Micromax A116 Canvas HD flip cover available on ebay

I am sure most of you Micromax A116 owners are looking for a flip cover and some might already have got one. The good news is there are quite a few options available on ebay. The price range starts from as low as Rs. 180 to over Rs. 2000.

I ordered the one for Rs. 249 + 49 shipping charges, a total of Rs. 298.ย  The flip cover is of a very cheap material, the finishing is not so good. I got the white flip cover; black flip cover is also available.

The glossy back cover is white color and not off-white as on the A116. And in fact the flip is off-white color as on the Micromax A116. This looks a bit odd. The flip is of a soft material. The back cover fits perfectly and the flip over the screen looks good. The volume rockers are on the left side but you can still access them. As mentioned the finishing is not perfect and you easily see the uneven curves.

Most of the A116 flip covers look the same and I am not sure if the higher priced flip cover will be of a better quality. But it does not make sense spending anything over Rs. 500.

Just search for Micromax A116 flip cover on ebay.in and you will get the options. Do check the image attached of the flip cover that I got.

flip cover on canvas hd

A116 flip cover


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