So here is the Honor 8 Pro for Rs. 29,999 and the OnePlus 5 starting from Rs. 32,999 and here is OnePlus 5 vs Honor 8 Pro camera comparison. Both these handsets come with dual primary cameras and they both capture awesome shots, but which one is the best?

Before we start comparing there are certain things that you need to know. The OnePlus 5 is using 16MP + 20MP Telephoto camera on the back whereas the Honor 8 Pro is using 12MP (RGB) + 12MP (Monochrome) cameras on the back.

Both handsets are using different technology and both can capture DSLR style (bokeh) – on the OnePlus 5 you can use the portrait mode and on the Honor 8 Pro you can use the Wide Aperture mode.

It makes no sense comparing the quality on handset screen – example image shot on Honor 8 Pro viewed on Honor 8 Pro and compared with image shot on OnePlus 5 viewed on OnePlus 5. The screen resolution is better on 8 Pro.

One more thing to consider, when shooting the same subject from the same distance Honor 8 Pro shoots in a little wider mode, i.e. the subject moves back a little that will alter the image composition and exposure based on the light condition.

OnePlus 5 vs Honor 8 Pro camera comparison

Which one shoots better the OP5 or the 8 Pro?

I have attached raw samples so you can download the files on your PC and check for yourself. Honor 8 Pro is a little better, it detects edges precisely  that is needed to separate the subject and the blurry background. OP5 does well but not as sharp as the 8 Pro.

Now OP5 does better in some condition, whereas 8 Pro shots got a little overexposed. There is also a slight color difference that is easily noticeable on most shots.

In general the Honor 8 Pro shoots better and you can also use the wide aperture mode in videos.  Night / low light shots also turned out great, on 8 Pro there are a lot of professional automated settings that makes it easier for you.

Both are great handsets and the specs are different, buy as per your need. Camera is awesome on both but a little better on Honor 8 Pro.

OnePlus 5 Samples

OnePlus 5 camera comparison single flowers OnePlus 5 camera comparison tiny flower OnePlus 5 camera comparison flowers OnePlus 5 camera comparison tree OnePlus 5 camera comparison hydrant OnePlus 5 camera comparison dog OnePlus 5 camera comparison self

Honor 8 Pro Samples

Honor 8 pro camera comparison single flower Honor 8 pro camera comparison tiny flower Honor 8 pro camera comparison flowers Honor 8 pro camera comparison hydrantHonor 8 pro camera comparison tree Honor 8 pro camera comparison dog Honor 8 pro camera comparison self

Download Original Image files (right click and save) (do not use it for commercial purpose, without permission of

OnePlus 5 files
Honor 8 pro files


By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -