Xiaomi launched the Mi Router 3C a 2.4GHz 300Mbps router with 4 antennas for Rs. 1,199. From this Mi Router 3C Review you will know about the performance, signal strength and features. Is this router a good buy for the price, let’s find out.

The box packing is pretty good, inside you will get the WiFi router, user manual and power adapter to power the router, well that’s it, cables are not included. This router is compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

There are many 300Mbps 2.4GHz routers available in the market but what makes the Mi Router 3C different is the 4 antennas for stable performance and with good signal range up to 80m. Do note this router does not come with built in Modem you need cable modem or ADSL. Build and finishing is premium, router is light weight.

Mi Router 3C box pack

Mi Router 3C Review


Processor : MT7628N
RAM : 64MB
ROM : 16MB
Antennae :  4
LAN Port : 2
WAN Port : 1
Reset : yes
LED : Yes (Red/Yellow/Blue indicator)
Frequency : 2.4GHz
OS : MiWiFi
Signal Range : 80m
Power Adapter : 5V/1A

Mi Router 3C review


I am using a Poe device that is connected with my router and hence was not able to use this Mi Router as primary router, but I connected cable to the LAN port on the primary router and other end into the WAN port of Mi Router 3C, so I could use it as Wired Repeater.

Mi Router 3C 4 antennas

The setup process is simple, you can either use the traditional method or use the MiWiFi App. You get a lot of control options via the app – like reboot, firmware update, firewall, parental control, guest mode, bandwidth control and more. Some features will not work when using the router as a repeater.

Mi Router 3C bottom

Signal Strength

My current setup : Main Primary router + Repeater in mid way to amplify the signal to the far end. When I connect directly to primary router from the 3rd room (far end), I get 2 signal bar  out of 4 and it fluctuates to 1, net speed is slow and  occasionally dies out. When using repeater I get 4 signal bar out of 4, good connection, stable and decent speed.

Mi Router 3C ports

With Mi Router 3C as wired extender that is placed just near the primary router, when I connected to it from same room, I got full 4 bar, signal was stable and net speed was really good. What’s more you can connect many devices on the same 3C router thanks to 64MB RAM.

Mi Router 3C slim design

Updating Firmware

This is as easy as it gets, plus there are dual ROM partition on the system that makes it even safer, you don’t have to worry about unexpected power outage during the firmware update process.

Mi Router 3C side view

Mi Router 3C LED


Mi Router 3C is a 300Mbps WiFi router that provides very good coverage and a very stable connection. Most low cost routers will not completely cover the area in your home / office, but the Mi Router in most cases will. Makes sense to go for the 3C that comes for a attractive price of Rs. 1,199.

Rating 4.3 out of 5

Mi Router 3C is available on Mi.com for Rs. 1,199.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in