A116 with may be FHD resolution, higher resolution camera, internal storage space (8 / 16GB) / RAM 1 / 2GB and probably some better screen protection.
  2. The other option is the Canvas 4 with MT6589T processor clocked at 1.5GHz or something new, more powerful with higher specs as needed.

If you were to look at the price factor in scenario 1 it could be well under Rs. 15K and for scenario 2 probably between 15 to 20K.

Micromax had recently reduced the price of A116 to around 13K, a strong indication that it could be the same MT6589 with higher specifications (scenario 1). They keep the A116 at a safer (price) distance and bring in something for the price or around 15K.

Well nothing more from Micromax yet, and everyone is speculating. We will have to wait for official confirmation until then.. CAN this… or will this be your next mobile?

Micromax canvas 4 coming soon

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in