Suddenly the markets are flooded with low cost smartphones running on KitKat OS. The Moto E, Micromax Unite 2 A016 and the Lava iris X1 are currently the hot favorites and there are some more that will join the league.

When there are too many options it gets difficult to select the best one out of the lot. Every person has his / her own choice and unfortunately none of these handsets come with everything, so you need to choose between what you want and what you can afford to miss.

Scenario #1 – Toughness
If you are looking for good build quality and rugged phone then look no further go with the Moto E, even though it is powered by dual core processor it does well, there are limitation like you cannot install apps on external storage. However as I mentioned if you are looking for something tough the Moto E is the one.

Scenario #2 – Performance
If performance matters then the Micromax Unite 2 also called A106 is the best option for the price. This is quad core powered, you can install apps on external storage and camera quality is also very good plus you can also record 1080p videos. Benchmark scores are impressive. Unite 2 looks good, is not as tough as the Moto E but performance wise it is on the top.

Moto E versus Lava Iris X1 versus Micromax Unite 2 A106

Scenario #3 – Looks
If you want a stylish handset to flaunt with the Lava Iris X1 is the one. This is Broadcom powered quad core that is good in performance but not as good as the Unite 2. Nevertheless if you are looking for style with decent performance then the X1 is the one you should select.

In case you are still not sure..
Build quality – Moto E > Iris X1 = Unite 2
Looks – Iris X1 > Moto E = Unite 2
Screen – Moto E > Unite 2 = Iris X1
Performance – Unite 2 > Moto E = Iris X1
Camera – Unite 2 > Iris X1 > Moto E
Gaming – Unite 2 > Iris X1 = Moto E (cannot install on external SD)
Battery – Moto E = Iris X1 > Unite 2

App Moto E Unite 2 Iris X1
Quadrant 5283 8841 3561
12605 16683 12685
Vellamo HTML5 (1193) Metal (452) HTML5 (2101) Metal (569) HTML5 (1154) Metal (457)
Nenamark 2 49.1fps 63.4fps 46.3fps
Multi Point 5 point 2 point 2 point

Moto E (Rs. 6,999) | Micromax Unite 2 A106 (Rs. 7,999) | Lava Iris X1 (Rs. 7,999).

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -