So the Honor 8 Pro has been launched and it is a worthy competitor to the OnePlus 5. Now customers get two options they can either go with the Honor 8 Pro or the OnePlus 5 for those still not able to decide here is the comparison.

Both these handsets are powered by different processor, the Antutu score on OP5 is 177010/70523 and on Honor 8 Pro it is 137994/47390 РAntutu score is less on 8 Pro but then the Pro handset is with 5.7 inch screen and with Quad HD resolution.  Both smartphones can play high end games, heat up is less on OP5 compared with 8 Pro, but heat-up on the Pro is well under control.

Overall performance is very good lag free on both handsets. Battery life is almost the same, though OP5 supports dash charger that can charge handset in less than 1 hours 30 minutes. Camera quality in some situations is much better on the Honor 8. I will come up with another post on the camera comparison part.

Honor 8 pro vs OnePlus 5

Unique thing on Honor 8 Pro is the IR blaster. Price wise definitely the Honor 8 pro is more tempting. Have a look at the table below.

Honor 8 Pro compared with the OnePlus 5

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -