Lava Iris X Series with KitKat OS for under Rs. 8000 coming soon

Lava Mobiles will now introduce a new series the Iris X, with a budget friendly price tag and running on the latest Android 4.4 KitKat OS. The Iris X1 will be the first handset in the series sporting a 4.5 inch IPS screen.

The Lava Iris X1 will come loaded with good features and with exquisite looks, and yes it will run on the KitKat OS. Even the recently launched Lava Iris 406q will get the KitKat Update. It is time for manufactures to move to KitKat and Lava Mobiles seems to have made the right step.

The Iris X1 full specifications are not yet revealed but I doubt if it will be using the MediaTek chipset (nothing confirmed yet) cause we haven’t seen any MediaTek handsets launching with Android 4.4. All that has been revealed so far is – 4.5 inch IPS display, stunning looks (something similar to the pro series) and 8MP rear camera.

Lava Iris X1 with Android 4.4 for under Rs. 8K

The handset will be launched within few days and you can expect some more specifications unveiled as the launch date progresses. Well it’s definitely good news for budget conscious consumers, they can now own a premium looking KitKat powered device for an interesting price of under Rs. 8000.

I think most of the Indian Manufacturers have understood the importance of price factor in India. There was a time when the handset specifications were revealed and the price was announced at the time of launch, today its Vice versa. Stay Tuned.


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