The TP-Link TL-WA854RE is another universal WiFi range extender that supports speed of up to 300Mbps. You can use this extender to boost your primary router signal. This WiFi range extender is priced at ₹1,549.

Unboxing the TP-Link TL-WA854RE
Inside the box you will find the TP-Link extender, quick start guide and technical support booklet.

Usually a WiFi extender becomes a dedicated device that takes up permanent space at your home or office – keeping that in mind TP-Link has made this beautiful. TP-Link TL-WA854RE is using a plastic body, white coloured with glossy finish.

This extender has got a nice curvy design that gets slimmer towards the top. Looks great and futuristic thanks to the circular LED system on the front face, right bottom. There is a LED for power, WiFi and for the signal strength. All of the LED’s will light up if the signal strength is best.

TP-Link WiFi Range Extender TL-WA854RE unboxing

A reset point is placed at the bottom.

There are two ways you can set this up. Either use the WPS button – press lock button on the extender and WPS button on your primary router.

TP-Link WiFi Range Extender TL-WA854RE LED and WPS button

The other option is to use the browse. First connect to the TP-Link extender, then open browser and type in use the default user / password as mentioned in the quick start guide and then look for your primary router and input the password.

TP-Link WiFi Range Extender TL-WA854RE review front view

My primary router name is rjv and on this extender I gave new name rjv_ext. I placed this extender in the passage area (check video review) and that way I was able to access the WiFi network from every room in my house.

Speed is as good as accessing the primary router, and I did not find any issues so far, signal strength was stable.

TP-Link WiFi Range Extender TL-WA854RE curve

If you are using a WiFi router at home or office and are facing signal issues i.e. you are not able to access the WiFi network from some areas, you need an extender. The TP-Link WiFi range extender model TL-WA854RE is a good looking option for the price.

TP-Link TL-WA854RE is available for ₹1,549.

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  1. Tenda N3 router which costs below 500 rs. can act as a repeater/ extender.

    Can opt for this if u r tight on budget.

  2. Hello Gogi,

    I have wifi hard drive and a wireless wifi dongle, my wireless hard drive is connected with wifi dongle. On my iPhone/iPad I just connect to my wifi dongle signal and I can access both Internet and hard drive; it works like a cloud. With this device will I be able to increase the strength of wifi dongle signal (output with hard drive and Internet)?

    Please do provide your suggestion…


    1. I think it will work, you see this extender is similar to connecting a Wifi device to router / hotspot. And then you connect to the extender instead for connecting to direct source.

  3. Gogiji I am confused if this will be useful to me in my case plz kindly answer, I have a wifi router in my penthouse in 5th floor where I access its network in 4th floor but with poor signal will this help me overcome that problem?

    1. You should be able to, find a good midpoint where you can place the extender. In simple word it is like virtually moving your primary router to a closer location.

  4. Dear brother, can you check earlier how many bars in wifi it was showing in your mobile at the place you have installed the extender. I mean if I am getting single bar then will this extender will work or not.

    1. At the place the extender is I get full bar, even a single stable bar would do. I have the main WiFi at one end and my desktop is at the other end. If I connect the main WiFi I get single bar and connection is not stable as signal fluctuates. Another reason is that the walls are RCC. When using Extender and when connected to extender I get full bar.

  5. Hi Gogi,

    Thanks for the post. It is actually helpful.
    Could you please tell that what device is available (like wifi extender) for extending the mobile network signals.
    I am facing indoor network signal issues for mobile. Please update all of us if possible.


  6. TP Links’s 300 mbps router costs only Rs 960 and this is just extender costing 1500 bucks. O DEAR, ITS TOO DEAR

  7. Can you tell me why to buy a wifi extender @ Rs. 1549/- when you can buy a wifi router at the same price.. I think we can use it as extender??

    1. Not all routers/modem routers can be configured as repeaters but I think there are plenty of offerings from TP-Link, D-Link, Tenda and Asus in the range 1.5 k to 2.5 k which do offer that functionality.

      I think the reason this is so costly is portability. Whichever room you walk into, you can plug this in, switch in on, and access the building WiFi network. When you move to a different room, you can take it with you. Instead of having many fixed repeaters throughout the building, you can use a single portable one and save money – that’s the idea. But if they really wanted to make it portable, they should have included a battery as well. A 3500 mah battery offering 8-10 hours of usage so that you can even use it on the roof, in the garden, and places where there is unlikely to be an A. C. outlet. Then a price of about 1.3 k would have been justified. 1.5 k without even a battery is a little bit ambitious from TP-Link. I suspect these are last year’s prices. I’ve seen this product on sale for quite some time.