After launching the DigiFlip Pro tablet for Rs. 9,999 and many other accessories, Flipkart has now launched the DigiFlip WR001 a wireless router that offers speed of up to 300Mbps for a price of just Rs. 999.

The DigiFlip WR001 Wireless n Routers supports network data transfer speed of up to 300 Mbps it comes with 2 x fixed antenna, 4 wired LAN ports, 1 WAN port and supports Windows, Mac and Linux OS.

This router comes with built in firewall protection, WEP / WPA / WP2 64/128 bit encryption and supports 2.4 as well as 5GHz bands. The WR001 is also loaded with Parental Control feature to help prevent your Kids from getting unwanted web exposure. The WR001 supports standard IEEE 802.11, 802.3, 802.3u.

The DigiFlip WR001 300 Mbps wireless router is available for Rs. 999.

DigiFlip WR001 300 Mbps wireless router

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  1. I’m using digiflip router since 1 year it used to work properly from few days its not working and my warranty got expired

  2. Dear All,

    I am using Digiflip- 300 router for home network, it was connected very well in my laptop. but my blackberry Z3 mobile getting trouble showing in Limited. what can i do please any one advice to me.



  3. Hi friends, Im facing a unique problem with digiflip router. It very well works on laptop but whenever I want to connect my ASUS ZENFONE 5 smartphone it never connects. It always show OBTAINING IP ADDRESS but when I put it off 4 to 5 times it connects for one time and works very well.WHAT TO DO I. PLEASE ADVISE ME ANYONE. THANKS.

  4. Does this digiflip WR001 router is used with bsnl cable net connection please reply soon.

  5. Anyone has setup Tikona connection on this? Tikona uses RJ45 so ideally it should work but I am unable to setup my Tikona connection. Tried all setup options but still not working.

    1. My tikona connection is also not setting up I have also tried everything if you get any help please reply

      1. Only issue as usual faced by tikona users will come up here you can only use 2 connections simultaneously! and always when you try to login to any system it will ask you for login credentials taking you to tikona login page( and you go to enter credentials every time otherwise everything works fine range is good as I am living in a 3bhk and to the farthest corner of my flat 25% range was showing with around 250 kps download speed ( I am on 4mbps tikona line) only ridiculous thing is you cannot connect multiple devices 2 is the limit and always go to enter credentials for every new login…!! if any one can crack that make the router page as login we can use multiple systems hassle free!! any ideas on that front?

        1. Use a TP Link router for Tikona Broadband. It logs in on the router page and then you can connect as many devices as you want without signing in again and again. I used to connect almost 7-8 devices

    2. Had the same problem and scratched my head for a weekend or so came up with following resolution once you set up your connection using WAN port for cable from your modem and LAN port for router to the pc, everything done and dusted change the modem cable port from WAN to any one LAN remove the cable to the pc connected in other LAN switch off the router and then wait for 10 minutes. Once that is done just turn on the router and try to connect it will work worked for me in case you have already set up one SSID, just reset router to factory setting and create new SSID and do the steps I told you…! don’t use WAN as we are using LAN here and WAN is just an extension!!

      1. Hey avinash could you make it more simpler to understand I have set up my ssid

        1. Follow the trail where i replied to Vijayendra…Also keep any SSID…it doesnt matter 😀

      2. Hi Avinash,

        Can you specify the exact settings you used to setup the Tikona connection? I tried the auto setup and selected “Wireless ISP” and everything else as DHCP, but i am not able to reach the Tikona login page. Also, while connecting the router to the desktop/latop for the first time for the setup, do we use the LAN port to connect the router to the laptop or the WAN port?

        1. Hi Vijayendra

          Don’t select Wireless ISP..Select the first option…Bridge mode n Wireless ISP wont work with tikona unless ur wi-fi services are turned on by tikona..So use first option Gateway..And then try…Set the connection with the usual settings and then once set up is completed try connecting using wi-fi..I am sure u wont..then take the cable out from WAN port and put it in any LAN port…shut down the router and modem for 5-10 mins..try again..It will work..Also check ipconfig once ur connected..check if they are showing ur LAN ip or your router IP…I am trying to research a way to make WAN port connected and also configure multiple user setting without purchasing wi-fi connection from tikona..if successful I will update that for all of us so tikona stops embezzling money from us for no reason..


          1. Hi Vijayendra

            Initial setup connections goes this way— modem cable coming from tikona POE connector –goes to WAN Port on DigiFLIP router…One cable connect to any LAN port 1-4 from digiFLIP router to your desktop/Laptop…Once connected– shut down router modem and router for 2-3 mins.. Restart…once everything is up and connection lights on router are stable try going to from your browser…login ids and password use admin / admin.then use the gateway option and set everything up the normal way as the one page instruction manual from digiflip guides..once everything is done, router restarts in the end..once thats done then try the step I said..take the cable coming from modem connected on WAN port of your router, connect it to any LAN port on your router..then try connecting.make sure after you do this step, shut down the router n modem from 10 mins..then restart and then try connecting..let me know if ur successful..


          2. Hi Avinash,

            You mentioned to setup using gateway and follow instructions on the manual. The manual asks to setup connection using PPoE. Do I use PPoE or DHCP?

          3. Also, will I be able to connect multiple devices on the WiFi without creating multiple logins if I follow the steps that you have mentioned?

