After using the MegaHD V2 4.2.1 ROM on my MMX A116 for some time I switched to Lewa OS Android 4.2 ROM. The Lewa version is a completely different experience with unique look and seems quite stable.

The MegaHD ROM was great but GPS didn’t work and since I use GPS occasionally, I had to find another ROM. I then found the Lewa OS Android 4.2 ROM. The installation process is the same as on MegaHD (using CWM recovery).

When I rebooted the system, after installing the Lewa OS I fell in love with the new interface; it was different from the usual android interface that you have seen on many android phones. The first thing that I did was to check if the GPS was working and phew, it did work, in fact even got a faster lock.

The performance was smooth, but at times (very rare) the screen lags for a fraction of a second trying to load the icons, but not much of an issue though. Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G worked well. The Interface looks more professional and takes a little time getting used to. The good thing is that you can install apps on external storage.

lewa rom 4.1 on MMX lock screen option

Micromax A116 with Lewa OS 4.2 ROM

  • There are some new features like power saver, built in firewall, call recorder etc.
  • The screen color is good and the sound I feel is a little low but quality is good.
  •  I could install Nova 3 on external SD, the game play is smooth.
  • Free RAM is around 550 to 600 MB.
  • 1.77 GB internal storage and 1GB for apps.
  • Camera looks good its 8MP and 6MP in wide screen mode.
  • LED indicator shows RED colour instead of green.
  • You need to download Gmail, talk, calendar apps from play.

lewa rom 4.1 on MMX A116 - About

To install this OS visit

Note: Proceed at your own risk, the installation process in a very rare case can brick (damage) the handset.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -