Micromax Canvas 4 Can this? Or Can this not!

Micromax Facebook page now shows the Micromax Canvas 4 as the next model they are going to release – PreBooking starting from 28th June. MMX has not disclosed any other information or the price.

The Canvas 4 Specifications are not yet unveiled and the image that Micromax has used is from a side view – one can hardly make out anything, a smart move to keep the suspense rolling. Probably they will unveil more details before 28th June that’s when the pre-booking starts.

I believe there are two possibilities.

  1. Micromax Canvas 4 may come with Full HD screen with all the usual specs and powered by MT6589 quad core hardware, and probably with 13MP camera. So in all it will be the same thing as on the Micromax A116 with may be FHD resolution, higher resolution camera, internal storage space (8 / 16GB) / RAM 1 / 2GB and probably some better screen protection.
  2. The other option is the Canvas 4 with MT6589T processor clocked at 1.5GHz or something new, more powerful with higher specs as needed.

If you were to look at the price factor in scenario 1 it could be well under Rs. 15K and for scenario 2 probably between 15 to 20K.

Micromax had recently reduced the price of A116 to around 13K, a strong indication that it could be the same MT6589 with higher specifications (scenario 1). They keep the A116 at a safer (price) distance and bring in something for the price or around 15K.

Well nothing more from Micromax yet, and everyone is speculating. We will have to wait for official confirmation until then.. CAN this… or will this be your next mobile?

Micromax canvas 4 coming soon

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  1. Danaty says

    India is doing well in the smartphone market. I am waiting to have this phone and feel it

  2. Shivam Tuli says

    Canvas 4 new specification leaked that it will come with gorilla glass protection. Check out here : techdoid.com/micromax-canvas-4-review-specs-release-date/

  3. dileep says

    mr.gogi, i am daily follower of yours. . Sir,i am confusing to choose the products from xolo q1000,mmx hd a116, samsung grand duos, etc under 20k, my wants are hd display,smooth touch,gud performance,better cam. Hd video playback, any price under 20k. Plss suggest me sirr. .

  4. Shankar says

    Just now saw this on Maniac store.
    You can now PRE BOOK for Rs. 15,990.00 at Maniac store.
    Micromax Canvas 4 A117 (Dubbed As A120 Canvas Pro HD)

  5. Neeraj says

    I wonder why they don’t use superamoled displays in there phones!! Giants like samsung and htc give superamoled display in phones in around 13-15k handsets too…

    • Deepak Navangule says

      Neeraj, can you give me one example from these so called GIANTS having Superamoled display & with a price tag below 15k?

      • chikoo says

        I know. Samsung will never provide amoled display even on their 22k priced device.

  6. sahitya says

    Bros….get ready for being looted by mmx….price lies between 23000-25000…..ive heard some trusty news abt that and cam is 13mp….there is a chance of octa core cpu

  7. chikoo says

    It will be so very dissapointing if it has to come with the 1.2 ghz of mt6589 instead of the 1.5 ghz turbo version. Won’t pay 17k for this only.
    Having said that, only the 16gb inbuilt memory and gorilla glass 2 are good additions

  8. Pankaj says

    Canvas 4 has a hardware home button MMX fb page has new pic of canvas 4 So its not not Blue life one after all what are your thoughts Mr. Gogi

    • Gogi Rana says

      Pankaj, until and unless we don’t hear anything from Micromax officially, everything that you see or hear is rumors.

    • sahitya says

      If its not frm blu…then its other rebranded phn….they l surely rebrand but not manufacture own one….but this will lead to decrease of rates of branded phns…thnx mmx

  9. praveen says

    Dear Golgi
    I m using MMX a116 and want to shift download ed app n games to external SD card. How can I do this.

  10. Ramachandra Kamath says

    Hi Gogi, one simple question (doubt)

    Are there any MT6589T based phone from Indian based brand? (By the words ‘Indian based’, I mean the after sales support and not the origin)

  11. Parit says

    Hi Gogi Sir,
    I m big fan of your’s

    I am facing a problem with my micromax canvas HD ibought it few days back and from tomorrow
    my phone suddenly blinked and the black color in the display wiped out totally,
    and display goes green and it continued for sometime in meanwhile,I switched off it and restarted many times
    then slowly slowly the black color again appear in display

    Plz Plz Plz Sir provide me solution.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Gogi Rana says

      Parit, take it to service centre or if you have just bought it (less than 7 days) you should get immediate replacement.

      • Chirag says

        Hi Gogi,

        Can you confirm which phone would you suggests MMX A116 or Wammy titan 2 both now costing 13k with same hardware specification

        • Gogi Rana says

          Chirag, Titan 2 is with qHD resolution and A116 with HD resolution. MMX has updated the OS to 4.2 and you can save apps on external storage. Looking at this A116 seems a better option.

  12. abhishek sharma says

    canvas 4 is the renamed phone of BLU LIFE ONE phone….you can google it and can easily find the similarities.. i guess this blu is fav of micromax…
    every phone in the past say a90s, a110 ,a116 all are from the same bag i.e BLU..
    but one thing these phones are good these are not chinese kind..its the most fast emerging brand in the us…

  13. vishnu says

    Canvas hd a116 rom can flash with SAMSUNG S3 ROM and JELLY XPERIA . For more details.. Link with xda.developers

  14. vishnu says

    It wil b better if it come with a sound enhancement,
    8gb internal memory (dont bothr about moving apps to external card) ,
    2 gb ram,
    1.5ghz or greater
    13mp camera with bsi sensor and improved led flash,
    price tag of 16-17k

  15. sushant says

    hi sir.
    I have canvas HD and I am getting problem that whenever I put my HD on charging it’s touch becomes pathetic …
    plzz gogi help me out..
    and also taking too time to send msg on we chat .I m on 3g be network…

    • Gogi Rana says

      Sushant, its common issues, try charging from other point say office / friends house or try a different changer. This is not an issue with the handset.

      • chandru says

        Yes, I agree with you…
        I faced this in my friend room but not in my home and office

        • rockeZ says

          I have 2 chargers ………
          When i charge with 1 the touch has problems while charging ………
          The touch is fine when I use the other charger….

    • Raam says

      I have A110 and my brother has A116, he is facing similar issue if he uses A110’s charger for charging A116. Check if you are using correct charger.