The Lava Iris X1 is the first handset in the X series that was recently launched by Lava Mobiles. This is also the first handset by Lava, available in the market that runs Android KitKat out of the box. The X1 has got premium look and is available for under Rs. 8,000.

Update: OTG works, seems like I had some issue with the handset. The OTG was working on another handset. Pls find attached screen shot in the image gallery section below.

Inside the box: Handset, free magnetic flip cover, 1800 mAh Li-ion battery, screen guard, user manual, travel charger, data cable and earphone. The handset is available in Black and White colour options.

Design and Display
The Lava X1 follows the same design pattern as used on the Iris Pro 20 and the Pro 30 design though the ports and the button locations are different. Now you can get that premium look for almost half the price. Build quality and finishing is very good and the handset looks like an iPhone.

The Lava Iris X1 weight with battery is 137 grams, it is 8.77mm thick, breadth is pretty narrow at 66.34mm and the length is 134.49mm. The rear is with matte finish. The side is silver colour with metallic finish that blends well with the overall look.

Power button is placed on the right, volume rockers on the left, micro USB port and 3.5mm audio jack are on the top. There are dual mics for noise cancellation. This is a dual SIM handset. SIM 2 supports 3G – it is a normal SIM slot and SIM 1 supports 2G – it’s a micro SIM slot.

The IPS touch screen is 4.5 inches supporting 854 x 480 pixels resolution. Touch is smooth, responsive and viewing angles are good considering the price. There are 3 sensors – light, accelerometer and proximity. There is LED notification, single color (blue).

Lava iris X1 box pack

OS, Memory and Storage
The Lava Iris X1 runs on Android KitKat 4.4.2 out of the box. There is 1GB RAM and 4GB storage. There is micro SD card slot too that can houses 32GB external cards. You can install apps on the external storage, for that you will need to set the preferred install location to external SD card – this will required a reboot.

Lava iris X1 review

On the first boot free RAM is 641 MB and of 4GB storage, internal storage is 1.36GB and 1.11GB is space allocated for app (free space is 0.92GB). OTG is supported (Though it did not work in the review unit I got).

lava x1 usb storage OTG works

Performance and Benchmark
The Iris X1 is using the same hardware that powers the Micromax Canvas Engage. It houses the Broadcom BCM23550 quad core chipset clocked at 1.2GHz with VideoCore IV HW GPU. Performance is smooth and I did not find any issues as such.

Lava X1 review and unboxing

Benchmark scores

App Result
Quadrant 3561
Antutu 12685
Vellamo HTML5 (1154) Metal (457)
Nenamark 2 46.3fps
Multi Touch 2 point

Camera and Entertainment
There is 8MP rear camera with dual LED flash and 2MP front camera. You can choose 4:3 or full screen mode. 8MP is available in 4:3 mode and in full screen mode the camera will shoot in 6MP resolution. There is dual LED flash that doesn’t help much.

The quality is pretty good considering the price. The rear camera can shoot 720p videos. Do check the sample images and videos at the end. The X1 can play full HD videos in both H/W and S/W modes.

Iris X1 camera on rear with dual LED flash

You can install apps on the external storage. I installed the MC4 and the Asphalt 8. Modern combat 4 (MC4) played well, but with 2 point touch at times it gets difficult to get the proper response. The Asphalt 8 game did not work in high graphics mode. You can check gaming part in the video review. However Asphalt 8 worked pretty well in medium and low visual quality modes.

No issues found with the speaker / in call sound. Sound is loud and clear. 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth worked well. GPS is pretty good and it works indoors too. Wi-Fi Signal is a little low, I get 2 points out of 4 from usual 3 out of 4, but net access is fast.

This handset also supports dual SIM smart on option using this option you will be able to receive calls from any SIM even when you are on a call.

Flip cover is magnetic, quality is good but could have been better. When you open the flip the handset screen will switch on and when you close the flip the screen will switch off.

There is a 1800 mAh battery (Li-ion). I ran the benchmark apps and played the games for about 45 minutes,  battery dropped by 17%. I also played 720p video with Wi-Fi on and brightness set to max for about 1 hours 9 minutes, battery dropped by 25%. In general you can expect backup time of 4 to 5 hours. The max temperature was 43 degrees.

1800 mAh battery on Lava X1

Lava Iris X1 review Verdict
As mentioned the handset uses the same Broadcom quad core hardware as seen on the Micromax Canvas Engage. The X1 is better than the Engage as it comes with 1GB RAM and can install apps on external storage.

Lava Iris X1 handson

X1 is priced at under Rs. 8,000 slightly higher than the Unite 2. Between the Micromax Unite 2 A106 and the iris X1, the Unite 2 performance no doubt is better. Look wise the X1 rules. If you are looking for more power the Unite 2 is a better option but if you are satisfied with the X1 performance and really impressed by its look, go ahead get it, it is a good option.

Lava Iris X1 is available for Rs. 7,999.

Iris X1 image gallery

Sample images shot using Iris X1 handset

Front Camera

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  1. i’m using lava iris x1.. since when it launched…in kitkat. latest version… but when i check software update.. it says.. software up to date… i want lolloipop… lava .. plzz sent me link for update my old version into lollipop…

  2. Hello Gogi,

    can you please let us know when will Lava X1 be getting Lollipop update please???????????????????

  3. i have purchased 3 handsets lava iris x1 in 4Gb before 1 month old that mobile is good in battery also but i purchased after 20 Days of 1st one 2 handsets x1 in 8Gb but 4gb set going good without any issue about battery backup but my x1 8Gb models suddenly dropped battery last remaining 25% in 20 second like it going as a countdown
    25 24 23 22 21 20 19……1 and within 20 second switch off
    its problem in same both handset in 8 Gb models but 4 Gb is going good no issue in battery
    so please help me whats the problem battery or handset and 8Gb model is genuine or not please help i m so depressed

  4. I am a big fan of devices made by lava international. I have used lava iris 356 which I liked very much. But when comes to the iris x1 it is good value for money phone,but lava could have included mediatek 6582 processor instead of broadcom, then this device could clearly beat moto-e and micromax unite-2.

    1. same same friend but iris 356 have low internal space but I liked it tooo much…….!!!!!

  5. Gogi ; irish x1 is available in market with 8gb rom but no updates regarding this is available on lava’ website or anywhere on net. So I doubt about its genuineness. Plz guide me.because I want to purchase this phone .

  6. Lot of bug…
    1.when i open general setting of calendar it says unfortunately, calendar has stopped working…

    2. when i record a sound via stock 4.4.2 sound recorder it just hanged until the removal of battery.

    3. sometimes all the media of the phone sounds from ear piece… all the songs… until reboot…

    4. and the last one is… now my stock android recorder record my voice in heavy voice.. just like the karaoke is too low… :/ and then my phone hangs till battery removal…

  7. I am facing a problem with sd card. When I select the sd card as primary storage and move the apps to sd card then after rebooting all the moved apps got uninstalled.

  8. When I am watching video or just listening song then suddenly the volumes goes down,..

  9. Everybody sayz iris x is a good fone. But in these comments lotz r saying it has app problem lyk that is it true… Can I buy this phone.

    1. Don’t believe on comments. They don’t nothing about android system. I have also this phone and before this I have iris 356.

  10. Problem is: When I restart phone then sd card apps gone. Why, I don’t know. Pls give a solution.

  11. Must say that I am quite impressed by the X1. Wasn’t expecting such good features in what is normally considered a budget phone in the market. One of the highlights, according to me, is the 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor as it keeps the system running really smoothly. I think that this attributes directly to the way I interact with and on this phone as everything is fast and there isn’t any lag. Although, for gaming, the graphics are entirely the best. The camera is also something I really like about the phone as it takes crisp images.

  12. I just bought the lava iris x1 and I got a problem, the front camera is not working, or I can’t find the short cut of it to change from rear to back.

  13. I recently purchased LAVA Iris X1 phone. Overall the phone is good but there is one defect I found in this phone. When the external storage is changed to SD card and when u install apps on it, if you restart the phone, all the apps are gone. Don’t know what could be causing this. Any help from anybody is highly appreciable.

