MegaHD V2 4.2.1 ROM for Micromax A116

I have upgraded my Micromax A116 with the MegaHD V2 4.2.1 ROM which seems to be doing a good job. To install this ROM you need to first install the CWM recovery. Do note that this process will void the warranty and in very rare cases may brick the handset. So proceed at your own risk.

The MegaHD V2 Jelly Bean 4.2.1 is working fine on my handset. I am not sure if the ROM is 100% stable as I am facing some issues with MX player. Some movie formats work while some gets stuck at loading point and I need to remove the battery to restart the system.

Overall I am happy with this ROM; I still have to check the camera and other features. The camera is now 12MP. I will keep updating this page, if I find any issues. It seems this is a Mlais ROM because when the phone starts you get that MLais logo animation with music (after the canvas HD logo).


  • The screen colour reproduction seems the same, no improvement.
  • I can install apps on external storage – this is a big advantage. I have downloaded the Nova 3 and I could play it. This was not possible with the original Micromax A116 ROM.
  • As mentioned MX player hangs at times.
  • GPS is not working, I don’t get the GPS logo on the status bar and GPS fix app though shows GPS on is not able to get a lock. I tried the updated version and still the GPS does not work.

MMX A116 JB 4.2

Nova 3 on Micromax A116 with Jelly Bean 4.2 OS

How to install Jelly Bean 4.2 on Micromax A116?

The first step is to install the CWM recovery. Follow the process at

There is no need to root the handset.

Once done follow the process at

If you are planning to install this Jelly Bean ROM on MMX A116, understand the risk and do let us know about your experience.


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