          4. Hi Vijayendra..and Prathamesh J…Final finding..I bought DLINK 605L..installed it and everything is working fine when I selected DHCP while configuring..this is a N series 300 MBPS router same as Digiflip…difference is this is a DSL wirless router and it will allow u multiple users at a time..u dont have to create multiple logins here as this router will do it for u and u can connect any device just by turning wifi on and connecting to ur SSID…one time put u network key and its done…nothing bad bout digiflip though — but again it cannot connect to ur internet , just create a wifi with ur existing connection…hence tikona and this router is not at all compatible as tikona limits number of users unlike other ISPs..hence u wont be able to use it with tikona…best option—return this one .. flipkart has one month return policy and get the one i got….let me know for any other questions..!


          5. Hey Avinash do you know how to return the router in exchange of another router from flipkart when I try to return it flipkart would only give me a new piece and not exchange it.HOW TO EXCHANGE IT FOR D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless N ADSL2 4-Port Wi-Fi Router?????

          6. Bro Call Flipkart and tell them this router isn’t working. Also tell them you were promised a refund for this router while purchasing..return it and order the DLINK 2750 or DLINK 605L any one will work fine with tikona you gotto create separate order and purchase the new one from tikona..cannot merge 2 order in flipkart…but be insistent to get the refund from them coz they will try to tell u many things that why u didn’t check the specifications first and all that..tell them its nowhere specified if its ADSL or DSL router and also MAC cloning details n MAC address isn’t given…if they agree for wallet transfer-even then go for it..order new one. DLINK 605 is working fine with me…not sure about 2750..

          7. You cannot replace it on flipkart, you got to order separately.! and return this and get refund that’s the only way flipkart works…!

          8. Hey avinash how much time did you use your router before returning it it has been almost 12 days for me.I called flipkart and they told me that they will call me in 3 days but no call ever come from flipkart now i have posted on their website for return.

          9. Sorry Prathamesh was busy hence didnt check the post..Digiflip has return warranty for 30 days..u have call flipkart and force/convince them or else they will make u a fool….return the product and order new for it …get refund for digiflip router…if u havent done that I am sure ur 30 days are over and ur at a loss….sorry!!

          10. Use PPoE .. DHCP keep it enabled if dont know how to play around with IP configurations in ur system…it should work..worked for me…Still once configured you will only be able to login to 2 devices wirelessly at a single time…so my suggestion to all of you using tikona..instead of using digiflip, go for DLINK DIR like charm..trick is tikona needs DSL router to convert your single connection to wireless for using multiple users at a time…this router is good and is for 1590 on flipkart itself..if u can cheaper deal anywhere go for will set up very easily and work well..We all are still in 1 month window to return digiflip router so my best suggestion to avoid mental torture is replace ,buy a DLINK and get refund for this one..nothing bad bout digiflip…the service is good from flipkart and i dont have a complaint against them but if wifi doenst work on tikona with this , then its not of any use..!!

          11. Hi,

            Same issue with DigiFlip router with me too. I must go for a refund.

            Could you please suggest how is TP-LINK TL-WR840N 300 Mbps Wireless N Router?

          12. It is good! will work with Tikona connection i guess…But DLINK 605 L is currently best for tikona connection..

  6. I want to buy USB dongle with WiFi hotspot. I am getting weak signal with all 3G network. Please could you suggest me good USB modem please.

    1. If you are getting weak 3G singnal everywhere in your home then no use of WiFi dongle.

  7. Please note before you comment that this is just a wireless router not a ADSL2+ Modem Router. It will just make your EXISTING internet connection wireless. It can’t connect to the internet by itself. Please take a look at flipkart’s Network Components section and you will understand.

    1. Very correct Kaustav..many are getting confused by this and giving bad comments…I did it too before knowing the complete architecture…

  8. Hi gogi, I already have a wifi router on one floor, now I want to increase the signal on second floor also instead of using wifi extender, can I use this wifi router also.

      1. Same problem with me please suggest good extender and if any router can work as repeater must suggest it.

    1. Sunny,

      You can Use this router but you have to provide one lan cable to the firstfloor where you put this device otherwise go for TP-Link or D-Link’s Range Extenders.

      You can Also Convert a regular WIFI Router into a WIFI Extender too but it needs some Setting to be done in Router and all are not supported for this.

    2. Yes you can increase the range for installation (how to do that) search the articles on youtube “access point or adhoc router). But the router you are using is a single band(2gz) or dual band (5gz). Use this router as your primary router and use your old router as extended router, Hope this will help.

        1. BSNL BB moden output (RJ-45) will go in WAN port of this router. So it will work.

          RJ-11 can go in only a dsl/adsl modem cum router which this is not.

        2. Hello FYI

          this is wireless router not wireless router+modem.RJ 11 part is of modem+router

          You can use your existing modem without wifi with this router to get wifi capabilities and many other uses.

    1. Yes it will support but you will need bsnl provided DSL modem, I’m also using tp link access point with bsnl bb.

    2. You can connect to the BSNL modem but directly you cant connect to BSNL. You can directly use with BEAM broadband.

  9. What will be the range of this router. Will it be better than any 150 mbps router?

    1. ‘N’ Router has good range. 150Mbps is speed it has nothing to do with range but two antenna is useful there.

      1. Hey i am get error when i am unpluging and again pluging it in it is connecting but not working why sooo….