  14. I am using this phone from last 2 weeks. I am facing an issue that whenever I connect my handset to laptop through us cable, all my apps stored in SD card, stopped working or get removed automatically. I don’t know what kind of issue is this, please help.

    1. HI, even I am facing this same issue.. if you find any work around or solution for this do share.

    2. Select internal storage as primary external storage and send your apps to internal storage instead of SD card. This will not completely solve the problem but after diconnecting from laptop, single reboot is enough to get back your SD card apps.

    3. Hey you all facing same problem

      But it is not only your problem but every android user problem

      there is two way for it

      1) . Firstly you should change your USB port setting to only charging mode then you
      will able to open your application

      2). Other wise you have to move your application to internal storage.

  15. I work in creative media field, I want a budget phone, sketching, painting (on phone, i use Autodesk Apps), photography, photo editing, dealing with graphic designs, viewing them (atleast a proper clear view is what i need) is my daily job, So dislplay, clearity, colors matters to me. Should i go with Lava Iris X1? I use Micromax Canvas HD. But Lava Iris X1 snatched my attention. I am confused between Lava Iris X1 & Moto E. or should i increase my budget for my requirement? Plz Help.

  16. Hi guys I am using this handset lava iris x1 for about 20 days here is my honest review. Display is good,colour reproduction also feels good. Battery backup is average not so bad have little heating issues. Camera is good for the price front camera is average. For gaming I would say this phone is average I have downloaded asphalt 8 but it is not smooth even in medium Graphics but if you are playing casual games it is running smooth. Phones looks is good but body feels like a Chinese phone I think if we drop this phone there is a chance of getting damaged.

    You can set SD card as default storage so you can install apps on SD card apps data too can also be moved to SD card.


    DISPLAY 4/5
    Battery 3/5
    Camera 4/5
    Build quality 2/5
    Looks 5/5
    Multitasking 3/5

    As mentioned by Gogi, it supports only 2 point multitouch so its difficult to get proper response while playing games like Dead trigger, MC4 etc.

  17. Just after dialing of any number phone screen get off of LAVA Iris X1. You can not go for speaker mode or you cannot retrieve any number from phone during call if needed. How can this resolve? Is there any setting problem?

  18. One of my friend purchased this mobile few weeks ago, and today I got the chance to use this mobile. My opinions about this mobile
    1. Display is amazing, I don’t know about pixel density and technical specifications but the display looked very good to my eyes.
    2. Camera is OK, not bad but then not very good. You won’t be disappointed about the camera , but don’t expect amazing results. As per price camera is not bad.
    3. The speaker sound during songs playback is good, soothing to ears. The volume is not very loud but then not very low. Sufficient for listening songs.

    The biggest disappointement, the volume of the earpiece is very low. Trust me you would not be able to hear what other person is saying if you are in the market place or some noisy environment. Earlier I wanted to purchase it but now I will not purchase it if I don’t find any method to increase the volume.

    Earlier I purchased celkon a200 based upon the review of this site. In the review Gogi sir said that volume is loud and clear, but I found the volume of celkon a200 very low, later I increased it with MTK engineering mode app, after which it’s very loud and clear.

    Based upon the experiance of Celkon a200 and lava iris x1 I have a request for Gogi sir. Sir kindly check the volume of the earpiece in noisy environment and by dialing a real number and talking with someone. Kinldy don’t check the volume by dialing an IVR like balance enquiry etc. When I checked lava iris by dialing IVR the volume was sufficient, but during actual phone calls volume was very low (tested by making calles to various numbers and not just one number).

    The above suggestions are just my humble opinion and I understand very well that what is loud and what is not is again depend upon personal prefrences. So I am not contradicting Gogi sir in any way, I am just giving this suggestion so that we all can be benefited.

    I also have a question. Why we don’t have any app to change the settings and increase the volume of broadcom sets, as we have in case of mediatek sets. Is there any way to enter the engineering mode of broadcom based mobiles like lava iris X1?

    1. Alok, if you have found no issue with IVR output it mean there is no issue with the handset. The other person talking should also have a good handset that can capture good quality sound with minimal background noise, so you can hear properly. In some cases it also depends on the network.

      1. I agree completely with you. It depends upon many factors. But at the same time we can not neglect the following points

        1. In IVR there is no background noise, but when the other person is in the market his mic will capture the noise of his surroundings, and in your handset you will get the mix of his voice and noise. In top of that there is noise in your surroundings also. So the real life experiance of any mobile will be different from the ideal testing condition of dialing IVR. Now when I call the same person using any mobile of samsung (or nokia) in the same conditions (even using the same sim) I can easily understand all the words said by the person on the other side , but when I do the same using celkon a200 or lava iris X1, I would not be able to understand some words.

        2. We do not hear only using ears but during the process of hearing our mind play a very important role. So if we are listening something in which we already know what kind of words will come , we would be able to hear it properly. For example when we dial IVR we know in advance that we will hear words like “welcome to airtel etc”. and in case you are using the same IVR for testing every mobile then your mind know in advace the words that you will hear. But if you talk using the same mobile and the person on the other side will tell you some new word, then the situation will be different.

        3. On many websites the user review tells that it has low volume.

        4. It can be proven without any debate that the volume is low as compared to samsung mobiles or nokia mobiles as we can compare the volumes by dialing the same IVR using these two mobiles side by side using the sim of same operator.

        I belive that people who spend most of their time in office and talk on handsfree while going to office will not feel that sound is low. But a normal indian who spend most of his time in noisy marketplace will feel that volume is low as compared to nokia and samsung mobile. The low volume of earpiece is the problem with most of the mobiles manufactured by Indian companies. The only reason I can guess for this problem is that they test their mobiles in their AC offices and forget to test it in real life situations.

        Further this problem is not related with network, or my hearing capacity because I checked the same sim in mobiles of samsung and nokia by dialing the same number and not faced any such issue.

        These points are not to contradict you but for the benefit of all of us.

        I also didn’t get any option to record in 720p , the maximum available resoultion was 480p. May be the firmware in my friend’s mobile is old which might be the reason for low volume and FOTA update may solve this problem as many users also said that they are satisfied with the volume.

        PS:- Sir I would be very thankful to you if you can tell me how to enter the engineering mode of this mobile. I really liked this mobile and want to buy it, but only after I get some method to increase its volume.

        1. Hi All,

          I also want to understand the engineering mode. I am facing the same problem – the earpiece volume is not clear in voice calls. Help would be appreciated.

          Thanks Mr Gogi… I for sure read your reviews before buying any mobile.


  19. My phone gets switched of if I switch on the camera I bought it 3days back pls help me 🙁

    1. Ram check with the service centre and if you bought online check with the site you bought it from. You can get a replacement within 7 days of purchase.

  20. I got 45 MB update via ota and successfully flashed it but I cant configure out any minor or major change. Can you help?

    1. Gagan it will be a small performance of bug fix update, so you will not notice any changes.

  21. Dude, go for canvas 2 colours. MMX rolling out kitkat update for canvas 2 colours and it support otg and very very good high end gaming. Check out at flipkart for around Rs. 9k.

    1. Ya, actually I was worried for its battery after reading so many reviews. Also, on comparing colors 2 with canvas 2.2, later one is having more free space and RAM; also it is (means canvas 2.2)better in benchmark points. What will u suggest? also want to know how the kitkat is better than jellybean.

  22. Hi, I am not satisfied with my Lava iris X1 cause its camera was not working. Initially, it worked for a while then message comes on screen that camera not responding. I returned and request for refund. And what ever images I had taken, it was blurring on zooming. So, now planning for some other mobile.
    Planning for micromax colors 2 or canvas 2.2. Can you please suggest me which one is better. Or any other mobile around 10000, having otg support.

    1. You said 520! I’m using it for the past 5 months. Touch is good and responsive but not smooth every time. When you put it in your pocket and take it back after some time, it loses all its smoothness.